"You can blame people who knock things over in the dark, or you can begin to light candles. You're only at fault if you know about the problem and choose to do nothing."

-Paul Hawken



Somehow our usual salutation of "Dear Friends" just didn't seem to fit." Wow!" says it all.

Seems that just when we thought it couldn't get better - it did.

Yes - Las Vegas really was planned to be the last time; until "One Last Time!" hit the road.

The Philadelphia newspaper reviewer said it best:

“This concert is titled ‘One Last Time.’ If it truly is, run, do not walk, to your local ticket broker and get a seat to a show you will not soon forget. There is a reason 20,000 are still coming ‘One Last Time’ thirty years later. The reason is Barry Manilow.”

And in Cleveland they reported:

"His voice was so outstanding and at times you had to ask yourself, is it real or is it Memorex….it was real. Truly amazing. Bravo Barry. One night….a night to remember forever to those who attended. If you enjoyed being entertained by someone who has a fantastic passion for the art of music, Mr. Manilow's show was just the ticket for you, the show was nothing short of sensational, first-rate and first-class!"

And then, to really put us over the top, the new album was released and received raves. Here's just a quick quote from Barnes & Noble:

"Some of his most memorable songs of the past decade are contained here. And Manilow himself sounds as inspired and technically assured as ever, his voice remaining in truly remarkable condition nearly 30 years after his first hit single."

So "Wow!" kinds of sums it up.

But oops, there's one more.

And that "Wow!" is you.

The balanced perspective we've all acquired from meeting a new, broader spectrum of fans who've participated in the Platinum Experience has given us all a new lease on life.

No wonder you all love each other, get a kick out of each other, and have made worldwide friends. We have too!

And no wonder the chance to get together at Manilow concerts has become such an anticipated blast. It is for us…..too!

So here's to us old friends. And here's to us NEW friends!

What a year, what a tour, what a blast!


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