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Friday, May 20, 2011

The four shows at the O2 in London were better than any of us could have ever dreamed they would be. The huge and wild audiences in front of us and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra behind us was surreal. I never wanted the shows to end. Thanks to everyone who was there.

And now, here we go!

The single "Bring On Tomorrow" comes out in America this week. The album in a few weeks.

Creating "15 Minutes" has been such a fulfilling experience. Working with such great musicians, and with Michael, Marc, Garry, Nick, and getting so much encouragement from everyone who has heard it, is so great, that sometimes I wish we didn't have to release it to the reviewers, and the charts, and the radio, etc.!

I felt the same way right before "2:00 AM - Paradise Cafe" was released - and right before "Here At The Mayflower" was released.

I bet every artist feels like this right before they show their work to the world. It must be like what parents feel like when they show off their newborns.

All you can do is create the most beautiful work you can create and hope for the best.

Thanks to everyone on line who has been so enthusiastic about the album. We have all been floating on your positive posts.

Now wish us luck everyone................ Here we go!

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