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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The days in D.C. were just amazing. Being able to make the public aware of Atrial Fibrillation was a very satisfying and rewarding experience. I can’t tell you how many people I spoke to who either had it or knew someone who had it or had a member of the family who had it. "All the time, I thought there's only me."

Speaking to Congress was one of the thrills of my life. Scary and thrilling at the same time. When I walked to the podium, all those important men and women rose and gave me a standing ovation! Practically brought me to my knees.

These are moments for me that make all the craziness worthwhile. Hope you were proud to be a fan.

It was overwhelming walking through the halls of Congress and meeting so many Senators and Congressmen. As we were walking through one of the huge hallways, my tour manager, Sacha, said to me, "We're walking through the most powerful building in the world." Very true. Breathtaking.

I recommend taking a tour through the Capitol.

By the way, I am NOT endorsing Ron Paul! And I LOVE our president.

Rumors, inaccuracies and exaggeration don’t just happen in the Entertainment world. They happen in politics too.

Until next time.


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