A Message from Barry

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hi Everyone!

It’s been quite a busy few months around here.

Our first show in Omaha was one of the most uncertain and yet exciting shows we’ve ever done.

Opening a brand new show is a challenge at any time, but this show had a lot more challenges to it than any show I’ve ever done.

We just weren’t sure of anything. Would the sound work, would the lights work, would the monitors work? Would we all remember everything we rehearsed? Would all of the incredibly complicated technical elements work? And most of all, would my hips keep me standing up?

But the show turned out to be great!

The audience in Omaha was fantastic. I will always be so grateful to them for cheering and applauding the way they did.

Now, fast forward to last Saturday night in Columbus, Ohio.


After a few weekends doing the show and more time to heal, and some of the greatest audiences we’ve ever played to, we’re having a ball!

Hope you can make it to Radio City next week.


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