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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hi Folks!

You would think that I would know better when I give an interview after all these years. You would think that I would know that if I say anything the slightest bit negative about anyone, the editors are going to jump on it and make a big deal about it. You would think.

But I let my guard down in my interview with the U.K.'s Daily Mail and said something negative about Michael Buble and Diana Krall and boom! It's in the headline.

It's so frustrating to read those quotes because I really think that Michael Buble is a talented guy. I've met him and he's a great guy too. And funny!

I called him a "copycat", but what I meant to say was that I think he's better than just being a copycat.

He shot to fame by singing songs that Sinatra made famous. When I heard that was singing songs from that era, I was so happy to hear it.

Finally, I thought, a young guy with a young audience singing the songs that mean so much to me.

But when I heard his take on the Sinatra songs, I realized that he had chosen to duplicate Nelson Riddle's arrangements, note for note and Sinatra's phrasing, note for note.

I thought, I think he's better than that. Why wouldn't he have chosen to do his own version of these songs instead of just copying the original versions.

I think he's more talented that just copying someone else's work.

But I left that out, or I said it and they left it out and it comes off like I'm angry that he did that. Not angry. Just disappointed.

And as far as my quote about the talented Diana Krall, I was just being a wise-ass, but have you ever looked at her album covers? It's all about her legs!

But once you buy the album, you understand that she's incredibly gifted.

I feel terrible reading those quotes. I didn't know we were already starting the interview, but that's no excuse.

I apologize for not making myself clear about these two talented people.


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