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Friday, July 12, 2013

As I posted last night, I am very sorry that the Red Rocks show had to be cancelled. We were told starting at around 8 pm that the weather would clear and we were all backstage and ready to go throughout the evening. Then we were told that the lightning was too close. Then the wind was too strong. Then the lightning was OK. Then the rain was gone. Then the wind came back. It was quite a roller coaster of information. After quite a few hours the show was finally cancelled when the house rigger could no longer certify that the swinging lighting trusses and flying band gear were safe for either the audience or for anyone on the stage.

Today, the managers, and agents, and promoters are trying to sort out the details about either rescheduling or cancelling the show. We hope to know by Monday afternoon. Again, I am terribly sorry for last night. We all were looking forward to a great night at Red Rocks.

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