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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hi Everyone!

Just received the "Master" of the new "Night Songs" CD. And it sounds just great!

There are a few processes in making an album and "Mastering" the album is the last step.

First you record the songs.

Then you "Mix" the songs. An engineer balances all the elements of the songs (orchestra, vocals, etc.).

The last process is Mastering.

Having a great engineer to master your album is so important.

He takes all the "final mixes" and adjusts the audio of the record so that it will sound perfect wherever anyone plays it.

It requires critical listening and the best speakers money can buy. It’s a long tedious process.

This album is a very difficult one for the Mastering engineer because there are so few elements in each song.

Just piano, bass and vocal.

Imagine an entire album of songs like “When October Goes”. There’s nowhere for the engineer to hide! No big horn or string sections or powerful drums.

I’m so lucky to have Bill Schnee Mixing the album and Sunny Nam Mastering this album.

It sounds just beautiful.

I hope (think) you’ll like it!



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