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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hi everyone,

After a few weeks, Jay called me and told me that there was this company called ADX Technology who could actually separate the vocals from the accompanying orchestras. It seemed impossible to me, but Jay said that he had heard a few cuts that they had done and it was possible.

During those three weeks, I had already started to create duets out of the records I considered for this album. Even though I was stuck using the old records, at least I was able to decide where I would harmonize, where I would sing solo, what key I would have to sing in, and how to get back to the key that the original vocals were in.

Using the old records, I was able to imagine how I would begin each song, modulate here and there and re-arrange and re-orchestrate each song.

When I was finished with the 35 demos, at least I could get a sense of whether these songs could actually become duets that sounded brand new.

More to come,

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