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Friday, December 4, 2015

For this month's ManilowTV episode we’ve chosen a Christmas video that I edited and gave to everyone that was a part of the Paris shows as a Christmas present.

As I’ve said before, those Las Vegas years were my favorite years of my performing life.

There was a tremendous feeling of family at the Hilton and The Paris. We were making the Decades albums then and changing the shows as the albums were released. Then Christmas came along and we changed the shows again! Lights, costumes and arrangements were totally new. Many rehearsals and sound checks.

I really thought the band, singers and backstage crews were going to revolt because of all the changes I kept throwing at them. But nobody did. Everyone dived in and made the Christmas shows great. As if we’d been doing them forever.

And Sacha told me that both the Hilton and Paris crews LOVED working so hard. They loved it better than doing the same show every night for some girl singer and playing gin rummy in the wings during the ballads!

The crowds were fantastic, totally unlike crowds at Vegas shows. I loved every part of those years.

Hope you all enjoy this episode and have a happy and healthy Christmas.


Get in the holiday spirit with 4 other Christmas themed Great Performances this month:

  • Barry Manilow's Christmas Magic - N.E.C. - Birmingham, England - November 1984
  • Showstoppers - Universal Amphitheater - Los Angeles, CA - December 31, 1991
  • A Gift of Music Benefit - McCallum Theatre - Palm Desert, CA - December 3rd, 1997
  • Live2002! - Kodak Theatre - Los Angeles, CA - December 31st, 2001

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