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May 1, 2024

Now on Manilow TV for May:
Greatest Hits and Then Some
Indianapolis, IN - Deer Creek - August 22, 1994

Hi Everyone,

This month’s MTV is filled with a lot of great music and entertainment.

It’s an outdoor show from the 1994 Summer “Wedgie and RAID Bug Spray” Tour in Indianapolis (where we visit again this July 26th!) in 1994.

It was a “Fan Club Convention” crowd and became very emotional for us all. They are such great people and do wonderful charity work, I’m so proud of them.

My darling friend Debra Byrd and I did “Let Me Be Your Wings” from “Thumbelina”, as the Video had just been released … (I was very big with the 5 year olds that summer)!

When I look at the set list, it makes me tired!

But we all are having a great time.

I bet you will too.


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