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Thanks, Steven, for the 1978 Tour information!
May 7, 1978California/Los Angeles
(Dorothy Chandler Pavilion)
June 23, 1978Rhode Island/Providence
(Civic Center)
First Show (June 23) - Elaine Lemieux (New Bedford, MA) (3/23/2000)

First Barry concert (June 23) - Andrea Reiser (8/19/2000)

First Show - Donna A. Duckworth (of Rhode Island) (10/20/2000)

First time I saw Barry, I was in 8th grade. - Patricia Douglas (Scarborough, ME) (5/8/2003)

June 24, 1978Rhode Island/Providence
(Civic Center)
June 25, 1978Rhode Island/Providence
(Civic Center)
June 28, 1978Maryland/Columbia
(Merriweather Post Pavilion)
First Show - Judith (Jude) Socher (3/5/98)

First Show - Barb (of Altoona, PA) (4/14/2000)

First Show - Caroline (of Maryland) (1/28/2001)

I was 15 and this was my very first concert! You know the hormones are raging and all the loves songs spoke to me! I remember my mom and dad bought me the tickets for my birthday in May. They were $12.00 a piece! And since I was mad at my friend (Audrey) who told me she thought Barry was stupid, I took her sister "Sissy" with me. That pretty much ended that friendship! Alas, I had the most wonderful time and my 3-1/2-year-old sister at the time was in Symphony Woods with my parents singing all the songs verbatim because she had heard the records so many times! I even decorated my teen bedroom in early Barry Manilow! The really KEWL thing was that she went with me as an adult back in December 1997 to the grand opening of the MCI Center (Washington, DC) to see Barry with me! We had a blast and relived a lot of great memories! - Christine (Horton) Marlow (Owings Mills, MD) (5/18/2002)

June 30: I was blown away by Barry's performance. One of the first things I closely listened for was how Barry sang live. His vocals were splendid live surpassing the studio version of the songs. For me, that is the mark of a truly talented singer. I also recalled being knocked out by Barry's energetic performance, doing two full sets. Most especially I loved "Copacabana" with Lady Flash flipping their beautiful and colorful showgirls costumes and flipping out as Barry danced with them. "It's A Miracle" was a great finale complete with fireworks. - Ann Marsh (Baltimore, MD) (6/28/2008)

First Show - Polly Cole (Houston, TX) (6/30/2009)

First Show: The goosebumps I felt the first time have never gone away even after all of these years (30 years plus!). It was like being caught in a musical time zone, all of its own. - Peggy Hall (Edmond, Oklahoma) (3/13/2012)

June 29, 1978Maryland/Columbia
(Merriweather Post Pavilion)
June 30, 1978Maryland/Columbia
(Merriweather Post Pavilion)
July 1, 1978Maryland/Columbia
(Merriweather Post Pavilion)
July 3, 1978New Jersey/Holmdel
(Garden State Arts Center)
First Show - Nancy Porrino (2/18/98)

First Show - Cheryl Diverio (of New Jersey) (1/4/2000)

First Show - Judy Cyriax (of New Jersey) (4/25/2000)

First Show - Barbara Callahan (of New Jersey) (5/15/2000)

First Show: I was seven and from then on, [this show] was the best one I ever saw. I continue to attend Barry Manilow concerts to this day. My sister (Laura) and I would put on Barry concerts in our backyard. He is just incredible. I mean (really) "He writes the songs that make the whole world sing." Keep singing, Barry, and we'll keep coming to see you! - Dianne and Laura Butkus (of New Jersey) (12/26/2000)

Talk about being in HEAVEN, this was the first Manilow Concert I had experienced! The show was sold-out for weeks and my Uncle Richard (who lives in Hazlet, near the Center) was able to get three tickets for the last night's show (one for me, the other two for his daughters, Sharon & Karen). He used to be in the carpet-installing business back then and had laid some carpeting for some people who had connections in exchange for those tickets... The show was FANTASTIC! I remember how thrilled I was seeing Barry do some of my favorite songs. He was charming, funny, and SO good looking in person! I even got a wave back from Barry when I waved at him; I was on Cloud 100!! To date I have seen this Man in concert about 104 times (NO, I'M NOT in Therapy! I just know a GOOD THING when I hear (see) it!). His concerts are so much FUN!! - Susie George (Palmerton, PA) (10/12/2002)

First Show - Judy Scioli (New Milford, NJ) (12/22/2009)

First Show (July 3) - Maureen O'Rourke (Manalapan, New Jersey) (3/29/2011)

First Show - Linda Dibenedetto (Passaic, New Jersey) (12/4/2016)

[What I loved about the show was] BARRY! He was, and is, everything! It was an outside concert, beautiful night. My college roommate and I [were] sitting on the grass looking down on the tage. An older couple set up lawn chairs in front of us; we drove them off by tossing popcorn over their shoulders! My roommate was a Springsteen fan, but when Barry finished with her, she admitted she enjoyed the show. Already a veteran fan, I was entranced from the first instant I saw BARRY. In heaven watching and listening to him, I floated back to her house. I remember when he finished "Weekend in New England", sung with such passion, and as he stood to our applause, he had great emotion on his face and he seemed to heave a quick sigh, which made us love and applaud him more. His voice was so powerful in resonance and emotion, and he was so fun to be with! I have cherished this memory for 42 years! Can't wait to see him again in Vegas when the good times come again! - Lisa Kirkland (of Minnesota) (6/13/2020)

July 4, 1978New Jersey/Holmdel
(Garden State Arts Center)
July 5, 1978New Jersey/Holmdel
(Garden State Arts Center)
July 6, 1978New Jersey/Holmdel
(Garden State Arts Center)
July 7, 1978New Jersey/Holmdel
(Garden State Arts Center)
July 8, 1978New Jersey/Holmdel
(Garden State Arts Center)
July 9, 1978New York/Saratoga Springs
(Performing Arts Center)
First Show - Rose Russo (3/6/98)

First Show - Penny Loretto (Queensbury, NY) (9/27/2007)

First Show - Carol Mercer (Frisco, TX / Syracuse, NY) (5/29/2010)

First Show - JoAnn Strube (Albany, New York) (8/25/2011)

First Show: I was sitting 30,000 people back (...but will be in the front row when Barry performs in Youngstown, Ohio, April 2016!) - Mary Lou Bordwell (Cortland, New York) (3/21/2016)

July 12, 1978Pennsylvania/Philadelphia
(Robin Hood Dell)
First Show:  I was sitting on the bleachers (outside, under the stars, on the grass!). It poured like heck all day and thankfully stopped before the show started. I was 12 years old and impressionable. And the ticket only cost $7.50! - Christina Cotsifas (10/17/98)

Favorite Show:  This was the first time I ever took my mom to a concert. She had a marvelous time and sang along with the rest of us. I remember that Barry always called the Robin Hood Dell West the Robin Hood Deli. - Margie Weidenmiller (Collingswood, NJ) (9/7/99)

First Show - Joyce M. Koch (Hummelstown, PA) (4/7/2000)

First Show - Donna Mowinski (Philadelphia, PA) (6/6/2001)

First Show (July 13) - Donna Ruberti (Williamstown, NJ) (1/14/2007)

First Show - Cindy Garcia (of Florida) (2/20/2012)

First Show - Jennifer Miller (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) (10/21/2016)

July 13, 1978
July 16, 1978Ohio/Cuyahoga Falls
(Blossom Music Festival)
First Show - Karen Webb (Mansfield, OH/Dallas, TX) (12/7/98)

First Show - Kris Goines (Springfield, OH) (1/1/2001)

July 16: This was my first Barry concert. It was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!! I had just graduated from college, and my concert ticket was a graduation gift from my godparents. Even though we had lawn seats and weren't seated in the pavilion, I still thoroughly enjoyed the show. Barry was great! He still is!! (I saw him in concert again at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, SC, April 2, 2000). Barry is the absolute greatest singer, songwriter, performer, pianist, and musician of all time!! - Karen Spalding (Easley, SC) (4/20/2001, 5/7/2002)

July 17: My first concert was different than any other... I had to go on crutches (Broke my foot dancing to "Copacabana" the day before!). We had friends in the Cleveland orchestra and were given backstage passes. Barry drove by us with a police escort at the back entry. It was wonderful to get that close to him. Something a 16-year-old girl will never forget. I never had to give my ticket (due the backstage passes)... something I will keep and treasure forever. - Sheryl Wylie (Cleveland, OH) (7/24/2002)

I was a security officer at Blossom Music Center (well actually a dispatcher, but they let me work the concerts because I was such a fan). I was in my early twenties. I was guarding the two supports to the front of the stage, where fans liked to run up and get on the roof. After the concerts, we would go on stage and block fans from getting up on stage. I met my husband at this security job. He was also on the stage with us at the time. We would love working together and listening to Barry every year he was there. Our song was "Can't Smile Without You." - Donna Marchok (Akron, OH) (9/10/2006)

First Show: $13.50 ticket price! 13th Birthday present from my parents!! - Maria Sobota (Denver, CO ...and elsewhere!) (7/30/2010)

First Show (July 18) - Janet Gramlich (Strongsville, Ohio) (11/19/2011)

First Show (July 16) - Laura Kline (Hartville, Ohio) (2/1/2016)

First Show (July 16) - Nancy Timms (Wilmington, North Carolina) (5/18/2016)

July 17, 1978Ohio/Cuyahoga Falls
(Blossom Music Festival)
July 18, 1978Ohio/Cuyahoga Falls
(Blossom Music Festival)
July 20, 1978Michigan/Clarkston
(Pine Knob Music Festival)
First Show:  A night I will never forget!! - Laurie Wheeler (Flushing, MI) (3/1998, 11/22/2004)

Favorite Show:  Why? The fact that I had front row seats! It was wonderful as usual. - Judy Rutkowski (Marietta, GA) (7/29/98)

First Show - Sherril (Yert) Hofer (Warren, MI) (1/27/2000)

First Show - Valerie (of Windsor, Ontario, Canada) (1/29/2000)

First Show: I really enjoy the way Barry interacts with the audience. He is so entertaining. I have recruited many Barry fans, simply by getting them to attend one concert with me! They became fans for life! - Lenore Dunkel (Grand Blanc, MI) (4/4/2001)

First Show - Judy Barman (Farmington Hills, MI) (7/27/2003)

First Show (July 22): I was just 13 years old (at the time)! - Vicki (of Michigan) (12/18/2007)

July 22: It was a night that I realized for sure that my own husband was running around on me. I turned around and found him holding hands with another woman, and making a date with her. It was my first Manilow concert. We were located at the top of the hill at Pine Knob. I went into shock and wanted to run away. I started almost running down the middle of the hill toward the stage where Barry was standing and singing, I could not even tell you what song it was. I found myself staring into Barry's eyes... After looking into his face, I looked left, I looked right, and spotted a corner beside the stage where I could hide for a few minutes. After I pulled myself together, I walked around the hill, came to the center top of it from the back of the hill, and sat down on the ground. I just let myself get lost in his "Beautiful, Beautiful Music" from that moment on. Sometimes, I think he saved my sanity that night on the hill! - Mary Lee Cranston (Windsor, Ontario, Canada) (4/20/2009)

My first concert and I was only seven! I remember the Copa jacket well!! - Dede Raffaelli (Owosso, MI) (6/9/2009)

First Show - Stephanie Hill-Ross (Detroit, MI) (12/13/2009, 12/15/2012)

First Show (July 22): Every concert is a special experience for me. I have enjoyed Barry's concerts (almost 100) since 1978 and only wish I could have been part of some of the smaller venues before then. So glad Barry released LIVE at The Greek, as this was the Concert Tour we saw at Pine Knob in Clarkson, Michigan... What a journey it has been ever since! - Wayne O'Shell (St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada) (7/20/2011)

First Show (July 20) - Wendy King (Barrie, Ontario, Canada) (8/31/2011)

I loved the scene when Barry sang "Daybreak" and walked into an array of colors (that looked like a peacock's tail) and disappeared, where it looked like he was walking into a TV screen. - Janice Denning (Bloomfield Hills, Michigan) (12/23/2011)

Lawn seats were $7.00! - Kimberly Irizarry (of New Jersey) (3/5/2012)

I was 14 years old and it was my first Barry Manilow concert. My junior high school principal, also a Manilow fan, had actually purchased the tickets for me. I had taken the time to write Barry a letter which I then composed on a roll-up window shade. Once at the concert, I gave it to one of his stage hands. During the concert, I was sure that Barry would mention it (being 14 years old, I thought he read all of that stuff!), but he didn't. Consequently, we began shouting out from the lawn, "DID YOU GET THE SHADE?!!" Since he could not fully make out what we were saying, he asked us to send down a representative which was me. I ran as fast as I could down those steps and then boom! I stopped dead in my tracks about 3 feet in front of the stage, when I looked up and actually saw him. I was so freaked out at seeing him up close that my mind went haywire and I just froze! Barry kept motioning for me to approach him and had a good time poking fun at me as I stood there looking dazed and confused. Apparently the audience got a kick out of my being star-struck too. I eventually did approach him, but only managed to eek out a few words and then had to be helped back to my seat. Following the intermission, Barry came out with that silly shade draped over his upright piano and told the audience, "Oh, by the way, I GOT THE SHADE!!" He then dedicated the song, "All the Time" to "that girl that was up here." Let me tell you, it was the highlight of my adolescent life! I'm 47 years old now, but I will never forget that night as long as I live. I still have the article written by critic, Chuck Thurston (Detroit Free Press), who was there that night. He said, "I haven't seen such an emotional moment since Sinatra played the Paramount." I recently had the opportunity of seeing Barry at the Fox in Detroit and I thought to myself, I wonder if he would remember that crazy summer night under the stars at Pine Knob over 30 years ago when some dumb love-sick little girl stopped his show?! - Brenda Shopshire (Dundee, Michigan) (3/17/2012)

Went to see Barry with my parents, great grandma, grandma and a bunch of aunts when I was about 4 or 5 years old. Had tickets for the lawn and sat on a cooler because I couldn't see over the heads of the adults. The band would start playing 5 or 6 notes, and I'd already be EVERY song. My family said I was almost as entertaining as Barry! To this day, every time I hear a Barry song, I'm transported back to my childhood and I have a smile on my face for the rest of the day. Thanks, Barry! - Kim Mitchell (Davisburg, Michigan) (2/1/2013)

First Show (July 21): It was great! All the hits, and I met Linda Allen and got her autograph! - Mary-Jane Neill (Livonia, Michigan) (7/28/2013)

July 21, 1978Michigan/Clarkston
(Pine Knob Music Festival)
July 22, 1978Michigan/Clarkston
(Pine Knob Music Festival)
July 23, 1978Michigan/Clarkston
(Pine Knob Music Festival)
July 25, 1978Illinois/Highland Park
(Ravinia Festival)
First Show (July 25) - Mary Ann Nowak (Merrillville, IN) (10/25/2004)

First Show (July 26) - Linda Kochvar (Indiana, PA) (5/31/2005)

First Show (July 25) - Kay Gardner (Chicago, IL) (9/10/2006, 12/24/2007)

First Show - Deb McCormick (Grayslake, IL) (10/14/2006)

First Show - Linda Sexton (Oswego, IL) (10/22/2009)

July 26, 1978Illinois/Highland Park
(Ravinia Festival)
July 28, 1978New York/Forest Hills
(Forest Hills Tennis Stadium)
First/Favorite Show: It was a dream come true to finally see Barry in person singing the songs I loved and still love listening to. I have seen Barry more times than I think I can count. I have loved all of [his shows]. - Karen Weinstein (Edison, NJ) (5/26/2000)

First Show: The first concert I saw at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, I sat up in the nosebleed section with several of my friends. It was [wonderful] seeing this great singer in person that I had been listening to for about three years. I waited around after the show and was on a side street. Barry's limo came out of the stadium and turned down the street my husband and I were on. There was no one else around by us. As the limo was passing us, Barry opened the window and waved and threw a kiss. I was in heaven. - Elena Abbene (Bedford, NH) (12/1/2001)

First Show - Christine Frydenborg (Stamford, CT) (1/5/2002)

My first Barry Manilow concert. It was a great night. I was sitting in the nosebleed section, but I didn't care. He was great! - Pam Lehr (Winchester, VA) (5/29/2002)

First Show (July 28):  This was a memorable concert. It was a warm summer evening and Barry was in great form. I can still remember him performing "Copacabana". It was a moment! - J. DiLorenzo (of New York) (12/23/98)

First Show (July 28) - I was 15-years-old and back then my parents never let me go anywhere alone. My mom, dad, aunt, uncle and my brother (who to this day won't listen religiously to any Manilow tune - HIS LOSS!) went to see Barry. We sat in the last row on the stage, right side. We had to climb the bleachers. No backs. Uncomfortable for everyone, except for me! I knew from the time the piano music started that I would be hooked forever, and I am! My daughter was eventually born by C-section and the tune playing in the operating room was none other than "Can't Smile Without You." She is almost six and loves listening to Barry sing! We love you, Barry. Thanks for making music forever! - Rina (of Flushing, NY) (3/7/99, 7/26/2002)

First Show Memory (July 28): I went with a friend of mine that was not a huge Barry fan although she did like his music. We sat all the way up in the nosebleed section, but I didn't care. I had made Barry a poster that said "I Love my Jewish Prince" which I MADE the crew take backstage to Barry. After the show, we waited outside the gate for his limo to come out ... Finally, what seemed to be an eternity, everyone started screaming (including me) and when he rolled down his window a little, I yelled out "Hi Barry!"  He looked right at me and waved! That night, IT WAS MAGIC!! - Jodie (5/4/99)

First Show (July 28) - Leslie Ryan (Worcester, MA) (5/6/99)

First Show (July 28):  I swore that I was just going to "check him out". I had heard Barry's music on the radio and even bought his "Tryin' To Get The Feeling" album because the guy I was dating really liked Barry's music!  So as a birthday gift, my aunt bought me tickets to see Barry that night in July (I wasn't getting involved seriously! Remember, I said I was just going to "check him out"...HA!)  After the first song I was hooked!! Barry came across as honest and genuine. - Barbara Lovejoy (Murfreesboro, TN) (5/7/99)

First Show (July 28) - Jodie Barr (Long Island, NY) (7/20/99)

First Show (July 28) - Mary Ann Fabrizio (Fishkill, NY) (7/21/99)

First Show (July 28) - Alan Charles (Yonkers, NY) (1/31/2000)

July 28: This was the first concert I ever went to and I had a great time. I was a high school junior from Long Island who went with three high school friends. We sat in the nosebleed section but could still see and hear everything. A clear, warm night and a sea of people enjoying themselves. - Carole Thorpe (Charlottesville, VA) (5/16/2000)

It was a magical night! A beautiful clear summer night. I was with five of my dearest friends and we swayed back-and-forth in unison to "Can't Smile Without You." - Marcy Lawrence (New City, NY) (8/2/2002)

July 28: My first concert was GREAT... a small fire started on stage and Barry just kept singing! - Coleen (of New Jersey) (8/3/2002)

It was the first concert I saw Barry at and the seats were the best. I must say that each concert is an event and he gives so much of himself. I've been going all these years and love every one of the shows. - Michele Yohanna (of New York) (11/17/2003)

First Show (July 28): I had to get the tickets from a scalper -- which felt very daring and grown-up for a Catholic school graduate of 20! I loved everything about the show, right down to the ruffly Copa shirt. I haven't looked back since! The album of this tour remains one of my favorites -- although I think his voice is even better today! - Kathy (of New York) (10/24/2006)

First Show - Loretta D'Ottavio (Astoria, NY) (11/10/2006)

First Show (July 28) - Eileen Blaner (New York City, NY) (7/28/2007)

This was my first concert ever. I made my aunt wait on line at A&S at the time to buy tickets. She could only get one floor seat so they got it for me. [At the concert] it started to pour rain out. Barry sent out rain ponchos and came out and performed in the rain. I fell in love right there and then! - Gina Belmonte (Long Island, NY) (4/27/2009)

There were to be many more concerts after this one, but the first time seeing Barry was by far the best! - Rona Topaz (Glasgow, Scotland) (8/8/2009)

First Show: The concert at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium had us hooked on him Live forever! - Jacqueline & Colleen Fleming (Fairfield, CT) (8/17/2009)

First Show - Stephanie P. Cohen (Fernley, Nevada) (5/30/2011)

First Show - Lori Bueti (Yonkers, New York) (2/8/2012)

The lights went off when Barry was singing "Weekend In New England." He was so elegant about it. He ad-libbed, then the lights went back on. First concert I went to and most memorable! - Janet Moskowitz (of New York) (4/20/2012)

First Show - Katie Calloway (Leesburg, Georgia) (7/23/2011)

First Show - Marilyn (of Fairfield, Connecticut) (5/2/2012)

First Show - Carol Parlante (of New York) (5/22/2016)

July 29, 1978New York/Forest Hills
(Forest Hills Tennis Stadium)
July 31, 1978Massachusetts/
(Harvard Stadium)
First Show Memory:  It started raining during the show.  One member of Lady Flash slipped and fell on the stage, and Barry sang from on top of the piano out of fear that he might be electrocuted.  I almost caught pneumonia, but it was definitely worth it! - Donna Gosselin (11/5/97)

First Show - Chris Comeau (5/31/98)

First/Best Concert:  I too remember Lady Byrd falling... Boston Globe write-up on the show says "Barry Sings his Heart Out in the Rain."  I still have the article, and the t-shirt (although it doesn't quite fit the same anymore...). I was 13 then, and I am happy to say, still hooked on Barry!! - Maureen DiMeo (Boston, MA) (8/23/98)

First Show - Maureen Owen (Boston, MA) (3/16/99)

First Show - Sue Regan (North Attleboro, MA) (4/19/2001)

I loved this concert "in the rain" because it was my first time EVER seeing Barry perform live, and I still remember it vividly (even though I was in the nosebleed section... Harvard Stadium is HUGE!). I begged my mom to take me (Thanks, Mom!). [The stadium] was packed! Barry, Lady Flash and the City Rhythm Band were all together on stage. It started to rain... No... POUR! And some lightning! Barry kept saying he would do as much of the show for us as he could, safely. The band was covered with big sheets of plastic. During Barry's dance routine with Lady Flash in "Copacabana," Muffy Hendrix fell down flat on the wet stage. Barry stopped the show to make sure she was okay. What a caring person Barry is!! The entire audience was soaking wet, but cheered for Barry after each wonderful song, holding up their lighters. It was one of my most treasured Manilow Moments ... Thanks, Barry, for always making me happy and for inspiring me through your Beautiful Music! - Lisa Whitney (Keene, NH) (1/7/2002)

First Show - Carol (of Massachusetts) (2/7/2002)

[Saw Barry] in the pouring rain with my dad when I was 14. At the time, it was only my second concert. I was a typical star struck 14-year-old. Barry was cute, he was all over the charts... I was in heaven and didn't mind the rain a bit. I [recently] found my 24-year-old ticket stub (at $12.50, that was a lot of babysitting money!) and found the write-up I had done of his show along with the song list for the evening (Man, I had a lot of time on my hands!). I was thrilled to find [comments here on this website] from others that were in attendance, and had the same recollections that I did... one of his singers slipping on the stage, losing his orchestra because they were wet and in danger of electrocution... and yet he played on. - Laura Browning (Manchester, NH) (3/1/2002)

First Show - Brenda (of Boston, MA) (11/14/2002)

First/Favorite Show: Barry is an extraordinary performer whose music and lyrics evoke passion and wonderful feelings. My Mom actually got me hooked on his music which always filled my childhood home . Barry's music is ageless and unique! - Alan Adiletto (Tampa, FL)

First Show - Rita Baranowski (Brick, NJ) (3/2/2005)

First Show - Judy Correggio (Revere, MA) (6/17/2005)

We were in the last row - Harvard Stadium - and I'm afraid of heights but I wasn't leaving that concert. The rain was coming down but who cared... Loved the show. Sadly, one of the singers fell because the stage was wet but they continued on with the concert. Here it is 2009 and I'm still going to concerts and I'm always so greatful for such a fun evening. Thank you, Barry!! - Cathy Texera (Revere, MA) (10/30/2009)

First Show - Louise Tooley (Parsonsfield, ME) (2/20/2011)

I went with my girlfriend/future wife/now ex-wife. I remember the upfront seats were first come, first serve. When the stadium opened, we all made a run for it and I can't believe we got front row seats! Back then, there was no opening act, you got almost two hours of Barry! It was unbelievable, he just kept singing and singing. Then the rain came, yet he still kept going. I remember the whole Debra Byrd thing and her slipping. The best part of the whole day was, we were there real early and around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, a limo pulled up, and went into the stadium. It was Barry checking out the stage and so forth. I remember climbing some sort of fence to see him checking it out. Then when he left, he drove by us and gave us a wave. Great memory of that concert! - Tom (of Massachusetts) (7/17/2012)

This was my very first concert. I was 15 years old and I've been hooked on Manilow ever since. I remember walking to the stadium in eager anticipation. I remember how it started raining and I was afraid that the concert would get cancelled. Even after one of the dancers slipped and fell on the wet stage. But Barry persevered and played on without an intermission and delivered in my eyes the show of a lifetime. Thank you Barry Manilow! You were my first concert and I will never forget it. - David Devanna (Everett, Massachusetts) (3/14/2016)

August 3,
Nevada/Las Vegas
(Riviera Hotel)
First Show Memory:  They had given Barry the key to the city. The lines snaked through the casino and outside at 6:00 a.m. to get reservations for the evening show.  That evening, we arrived two hours before the show and found the lines outside already.  Your reservations got you in the door, but you were at the mercy of your place in line and your pocketbook (for the maitre'd) for a seat! We sat at a table for ten, cutting "mystery meat" simultaneously for lack of space, and trying to be enthusiastic about four "parsley" potatoes and canned peas.  $30.00 allowed us that delicious meal and a cocktail and Barry and Lady Flash.  It was worth every dime and then some, but I was hooked!  He wore the white outfit, the star, the SHOES, but he was the same Barry. - Ann Underwood (3/30/98)

First Show - Pat Sieglen (Tucumcari, New Mexico) (2/18/2000, 1/5/2013)

First Show - Debbi Weldon (Albany, GA) (6/24/2000)

I was six years old, and I liked everything. The silver puffy sleeves of his costume stand out the most. - Misty Olson (Chicago, IL) (10/10/2001)

It was my first trip to Las Vegas and my first time to see Barry in person. I was already a HUGE fan, but this concert solidified Barry as my all-time and forever favorite performer. My most vivid memory is of the puffy sleeves for "Copacabana." My husband slipped the maitre'd a $20, which was a lot of money in those days, and we sat right up front. It was the best birthday ever! My dream is to sit that close in Las Vegas or maybe one day to meet Barry. Hey, my birthday is coming up in August! - Cheryl Williams (7/5/2006)

First Show - Judith Liebman (of New York) (5/1/2007)

August 13: [What I liked about this concert was] seeing Barry LIVE and in person. I was young (nineteen) and had no idea how things worked in Vegas, but I had my aunt with me who knew the 'ins and outs' and she was the one who got us into the show. It was the first of many Manilow concerts. - Penny Berry (Phoenix, AZ) (11/21/2009)

We saved our money to go to Vegas to see Barry. I had been a fan for years. By some luck - we got to the show 4 hours early with the hopes that we would be able to get good seats as our tickets were not waiting for us when we arrived. I still can't believe it. We waited in a separate line and the maitre D' said "I have 4 front row seats available. My husband pulled out his wallet and OH MY GOSH. We were there and right up front and personal. I cried through the whole performance and I brought Barry a home made nut roll. Anyway, our tickets did come through the next evening and I had to go back and see him again as I had missed the whole first show by crying! - Connie J. Vangura Solomon (of Florida) (2/10/2018)

August 4,
August 5,
August 8,
August 9,
August 10, 1978
August 11, 1978
August 12, 1978
August 13, 1978
August 14, 1978
August 15, 1978
August 16, 1978
August 19, 1978Colorado/Morrison
(Red Rocks Amphitheater)
Being that it was first-come-first-serve seating, I went there at 6:00 p.m. the night before the show. I was panicked to find a huge crowd there already!  Luckily it turned out that another concert was about to begin (...the Grateful Dead!!). Around 2:00 a.m. everyone cleared out and I sat there for two nights in the front row, center seat. Quite an experience for a pre-teen!! - M. Drake (7/21/99)

First Show (August 19) - Denise Beaber (Ordway, CO) (9/8/99)

First Show (August 20) - Jane Tallerday (Denver, CO) (6/30/2000)

First Show (August 19): This was my first concert (my only concert) and I loved every minute of it. Barry Manilow is the most wonderful performer and singer! No other concert could compare to this one. - Becki (of Denver, CO) (10/2/2002)

First Show (August 20): There were about 10-15 of us who traveled nearly a 100 miles to get to the concert. Tickets were $12.50 each. We got there really early in the morning. Mid-morning the park officials decided we were there too early and wanted us to leave. The lady who stayed overnight with the pre-teens (mentioned earlier) to hold their front row seats, called the news stations. After much media attention we were all allowed to stay, but others had to wait until later in the day to enter the park. The sound crew played Frisbee with us - the concert was great! - Teri Mahnken (Orem, UT) (11/21/2004, 4/29/2006)

First Show (August 20) - Kelly Heuchemer (Mount Vernon, OH) (5/2/2009)

First Show (August 19): It was very thrilling to see him in 1978. What thrilled me the most was seeing his limo parked below the railing (leaving the seating area) and seeing an assortment of his stage shoes sitting in the backseat. The door of the car was open, so of course I took some photos! I remember that so well, Barry's shoes! - Lynn Mayfield (Denver, CO) (12/4/2009)

At Red Rocks, it was a beautiful, warm summer Saturday night, August 1978, my first concert to see Barry. I will never forget it, especially when he was singing "Weekend in New England" and off in the distance I could see the city lights of Denver with a full moon rising over the city... just spectacular, and so romantic and I had no date to share it with! - Greg Stelter (Colorado Springs, Colorado) (9/28/2012)

August 20, 1978Colorado/Morrison
(Red Rocks Amphitheater)
August 22, 1978Illinois/Chicago
(Hyatt Regency Hotel)
August 23, 1978California/Concord
(Concord Pavilion)
August 23: This was my first concert. Can't believe I fell in love with the voice and music of Barry at such a young age. - Vickie Molina (Emeryville, CA) (10/19/99)

First Show - Leigh Anne Conklin (Napa, CA) (6/17/2005)

First Show - Deborah Sawyer (Palm Springs, California) (11/13/2013)

August 24, 1978California/Concord
(Concord Pavilion)
August 27, 1978California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theater)
The Greek Theater ad in the paper said, "Congratulations, Barry!  Your first week sold out four months in advance!  We added four more days, and they sold out in 5 hours!  Now we're adding three more days:  September 16, 17, 18!  Welcome back to L.A.!" - note from Sheron Tippens (3/23/98)

First Show - Gwynne Abrams (1/5/98)

First Show - Ann Holman (of California) (12/16/98)

First Show - Dawn Herring (Tulsa, OK) (4/27/2000)

First Show - Donna Rinnert (Orange County, CA) (7/24/2000)

First and Favorite Show (August 30):  The anticipation of this concert was overwhelming. My husband finally agreed to getting me there! However, when I came home to get ready I found him (and my 12-year-old son) suffering from some major/minor scrapes and cuts from a motorcycle incident. THANK GOD they were both okay. However, what about my Barry concert??  Well, my husband, true to his word, and in fear of death, got dressed, with suit and tie (my preference because of seeing my BARRY) and we proceeded. NEVER EVER did I think that 21 years later I would realize the impact that Barry had on me that night. From then on I've followed him AND encouraged others to do the same by inviting them to his concerts. I really never thought he would make such a difference in my life. THANK YOU BARRY!! - Mary Scurti (San Bernardino, CA) (6/13/99)

First Show:  Great singer and showman. - Donald Halkovic, Jr. (Portland, OR) (9/21/99)

My favorite [show is] when people were climbing "trees" to see Barry perform! - Jeanne Crane (Columbia, MD) (3/18/2002)

August 30: This was the first concert I ever went to. I was 16 years old and that summer my parents sold our house and bought a new one ... I was stuck in the house all summer. As a gift my parents bought me the tickets and my sister went with me. I will never forget that night because Barry realized that people were actually in the trees behind the seats. My favorate moment was when Barry sang "All The Time." I was looking through the binoculars and when he came to the line "I can't believe that you were somewhere too, thinking all the time there's only you" he looked up and it seemed like he was singing just to me! I have gone to other Barry concerts since then but none will mean as much as the first one. - Karen Voyles (North Hollywood, CA) (6/27/2002)

First Show - Jill Ratner (Sacramento, CA) (5/30/2003)

September 15: This was my first of 8 Barry concerts, and I was hooked from this one forward. I was 16, and it was the first trip to Los Angeles from Orange County for my best friend me. We sat in the 15th row, left side, and loved when Barry talked to the "tree people." My favorite song he sang was, and still remains, "Even Now." It was just so emotional and it was like he was singing it to me alone. I felt sorry for the people in the row in front of us, because at the beginning and end of every song, we screamed our lungs out, and ended up with laryngitis for the next week! Thank you, Barry, for all of the memories and great shows; you are truly the master showman. - Debbie Whitney (Buena Park, CA) (9/15/2004)

First Show (August 28) - Tina Cobb (Oxnard, California) (3/23/2011)

First Show - Charlaine Marlow (Laguna Woods, CA) (6/26/2011)

First Show (August): We yelled "We want your body, Barry" at him from the "trees" at The Greek. He heard us and told us we could have it. I keep dreaming of having that come true! Love ya, loads, Barry!! - Cheryl (Sherbourne) Whitt (Las Vegas, Nevada) (7/25/2004, 8/19/2011)

First Show - Kristie YBarbo (Lumberton, Texas) (10/12/2011)

First Show - Susan O'Donnell (Beaumont, California) (9/30/2012)

First Show - Steven James Weddle (Sacramento, California) (12/11/2014)

As a HUGE Barry fan I played my 8-track of his songs all the time. I still know all the words, well, my little son had to listen whether he wanted to or not and became a fan. He is 41 now. I just found out my 14-year-old grandson is also a fan and knows many of Barry's most popular songs! We got a wonderful gift at Christmas, tickets to the farewell tour in Dallas, Texas, in February 2016. I just think it is so funny to have three generations very excited to be going and we will be singing our hearts out that night. - Kathy Douglas (Fort Worth, Texas) (1/5/2016)

First Show - Joanne Guzman (Corona, California) (5/21/2018)

August 28, 1978California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theater)
August 29, 1978California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theater)
August 30, 1978California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theater)
August 31, 1978California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theater)
September 1, 1978California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theater)
September 2, 1978California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theater)
September 3, 1978California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theater)
September 12, 1978California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theater)
September 13, 1978California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theater)
September 14, 1978California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theater)
September 15, 1978California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theater)
September 16, 1978California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theater)
September 17, 1978California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theater)
September 18, 1978California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theater)
September 22, 1978Ohio/Cincinnati
(Riverfront Coliseum)
First Show - Jenny Bethel (Cincinnati, OH) (7/16/99)

First Show - Karen Siciliano (Cincinnati, OH) (4/11/2002)

First Show: I remember the excitement of going to my first Manilow concert... talking to other fans while waiting for Barry to get on stage, hearing all the songs that I kept playing at home, thinking how lucky I was to have such wonderful parents who gave me what little they had in the bank so I could go and have a great time (...and Yes, I dragged my mother to the last few concerts!). Thanks Barry! - Sandy Lovejoy (Hamilton, OH) (10/14/2009, 6/20/2010)

First/Favorite Show: I had seen Barry's First TV Special a little earlier without realizing that the songs I loved on the radio were ALL by HIM! I was going to college in Southwest Kentucky. Two other students and I drove 5-plus hours to see him in concert. He didn't disappoint (and never has)! I remember he was still doing the "VSM" ("Very Special Medley") and "Cloudburst." I also remember he still included the haunting song about the wife who doesn't "even know what she's missin' ... and that's how she knows that she missed" ("Sandra"). I have seen Barry many times since then. Latest was 2nd Row in Vegas! Thank you, Barry, for your songs, the complexity of the melodies, and the wonderful lyrics. You are truly a gifted artist! - Cindy Christie (of Florida) (3/8/2010)

September 24, 1978New York/Uniondale
(Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum)
First Show - Linda Suozzo (Fishkill, NY) (1/19/2003)

I remember it being a cold, damp night. But Barry made the dampness disappear with the warmth of his music. Was in the "semi-nosebleed" section, but didn't care! - Rozanne T. Petrycki (Brentwood, Long Island, NY) (4/21/2009)

My first concert was an awesome event. I had great seats (I waited in line forever to get them!). The only problem was that I had a HUGE nursing exam the next day, so my friend quizzed me on the nursing information before the concert AND during the intermission! I don't recall how well I did on the test (but it must have been fine). Who cared!? The concert was AWESOME! - Peggy Ann Herzberg (Long Island, NY) (11/15/2009)

September 25, 1978Pennsylvania/Philadelphia
September 25: That was the night Barry recorded (for later broadcast) "It's Just Another New Year's Eve" the first time for Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve 1979.  "Tom & Chris" had not yet met, but both were in attendance - they met in the Summer of '79 when a mutual friend introduced two Manilow fans to one another! - Tom & Chris Jeffries (3/11/98)

First and Favorite Show:  I stood in line at my local Sear's where they had a Ticketron machine and I used the money from my paper route to buy the ticket. I went with a friend of mine who got me listening to Barry. Somehow I convinced my parents to let me go. My neighbors down the street were also going so they gave us a ride even though we did not sit with them. The music touched me, and his music has always been a part of my life. - Timothy John (Oakhurst, NJ) (7/21/99)

This was my first Manilow concert of many (30'ish? I lost count over the years!). I went with my mother and her friend. It was an awesome experience and the first time I ever tried to sneak backstage. Later, I helped my mother, her friend, and many other frenzied women (that I didn't know) form a human chain in front of Barry's limo that night. Poor Barry! What we put him through!! But it was fun [anyway]. - Cathy Davis-Juarez (Trenton, NJ) (8/25/2000)

First Show - Lois Valentino (of New Jersey) (10/10/2004)

First Show - Chris Spears-Bartunek (Seattle, WA) (4/26/2009)

First Show: Paid $15.00 for 5th row center seat! - Susan Madar (Ewing, New Jersey) (4/14/2013)

First Show: The first of many concerts I've seen through the years in Philadelphia and New Jersey. - Martin Vitello (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) (7/13/2021)

September 26, 1978Pennsylvania/Philadelphia
September 29, 1978Illinois/Chicago
(Chicago Stadium)
First Show - Patsy (of Chicago, IL) (5/31/99)

First Show - Marian Zaversnik (Lansing, IL) (3/22/2002)

First Show - Mary Tomalis (of Michigan) (3/3/2021)

September 30, 1978Illinois/Chicago
(Chicago Stadium)
October 9, 1978England/London
(Palladium Theater)
(Thanks to Lucy Waters for this update, 4/10/98)

First Show: [I've been to] the Royal Albert Hall, Blenheim Palace, Wembley, The O2, etc. Barry sings to you like its the first time. Full of passion! - Sherry Russell (London, England) (5/18/2012)

First Show (October 11) - Linda Powell (of England) (7/13/2012)

First Show - Janette Whittle (Wigan, UK) (12 September 2016)

October 10, 1978England/London
(Palladium Theater)
October 11, 1978England/London
(Palladium Theater)
October 12, 1978England/London
(Palladium Theater)
October 13, 1978England/London
(Palladium Theater)
October 14, 1978England/London
(Palladium Theater)
October 16, 1978Holland/Amsterdam
First Show - Max Bokking (from Holland) (1/22/2003)

First Show: I was at Barry's concert in the Netherlands, and it was really the whole package: Barry, the show, the fun! I even find concerts of others often a bit boring because they don't talk. But MANILOW TALKS! - Liesbeth (of The Netherlands) (10/2/2004)

First Show - Carla Zwackhalen (The Netherlands) (11/21/2011)

Highlights: Can't Smile Without You / Even Now / Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again (Alternate Take) / Somewhere In The Night / Sandra / Copacabana (At The Copa) / Mandy/Could It Be Magic / I Write The Songs

[ Manilow.TV Episode #19 Part I aired April 2011 ]

October 23, 1978England/London
(Royal Albert Hall)
I was a junior in College and went to study abroad in London with 60 fellow students. Four of us had a special membership to a disco called Knights. It was there that we met Barry's manager. We hung out with him that evening and he invited us to sit in front of the front row. Barry was a huge sensation in the US but almost unheard of in London. We knew all of the words to his songs and they wanted girls who were very familiar with Mr. Manilow's work to sit in the front row of the concert. I was blown away when he sang "Riders to the Stars" directly at me! - Jill Paul (Coral Springs, FL) (11/7/2009)

First Show: Dearest Barry, You have been a part of my life since that day in 1978. I made so many friends because of you and your music. Thank you. - Barbara Kirkaldy (of France) (5/27/2011)

Highlights: Riders To The Stars / Can't Smile Without You / Even Now / Beautiful Music / I Was A Fool (To Let You Go) / Copacabana (At The Copa) / Could It Be Magic / It's A Miracle / It's A Miracle (Reprise) / It's Just Another New Year's Eve / New York City Rhythm / Daybreak / All The Time / Somewhere In The Night / Jump Shout Boogie/Avenue C/Jumpin' At The Woodside/Cloudburst/Bandstand Boogie / Mandy / We'll Meet Again / I Write The Songs

[ Manilow TV/Archives Episodes #66 & #67, aired April-May 2015 ]

October 25, 1978France/Paris
(Olympia Theatre)
He fractured his ankle an hour before the show, had it taped by a doctor, and did the entire show! - note from Sheron Tippens (3/23/98)
October 31, 1978Germany/Frankfurt
First Show - Bibsy (originally from Frankfurt, Germany) (5/17/2010)
November 3, 1978Germany/Munich
(Deutsches Museum)

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