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April 9Nevada/Lake Tahoe
(Thanks for the updates, Sheron! - 3/23/98)

April 9: It was my 5th or 6th show and I was late. Got a speeding ticket trying to get there on time, but it was worth it! For me, it's the first time every time I see Barry!! - Randy Richards (Kauai, HI) (5/9/2002)

April 11: This was my first Barry concert. My mom surprised me on my 16th birthday. Had a great seat with an un-blocked view of him. I was a "BIG" fan before seeing him live, but after that I was in love. I've since been to over 300 of his concerts (some concerts more that a dozen times!). I remain a huge barry fan, and his talent for songwriting continues to entertain us. Barry, you're the best! - Becky West (Corcoran, CA) (3/12/2006)

First Show (April 9) - Anna Addario-Koblos (Manteca, California) (9/29/2012)

April 10Nevada/Lake Tahoe
April 11Nevada/Lake Tahoe
April 12Nevada/Lake Tahoe
April 16Nevada/Las Vegas
(Thanks for the updates, Sheron! - 3/23/98)

First Show - Mark Worrall (of England) (7/20/99)

First Show - David Ehle, Sr. (Lemont, IL) (5/11/2002)

April 17Nevada/Las Vegas
April 18Nevada/Las Vegas
April 19Nevada/Las Vegas
April 20Nevada/Las Vegas
April 21Nevada/Las Vegas
April 22Nevada/Las Vegas
April 26Indiana/Merrillville
(Holiday Star Plaza)
(Thanks for the updates, Sheron! - 3/23/98)

Favorite Show (Holiday Star Plaza) - Laurie (Cammett) Kazmucha (Michigan City, IN) (9/9/2000)

First Show (Atlantic City) - Michele (of Smithville, NJ) (2/7/2001)

First Show (May 3): Today is my birthday and I noticed on the BarryNet [that it was exactly] 22 years ago that I saw Barry at the Resorts International! It was there that I first heard him sing a new song (at the time) called "Somewhere Down The Road." It really touched me. I cried. It was my exact sentiment for Barry, and there he was singing it! It was a great way to spend a birthday and I will always cherish my memories over the years of seeing Barry. - Marilyn (of Fairfield, CT) (5/3/2003)

First/Favorite Concert (May 8): It was my first time experiencing the ULTIMATE excitement of seeing Barry in person. I was three months pregnant with my first son and so excited and nervous. My husband said, make sure you don't get too nervous, you need to take care of our baby. Well, much to our surprise, when we arrived at the concert, the usher started to seat us -- he kept getting closer and closer to the stage! I said, "Oh my" how close are we going to be? Much to my delight I was sitting up against the stage!! Barry was not only close enough for me to almost touch him - but he actually looked at me a couple of times while he was singing! WOW - what a thrill!! - Pat Cooley (East Islip, Long Island, NY) (6/11/2004)

Favorite Show (Holiday Star Plaza): I loved everything about the concert. Barry Manilow is absolutely a musical genious. The most favorite part though was watching my 4 year old "Mandy" sing all the words to all the songs, then seeing her get a kiss from Barry when I stood her up on the stage and she stretched out her little arm to give him a white rose. Wish I could find a picture of that moment! What a wonderful memory. Mandy still has the dress she wore to that concert hanging in her closet, and she is now 33 and has five children of her own! - Patti Cammett (Michigan City, IN) (1/20/2010)

Highlights (May 5, Atlantic City): It's A Miracle / Jump Shout Boogie / Can't Smile Without You / Medley (The Old Songs, I Don't Want To Walk Without You, Let's Hang On) / Somewhere In The Night / Even Now / Nickels And Dimes / I Was A Fool (To Let You Go) / A Very Strange Medley / Copacabana / Somewhere Down The Road / Something Like This / Medley (I Write The Songs / Looks Like We Made It / Could It Be Magic / Mandy)

[ May 5, 1981: Manilow.TV Episode #6 aired March 2010 ]

April 27Indiana/Merrillville
(Holiday Star Plaza)
April 28Indiana/Merrillville
(Holiday Star Plaza)
April 29Indiana/Merrillville
(Holiday Star Plaza)
May 2New Jersey/Atlantic City (Resorts International)
May 3New Jersey/Atlantic City (Resorts International)
May 4New Jersey/Atlantic City (Resorts International)
May 5New Jersey/Atlantic City (Resorts International)
May 6New Jersey/Atlantic City (Resorts International)
May 7New Jersey/Atlantic City (Resorts International)
May 8New Jersey/Atlantic City (Resorts International)
May 9-ENew Jersey/Atlantic City (Resorts International)
May 9-LNew Jersey/Atlantic City (Resorts International)
May 13Florida/Fort Lauderdale
(Sunrise Theatre)
May 13:  This was the first time I heard "If I Should Love Again".  I had terrific seats and I was so moved by being so close to Barry and feeling the power of that song, that I got a room for the night, bought a ticket for the following night's performance and called in "sick" to work.  Fortunately, there is no known cure for this disease called "Barryitis". - Lynda Rosen (3/5/98)

First Show - Leslie Klevens (Sunrise, FL) (7/20/99)

First Show: My daughter, Terri, was just 4-years-old at the time. For her birthday, she actually asked for a "Marry Barilow" record! We translated her baby-talk to "Barry Manilow" album and purchased it. Today she is a beautful teacher and mom and still has that cherished album! I took Terri to two shows at Sunrise that year. Barry walked on stage from the left side of the audience wearing a white suit. Since we were in the first row, a precious little girl all dressed up (white glover and all!) was the first thing that he must have seen... he walked over as he was singing and leaned over toward her. She looked up at him in absolute awe and admiration and became so overwhelmed that she put her little head on my shoulder and fell exhaustedly asleep!! We are so blessed to know that Barry is still writing the songs that really do make the whole world sing from one generation to another. Thanks! - Barbara Kennedy and family (in Florida) (4/12/2002)

First Show - Dee Dee Yardley (Boise, ID) (4/16/2009)

First Show - Hector Sanchez (St. Petersburg, FL) (8/9/2009)

May 14Florida/Fort Lauderdale
(Sunrise Theatre)
May 15Florida/Fort Lauderdale
(Sunrise Theatre)
May 16Florida/Fort Lauderdale
(Sunrise Theatre)
May 17Florida/Fort Lauderdale
(Sunrise Theatre)
August 28Canada/EdmontonFirst Show - Marcy Binsky (4/19/98)

First Show: What I liked best about this concert was Barry's sense of humour and his ability to make me feel like he was singing to me and me alone. I also loved the clarinet part, the Dew Drop Inn, and the pink leisure suit. I had to go see him again and again after that. - Roxanne Oligny (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) (9/1/2009)

August 30Canada/Vancouver, BC
(Pacific Coliseum)
I saw Barry with a friend of mine. During the show Barry asked if anyone had ever been to one of his shows before, and we piped up, "yes, in Maryland!" Later in the show he referred to things that he does in concert... but that was only for the lady from Maryland. Nothing like being picked on by Barry! - Hazel Breakey (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) (11/30/2001, 5/24/2015)

First Show: [What I liked about the concert was] Barry and his sincerity. He not only is a true showman, he is a friend to all of us who have made him a part of our lives. He's [just] a CD player away! Thanks, Barry, for talking to us like we've known each other all of our lives. And we almost have! - Kenna Marshall (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) (3/6/2002)

What an AMAZING show! I talked my girlfriend's parents into driving us 65 miles to see Barry (paying my girlfriend's ticket helped too!). Just sitting there in the Pacific Coliseum, the anticipation was killing me! And when Barry finally came out onto that big round stage, it was as if the very air glowed around him! Back then I was shy and awkward, and there was something so caring and sensitive about Barry and his music. It lovingly drew me in and gave me hope. I still remember walking around that piano during intermission. It seemed to echo with his presence and with the music! Barry will always be a class act in my book! - Donna Kellett (Vancouver, B.C.) (5/20/2002)

Barry was stunning! His white piano appeared on the spot, it was on a revolving stage and then on he strolled in 'that peach suit', so tall and lean... and His smile... WOW! I will never forget that moment. I have been a fan forever!! - Suzie Jarvis (5/18/2002)

First Show: Barry came out in a silver outfit that was so flashy for its day! I was with my girlfriend, Tammy, and she was so in love with him that she used to dream he was singing to her All The Time. I'm sure many girls did that. - Nat Monachese (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) (5/15/2012)

August 31Washington/Seattle
(Seattle Coliseum)
First Show:  Finally seeing Barry! I couldn't stop crying through the first song (I still do even after many years and many concerts!). - Lisa Alberts (Federal Way, WA) (5/7/99)

First Show:  My best friend gave me my first Barry concert in 1981 for my birthday. We go together every chance we get. It's a perfect way to share memories with a best friend! - Theresa Zanassi (Kirkland, WA) (5/19/99)

First Show - Leigh Clay (Glendale, CA) (7/26/99)

First Show - Linda Nichols (Puyallup, WA) (9/18/99)

First Show - Jim Rupp (Seattle, WA) (1/3/2002)

September 1Oregon/Portland
(Memorial Coliseum)
First Show - Mike Sim (Salem, OR) (3/31/99)

First Show - Jan Holwegner (Edmonds, WA) (12/28/2001)

I had such a great time. It was the first concert I had ever been to and what a show! The round stage, the piano, I had visions of making love on top of that gorgeous piano for years to come. It was AWESOME! Barry if you ever read this, know that thousands of people love your music and I am one in those thousands. I have listened to you all my life (well, from age 15 on up anyway...). What a wonderful performer you are! I hope someday to get the opportunity to see another show. - Tina Hanson (Portland, OR) (3/19/2002)

First Show - Marianne E. (Portland, OR) (1/9/2007)

September 8California/Los Angeles
(The Forum)
First Show - Barbara Thomas (of New York) (10/13/2000)

First Show - Pamela Novikoff (Leavenworth, WA) (3/5/2002)

September 8: Was on holiday in the U.S. and WHO should be doing a show in L.A.? Great experience seeing Barry on the revolving stage at the Forum! - Keith Brian (Manchester, UK) (10/14/2007)

First Show - Anna M. Portillo (Pomona, CA) (12/11/2009)

September 9California/Los Angeles
(The Forum)
September 10California/Anaheim
(Anaheim Convention Center)
First and Favorite Show:  [Nothing] will ever come close to the feeling you get at a Barry Manilow concert. It was the most exciting night of my life (next to the other Barry Manilow concert I went to!). Barry is the best singer, musician, and performer that ever lived. There are no words to describe how great the music is or how great Barry is. I've been to a few concerts (by others), but none of them compare to Barry's. He is absolutely THE GREATEST!! - Cathy Baron (of Idaho) (7/18/99)

First Show - Stephanie Judson (Lakewood, CA) (1/30/2003)

This was my 2nd Barry concert and my best girlfriend and I waited in line ALL NIGHT outside the Convention Center for tickets. While waiting in line, we made friends with some very nice people and are still friends with them to this day. See what being a Fanilow does for ya? Gives you friends for life! We got seats 5 rows from the front. I took my mom to this show and she loved it! Good times, great friends, and fabulous music! What more could anyone want?! - Kathy Burdick (Bell) (Garden Grove, CA) (7/18/2006)

It was Awesome! I had never been to any concert ever, so it was special for me! Barry came back from intermission & started doing "Copacabana." People was losing it and I was one of them! "Copa" is like my favourite Barry Song!! I love all of Barry's songs but "Copa" is the one that won Barry his first Grammy! I had to walk five miles there and back! But I was so stoked I think I floated home! - Dr. Christina Caviezel (Corona, California) (12/25/2018)

September 12Arizona/TucsonI will never forget this concert because I just turned 18 and graduated from high school, and my parents surprised me with Barry Manilow tickets. I loved his version of "One Voice" that he did with a local choir. It was wonderful! That will be a night I will never forget. I have always loved his music, still do, and will forever!! He is a wonderful entertainer and puts on a great show!! - Tammy (of Layton, UT) (8/4/2001)

First Show - Cheryl Cannon (Tucson, AZ) (7/3/2002)

As a student I was honored to sing in the 16-voice choir as Barry sang the finale of "One Voice." To this day it's the only concert I ever attended. It is a memory that I've shared with everyone including my four children who are all Barry Manilow fans. I will ever hold that Tucson close to my heart and a memory I'll speak of for years to come. Thank you, Barry, for a great time, experience and lifelong memory. God bless, Tom (of Tucson, Arizona) (7/29/2012)

September 13Arizona/Tempe
(ASU Activity Center)
First Show:  In the round tour was pretty cool, but the sound quality left something to be desired. As usual, Barry worked the crowd well (he's got to be one of the top entertainers of ANY music genre) and the performance was top-notch. Highlight was "If I Should Love Again". - Matt Runyon (Snowflake, AZ) (9/20/98)

First Show - Brenda Drudge (of Arizona) (7/1/2002)

First Show - [What I liked about this show? Put simply] Barry gave me a lot of hope! - Bridget Ford (of California) (7/1/2002)

First Show - Dot Dell'Aringa-Ek (Colorado Springs, Colorado) (5/15/2012)

September 15California/San Diego
(San Diego Sports Arena)
First Show - Laura Lee Hagan-Comeau (Fallbrook, CA) (4/14/2000, 11/21/2004)

First Show - Tamera (of San Diego, CA) (11/10/2002)

First Show - Maureen Griffin (San Diego, CA) (10/21/2009)

First Show - Jackie Thomas (Poway, California) (2/12/2012)

September 17Utah/Provo
(Brigham Young University, Marriott Center)
My mom took me to my first Barry Manilow concert. It was so awesome! It was also the first concert I'd been to!! My dad thought we were crazy. We both screamed and sang at the top of our lungs. It was great! - Heather Howard (of Utah) (11/19/2001)

I will never ever forget this concert as long as I live! I was twelve years old and my dad snagged tickets at the last second to a sold-out crowd at the Marriott Center in Provo, Utah. I took my best friend Susan. Two little 12-year-old girls sat amongst a sea of college students and loved every moment of it. I was mesmerized. The stage moved, Barry never stopped moving. He changed costumes, and he did not seem to mind that we all sang with him. He was, and still is, the ULTIMATE performer! I have seen a lot of concerts over the years and I still believe that there will never be a concert that can hold a candle to Barry Manilow's. He knows how to sing and grab hold of the audience and make them glad they came to spend some time with him. Thanks, Barry, for music you can understand, that means something, and everyone can relate too. - Tara (of San Diego, CA) (9/21/2002)

First Show: I still have the newspaper articles and my ticket stubs from the first concert. Ticket prices were $12.50 each. - Diane Huff (Springville, Utah) (4/13/2011)

First Show: I had a lot of fun. I hung off the balcony and howled at him. The music and showmanship was great. [Barry's album] was the first that I ever bought. The instant I heard "Mandy" I was a fan. I loved the concert. It will always be a sweet and wonderful memory. - Debra Jacobson (Provo, Utah) (2/12/2020)

First Show: I was sold on Barry from the first time I heard him, and have been sold ever since. I actually made noise and had a screaming good time that night. Pretty good for a shy girl! Since 2018 I have been to Las Vegas to see Barry twice a year and plan on twice this year, at least two shows each time. It truly is Beautiful Music! - Marcie Van Cleave (Orem, Utah) (2/12/2020)

September 18Utah/Ogden 
September 21Oklahoma/Oklahoma City
(The Myriad)
First Show: The fan that Barry took on stage that night was a young man who was a nervous wreck - but he did pretty good. Years later I learned that the young man who sang with Barry Manilow was my daughter's dance teacher and he was still as big a fan of Barry's as I was and still am. Chris died in 1993 of AIDS, but I still remember him "singing with Barry". On his Quilt, I put a little note, "I get Barry all to myself now"... - Karen Myers (Glenpool, OK) (2/8/99)

It was my first Manilow concert. My mother went with me as I was only 15! - Dana Ray-Benton (Stroud, OK) (5/29/99, 4/11/2003)

First Show - Karen Keady (of Kansas City, MO) (1/17/2001)

My first and only Barry concert, I took my friend Gene and we both enjoyed it. I especially liked the commercials medley! Hard to believe I was only 21 then! - Joe T. (Fort Worth, TX) (2/12/2002)

First Show - Jan Travis (Norman, Oklahoma) (7/20/2011)

September 22Kansas/Wichita 
September 24Texas/Dallas
(Reunion Arena)
It was an awesome experience! My first concert! Barry was so full of energy and he filled me with energy! I left literally feeling like I was walking two feet above the ground (from the music)! I fell totally In Love that night! - Suzanne Thornton (Cushing, TX) (1/20/2001)

First Show - Elizabeth Druery (Dallas, TX) (8/12/2002)

First Show - Sharon Trimble (Dallas, TX) (6/17/2004)

September 25Texas/San Antonio
(Convention Center Arena)
First Show:  I had wondered how Barry would do "One Voice" live...What a show! - Kevin B. (of Illinois) (12/1/98)

First Show - Rebecca Trevino (Dallas, TX) (1/18/2003)

I've seen some absolutely fantastic Manilow shows (and I've been to many) but I think the [first one] "In the Round" will always be my favorite because that's the night I was "Manilowed". Even though we were waaay up in the last balcony and Barry looked like a little pink dot down there on that circular stage, I was completely bowled over. I left the Arena that night in awe of what I had just experienced. Thanks, Barry, for all the years of great music and sharing your musical genius with all of us. I, for one, will be forever grateful. - Loretta Balter (San Antonio, TX) (1/18/2003)

First Show - Blanca Ortiz (San Antonio, Texas) (7/1/2011)

September 27Nebraska/Omaha
(Civic Auditorium)
First Show Memory: Rafter seats, 2nd from the top. "If I Should Love Again" did me in, even way up there! The rest is history, but I've spent 16 years waiting to hear that song Live in concert again. - Candy Petersen (4/27/97)

First Show - Kelley Miller (Council Bluffs, IA) (1/12/2002)

September 29Missouri/Kansas City
(Kemper Arena)
I was in total awe the entire evening! This was the first really big concert I had ever attended. I was 17 years old, a senior in high school and had gone with a couple of friends from school. Our seats were on the 11th row on the floor by the walkway. I remember Barry walking past us to the stage and feeling like I was in a dream. The power of the music, the stage, Barry's voice and performance were overwhelming. It was unbelievable that I was even in the same building as Barry! All I could do was stand there with tears streaming down my face thinking that this could not really be happening; it was too good to be true. I remember trying not to blink so that I wouldn't miss a second of the concert. I have been to many of Barry's concerts since, but nothing will compare with the first time!- Diane Floyd (Springfield, MO) (9/14/2006)
September 30Missouri/St. Louis
(The Checkerdome)
My First Show - Terri Wise (9/6/97)

First Show - Anita R. Huskey (East Carondelet, IL) (1/20/2003)

First Show - Jody Adkisson (of Missouri) (1/26/2007)

I liked the entire concert from start to finish - except that I had to leave! One of the most memorable times of my life... It was a gift for my 18th birthday. A day I will never forget!! Thank you, Barry, for making that day one of my greatest!! - Manilove Always, a fan since the beginning, Margaret De Vido (Waynesville, Missouri) (7/25/2012)

October 1Iowa/Ames
(Hilton Coliseum)
Barry was a huge influence on the music I made (only the wonderful Karen Carpenter, who went on record saying Barry was one of HER favorite singers, may have been a bigger influence), so I HAD to see him when he finally came to Iowa. I lived in Des Moines at the time, and I took a bus to Ames to see the show. There was no opening act, he just came out at 8 o'clock and took us on his own special ride! Oldbies may remember that when Barry would rip the Copacabana top open, often he had a shirt on underneath symbolic of the location he was singing in -- that night, he was wearing the jersey of Iowa State fullback Dwayne Crutchfield, and on "Could It Be Magic", the place went mad when he sang "whirling like a cyclone in my mind", since he was in the home of the Iowa State Cyclones. What I remember more was after the concert -- I was in the line waiting for his limo to leave, and when he finally came out, just as he passed me, he flipped the light on inside the limo so I could see his face. It seemed he looked directly at me, smiled and waved. That memory was what kept me warm that night -- the bus going back to Des Moines wouldn't arrive till 5 AM, and I had no place to sleep, so I slept in the telephone booth next to the bus station. It was worth freezing my backside off on an Iowa fall night to be with The Man, and one day soon, I hope to see him again. - Julie (of San Saba, TX) (12/2/2003)

First Show: Barry gets better and better every single time I see him. He's absolutely AMAZING!! - Katie (of Antigo, WI) (4/24/2004)

First Show - Jim Monroe (of Iowa) (4/17/2009)

First Concert: A friend knew I enjoyed Barry's music and had an extra ticket so she thought of me. We sat in the "nosebleed" section and I watched through my binoculars. When Barry sang "If I should Love Again," there was such emotion through the entire song. Upon finishing, we gave him a standing ovation which seemed to last forever and as I watched through my binoculars, I saw him shed a few tears during our applause showing his compassion and humbleness. - Wanda Feyerabend (of Iowa) (11/21/2009)

October 3Michigan/Ann Arbor
(University of Michigan, Crisler Arena)
First Show Memory: Barry was in the middle of the arena on a 'turntable' playing a white piano. IT WAS WONDERFUL!!! - Jean Redd (9/5/97)

First Show - Ginny Capotosto (3/15/98)

First Show Memory (Oct. 4): My ex-girlfriend (at the time, now my wife) and I were 10 rows from the stage. "The Old Songs" was Barry's newest hit. When Barry came out for the start of the second half of the concert, he was wearing his "Copa" jacket and performed "Copacabana." After the song, he took off the jacket, and underneath he was wearing a Kirk Gibson Detroit Tiger jersey. The crowd went nuts! My wife and I were married 1-1/2 years after the concert, and we recently celebrated our 15th anniversary, still going strong (and still listening to the old LP's). - Dennis Hall (Lapeer, MI) (8/16/98)

First Show (October 4) - Sandy Riley (Roseville, MI) (8/15/99)

I got to meet Barry! It was a magical night. I have met so many wonderful friends over 25 years, and been to places I would have never gone to had it not been for Barry. From Toronto to California and everywhere in between. Thanks, Barry, for the music, the love, and the friendship. - Debbi Weldon (Albany, GA) (6/24/2000)

First Show - Kelly Strange (Redford, MI) (7/3/2000)

Of all the Manilow concerts I have ever attended, This One sticks out The Most with the Best memories! The Concert was AWESOME!! That Arena was FILLED from first row all the way up to the nosebleed sections. People yelled and stomped their feet and the whole place just shook from the vibrations with each song he did. At one part, Barry just stood there with this unbelievable look on his face. I remember this like it was only yesterday! Not only did Barry do the BEST concert, but I also got to meet him after the show for the very first time. After the concert my friends -- 10 of us, plus 4 other friends from the local BMFC Fan Club in Detroit (you KNOW who they are!) -- got invited backstage by Barry himself. Talk about it being a MAGICAL night! I couldn't get over how down-to-earth he really was, kind of shy, and GORGEOUS!! - Susie George (Palmerton, PA) (10/12/2002)

First Show (October 3): Barry is the BEST performer and entertainer because he engages with his audience and generates so much energy that even those who are not die-hard fans appreciate and love the performance. Barry sings from his heart and connects eomotionally to the lyrics and music. He is an inspiration, a legend, and a person with incredible talent... not to mention good looks! I have loved and appreciated Barry from the first moment I heard him at the tender age of six, and I have follwed his career for the past 25 years. My admiration for this man who possesses so much talent has never ceased (and will never cease!). He is the true "studio musician" and I thank him for every piece of music he has ever shared. - Lisa Kaufman (West Bloomfield, MI) (1/22/2004)

First/Favorite Show (October 3): I enjoyed everything about my first concert experience! The crowd (and MAN was it ever crowded!), Barry's showmanship, his voice, his talent, his voice, his interaction with the crowd, his voice (...heh-heh). "If I Should Love Again," that song will forever be planted in my mind as my all-time favorite, mostly because it was so beautiful. The crowd got so quiet just to hear him sing it for the first time! At the end of the show, a couple of hundred fans stood outside Joe Louis Arena waiting to catch a glimpse of Barry, and when his car drove past us, I just stared out of amazement at his eyes! Then when Victor came out carrying the "One Voice" wall hanging rug I made for Barry, I almost passed out! My gift to him for his gift to me. He was born to sing, and I was born to listen! Ever since I first heard his voice on the radio as a young teen, any new song he created, I would always end up doing the same....sit numbly, and listen as if it were the first time I ever heard his voice! I still do that today!! - Carol (Allport) Deel (Warren, MI) (6/17/2004)

First Show (October 4) - Debbie Hawrylyshyn (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) (5/19/2010)

October 3: I attended my first Barry concert in 1981. I was six years old. I remember singing his songs the entire day before my mom and dad and I went to the show. - Mary Ann Topolewski (Clinton Township, Michigan) (8/7/2011)

First Show - Mary Murphy (Detroit, Michigan) (1/10/2012)

October 4: The whole day was special as we got to the arena parking lot early -- "we" being Rosie, Stephie, Regina, Joan, Geri, Barb, Susie Gee, Debbi and I and several others! We got to chat and take pictures with James (Jolis) and Kevin (DiSimone). Then came the concert after which we knew Rosie, Steph, Gina Mae and Joan were going backstage to meet 'Junior' (as the Beagle-Bagels always called 'Barry'). The show was fabulous and Barry was in high spirits throughout, especially when he sat on the piano on top of some roses a girl had given him and promptly jumped back off, commenting "Oh darlin', next time, take out the thorns!" Smokin' hot renditions of "Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed" and "Break Down The Door" were highlights of the show along with Barry's beautiful ballads. After the show we gave the girls our tour books for Barry to sign when they met him, and we went to sit on bleachers to wait for them to return. Suddenly, Roger Wall showed up and took ten of us with him backstage as he said Barry wanted to say "Hi" to us! We could hear lots of laughter behind the closed door where Barry, Roberta, and the girls were. Suddenly the door opened and I was face-to-face with Barry! He reached out, took hold of my hand and, looking out at the ten of us, said "Much better show tonight than last night, wasn't it?" We all agreed and then he came out in the the middle of all of us and the next thing I knew, his arm was around my shoulder and mine around his waist. He stood with us and posed for pictures, laughing and chatting, and it felt so natural like we'd known him forever. It was a night we will always remember! And I have to add that my jacket and blouse smelled like Barry's Eau Sauvage cologne and I never wore the jacket again after that night!! - Susan Madar (Ewing, New Jersey) (4/14/2013)

October 4Michigan/Detroit
(Joe Louis Arena)
October 6Indiana/Bloomington
(Indiana University Assembly Hall)

My father drove my best friend, Becky and I to the I.U. campus in Bloomington, Indiana. It was a last minute decision to go. When we arrived, we found out that it was cash only sales for the tickets, so we pooled our money together and bought our three tickets. We had enough money for a hot dog each and a drink. When we found our seats, we were amazed. We were on the floor right at Barry's round stage. They were the best seats we could have asked for at the last minute. The concert was AMAZING. Barry was so full of energy and we were up so close. I have been to over 20 more concerts since then, and will continue to go as long as Barry performs, but that first one will never be forgotten. Thank you for so many memories!! - Karen Trousdell (Cincinnati, Ohio) (2/19/2012)

October 11Ohio/Toledo
(University of Toledo, Centennial Hall)
First Show - Kathy Tarhini (6/24/98)

First Show - Susan Bowman (Dublin, OH) (7/23/98)

First Show:  Front row seats at Centennial Hall! - Heather Muszynski (Toledo, OH) (12/24/98)

First Show - Kathy Hirsch (Aurora, CO) (10/16/2001)

The music and the atmosphere were fantastic. It took me a few days to "come down" from that concert! - Nancy Wrana (Painesville, OH) (1/21/2003)

First Show - Denise Parkman (Toledo, Ohio) (7/24/2011)

First Show - Cindy Zamora (Toledo, Ohio) (4/6/2016)

October 12Illinois/Rockford
Favorite Show - Dayna Euhus (Des Plaines, IL) (8/7/99)

First Show - Mary Sell (Belvidere, IL) (1/24/2004)

First of all, I got to bring my Grandma Bailey and her sister, my Aunt Betty, with me. Second, I was there to see one of my all-time favorite singers. I have loved Barry's music since I was a young girl in the '70s. What I most loved was not only seeing him and hearing him, but his sense of humor. He put on a great show, and I still call it the best concert I have ever been to. - Deb Bailey (Rockford, IL) (6/23/2010)

First Show - Joyce Oliveri (Rockford, Illinois) (2/13/2012)

October 13Indiana/South Bend
(University of Notre Dame)
First Show - Cheryl Ward-Case (Cincinnati, OH) (4/18/2000)

I was in 8th grade when I attended my first concert ever... Barry Manilow! It was unforgettable seeing Barry with my mom, dad, little sister and my mom's two sisters. This is when my first Manilow crush began! We had every one of his albums and our favorite song was "One Voice" which he ended the show with wearing a Joe Montana jersey singing along with the Notre Dame choir (if I remember correctly)! I have seen him at least five times since. I still have the ticket stubs from that 1981 concert and just pulled them out of my photo album to see the cost was $12.50! 35 years after that amazing first concert my mom, sister and the same two aunts are going [to see Barry in Indianapolis] again on March 30, 2016! - Amy Castillo (Indianapolis, Indiana) (3/25/2016)

October 14Illinois/Carbondale
(SIU Carbondale Arena)
First and Favorite Show:  I have seen Barry in concert three times (Carbondale '81, Murfreesboro '82, Nashville '85). The shows are intimate, well-produced, and entertaining. I like the fact that he fills the show with music and not just talk. My only regret is that the shows aren't longer!  It is hard to perform all his hits when he has so many!  Hope he comes to Atlanta again so we can attend a fourth time!! - Richard Blankenship (Atlanta, GA) (5/31/99)

First Show - Toni Shoukletovich (Marion, IL) (4/8/2000)

First Show: I auditioned for the back up choir for "One Voice" and and was selected. It was the biggest thrill of my life up until then. It was the first time I had seen Barry in concert, but I was a huge fan. I still have the vinyl album and the backstage pass. - Cyndi Johnson (Carbondale, Illinois) (8/9/2012)

October 15Kentucky/Louisville
(Freedom Hall)
First Show - Lynn Kostrzewski (Louisville, KY) (9/16/99)

First Show - Sharon Hoellman (Crestwood, KY) (2/6/2000)

First Show: The concert was my 10th birthday present. My mom bullied our way to the stage where I threw a single red rose with "You write the songs that make my whole world sing" written on the card. Barry picked up my rose and read the card, but apologized because he couldn't read the name. I have been in love ever since. - Kellie Phillips Millican (Gadsden, AL) (10/5/2005)

First Show - Joe D. (Louisville, Kentucky) (7/29/2012)

October 27Virginia/HamptonFirst Show: I was 14 years old. Me and my best friend, Stephanie, were the only Barry fans our age. Her mom took us. I remember when he sang "Could It Be Magic" I got goosebumps. That song will always affect me that way. - Norma (of Norfolk, VA) (6/2/2000)

First Show - Charlotte Gomez (Virginia Beach, VA) (5/24/2003)

First Show - Stephanie Prince (Little Rock, AR) (5/7/2007)

October 28Virginia/RichmondFirst Show - Donna Gladwell (Hopewell, VA) (10/1/2009)

This concert was my favorite because of the extravagant stage, lighting, costumes, etc. I have been a fan of Barry's since his hit song "Mandy." I bought his book and albums and songbooks with his music in them. He is a top notch performer. I so wish I could play the piano like him. I write songs, but nothing has ever been published. I would love to hear tips from such a phenomenal songwriter as Barry. - Donna Waldrup (of Missouri) (7/11/2013)

October 30North Carolina/Charlotte
First Show Memory: I had only been out of college three years and I had started a new job. I begged my Mom to go down to the coliseum and stand in line for me. I didn't care if I was hanging from the rafters. I was able to get on the floor and since this was in the round you had a good seat everywhere. I bought a 35 mm camera just to take pictures. We were allowed to leave our seats when Barry first came out. He walked down a runway to the stage in the center of the floor. I remember looking through the lens waiting for him to walk past. When I saw him come into the lens, I froze! I couldn't believe that the man whose music I had admired for so long was standing right in front of me. Finally a voice screamed in my head "Snap the camera, you idiot!" I did and got a great shot of Barry with his hair blowing backwards as he whizzed by to the stage. It was a great show and I was hooked as they say for the rest of my life. - Kathy Davis Eaton (7/18/97)

First Show - Dawn Dubinsky (Atlanta, GA) (1/11/2000)

First Show - Terri Glenn Deal (Hickory, NC) (7/21/2000)

First Show - Karen Sammons (Charlotte, NC) (12/12/2000)

First Show - Annette Church (Gastonia, NC) (6/11/2002)

First Show - Barbara Miller (Myrtle Beach, SC) (8/7/2005)

October 31North Carolina/GreensboroFirst Show Memory:  I was dragged to this concert by my husband, Steve, who stood in line for hours for the tickets. I didn't want to miss our son's first Halloween. But that didn't wash, because the baby was only seven months old. I thought the best thing about the concert would be the guys on the rigging wearing masks. Boy, was I wrong. Barry won me over that night. "The baby" and his younger brother are now Manilow fans. I tell my husband, see what you started!! - Susan Chambless (Greensboro, NC) (10/8/98)

It was the very first concert of anyone that I had ever attended. I had always been a major Barry Manilow fan and had always wanted to see him. I couldn't believe that the very first concert I went to I got a front row seat! Fantastic concert!! At 38, I am still a Super Fan. My daughter, who is now age 10, really loves his music, especially the "Manilow Sings Sinatra" album. Manilow's music will live forever! - Rick Harrell (Kinston, NC) (6/28/2000)

I have only seen Barry Manilow in concert once and have been waiting for him to come back to North Carolina ever since! After seeing his TV special on May 18th, 2002 (Ultimate Manilow!), I am ready to see him again. Barry, you are wonderfully talented and creative. There are few artists I would pay money to see, but you are one of them!! Your music makes me feel good. Thanks for sharing it with us. - Sherri Ronn (Greensboro, NC) (5/19/2002)

First Show - Katrina (of Greensboro, NC) (6/17/2009)

First Show - Sara Held (Raleigh, North Carolina) (4/3/2011)

November 1North Carolina/RaleighFirst Show - Tootie Hood (Southern Pines, NC) (10/10/98)
November 4Virginia/RoanokeI was in the ninth grade and this was my first "real" concert! Wow, it was awesome!! I went with a bunch of seniors and we loved it because our school's singing ensemble that we were in had done an entire MANILOW show that same fall. We were all in love with Barry and his music. It was a magical night! I got autographs from two of his back-up singers and was so excited!! - Susan (of Virginia) (11/9/2001)
November 5South Carolina/Columbia (Carolina Coliseum)First Show - Kathy Anderson (Jacksonville, FL) (7/1/99)

I had been a fan of Barry's since the middle 70's. This was the first opportunity to see him. The stage was in the center of the auditorium. His piano was white and I believe that the setting was In The Round. The music & staging was excellent. As of 04-01-00, my wife and I own all but two of his recordings. His music and his passion for music and people continues to be an inspiration to our family. Thank You Barry! - Kim D. Senn (Spartanburg, SC) (4/3/2000)

First Show - Candy (of Greenville, SC) (4/3/2000)

First Show - Patricia (Pat) Dohner (Myrtle Beach, SC) (12/27/2010)

First Show - Vicki Beatty (Columbia, South Carolina) (7/30/2012)

George Rogers was a football player for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks who won the Heisman Trophy in 1980. When Barry came out on stage after an intermission during his November 5, 1981, concert performance at Carolina Coliseum in Columbia, he was wearing a Gamecocks football jersey with Rogers' name and player number (38) on it. He strutted around the stage a bit with his arms wide open and the entire audience went absolutely crazy! A really nice salute to the hometown crowd! - Eric L. Watts (Atlanta, Georgia) (4/25/2020)

November 7Alabama/Birmingham
(Jefferson Civic Center)
First Show - Susan Butera (Birmingham, AL) (6/1/2000)

First Show - Michael von Redlich (Concord, NH) (3/15/2001)

First/Favorite Show: I just loved Barry and still do! I have every album (LP) that man has ever done and I've only missed one show he has ever done in Birmingham. His shows are entertaining and most of all FUN! I love to sing along with him. I hope he never gives up this profession! - Janis Wyatt (Birmingham, AL) (6/6/2002)

Barry's concert was a birthday present to an 11-year-old girl... ME!! I loved him before and love him even more now! I'm begging my husband to take me to [Manilow: Music and Passion] in Las Vegas! - Amy Haynes (Jackson, TN) (1/4/2005)

November 8Alabama/
(Von Braun Civic Center)
First Show - Terri Watwood (Decatur, AL) (1/28/99)

First Show: As a teenager and young adult, I worked as an usher and ticket-taker at the Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, AL; they opened in 1975. I have seen just about every entertainer and concert as a result of my time there. - Paula Gipson (Huntsville, Alabama) (7/26/2012)

November 13Florida/Tallahassee
(Leon County Civic Center)
Barry sang "If I Should Love Again" and told the crowd how he was renting a home on the New England coast, and he rolled his piano up to the window, got inspired and wrote this song. I can hear the waves crashing onto the rocks when I hear this song. He inspires me not to give up on love. - Stacey Saunier (Fort Lauderdale, FL) (11/1/2002)

First Show - Lori Domingo (Tampa, FL) (6/14/2006)

November 14Florida/Jacksonville
(Veterans Memorial Coliseum)
First Show - Janice Kennedy (Jacksonville, FL) (4/19/2002)
November 15Georgia/AugustaFirst date with my now-husband was to this Barry Manilow concert. This (year) will be our 20th Anniversary of our first date! My then-date was terrified that I was a lunatic! I hollered the whole night at the concert, but then he called me for a 2nd date, 3rd date, etc..... (Thanks, Barry, please come back to Augusta!!) - B.J. Reese (Augusta, GA) (9/28/2001)

This is the ONLY concert I have ever been to. I was 15, and went with some friends. We had a fantastic time, acted like total lunatics. I screamed the whole time... That is one of my all-time best memories. I'd love to see him again. I'd love to take MY kids to see Barry! - Jeanette Smith (Harlem, GA) (9/4/2004)

This was the first concert that I had ever been to. I went with my husband (first), his sister, and several other family members. That concert was probably the best time I ever had in my life. My husband said "you would have thought Jesus Christ had walked out on stage!" I was so excited to see Barry in person. I had listened to his music, and still do listen to his music to this day. I hope to see him again someday. He will always be my all-time favorite singer/songwriter. His music takes me away from all the stress of life and makes me smile. I am in Savannah, Georgia, now and hope that Barry will come here someday. My husband (second) said he wlll take me if he does. Thanks for the memories. - Elizabeth A. Smith (Greenville, SC) (1/23/2008)

First Show: [What made this concert special] was seeing Barry in person for the first time and his singing his songs!! Also in Augusta Barry asked my college (Augusta State University) to help him sing "One Voice"! It was so special!! - Ann Langford (Augusta, GA) (4/15/2009, 8/2/2009)

November 16Georgia/Savannah 
November 17Florida/St. Petersburg
(Bay Front Center Arena)
First Show - Georgeanne Gillett (Tampa, Florida) (12/13/2011)
November 18Florida/Lakeland
(Civic Center)
I was in the 19th row. When he came out on stage, I thought I would die! I ran to the stage and grabbed his ankle and just looked up at him. What a memory. I'll never forget it! - Donna (12/2/97)

First Show - Dawn Kerschner (Bronson, FL) (7/11/2002)

November 23Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh
(Civic Arena)
Taped Live for Showtime Special!

For "Copacabana", Barry had a "costume" he wore and after the song finished took off the jacket to reveal a Steelers jersey with #12. Terry Bradshaw (our quarterback at the time). The place went wild! What a thrill!! - Kathy Nonclerg (Pittsburgh, PA) (7/31/2005)

First Show - Linda Metelsky (Freedom, PA) (5/2/2009)

First Show - Rosann M. Danlovich (Pittsburgh, PA) (2/26/2010)

First Show - Ruth Shaw (Irwin, Pennsylvania) (2/29/2012)

First Show: My first time seeing him, I was 7 years old. I still remember it, he was larger than life. It was "Barry in the Round" - a stage that was a circle that spun real slow so that everyone could see him. I remember it like it was yesterday! That was 30 years ago. He had palm trees and a flashy ruffled shirt. The Steelers were the big thing back then, and I remember him ripping off his ruffled shirt and he had a Steelers jersey on underneath! It has forever been in my memory, always will be! - Jennifer Lackey (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) (8/21/2012)

Highlights: I Write The Songs / Can't Smile Without You / The Old Songs Medley (The Old Songs, I Don't Want To Walk Without You, Let's Hang On) / Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again / Even Now / Nickels And Dimes / I Was A Fool (To Let You Go) / Medley: Beautiful Music/I Made It Through The Rain / Weekend In New England / Medley: Break Down The Door/Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed / Commercial Jingles (State Farm, Stuck on Band-Aids) / If I Should Love Again / It's A Miracle / Bandstand Boogie / Daybreak / This One's For You / Looks Like We Made It / Medley: Could It Be Magic/Mandy / Let's Take All Night (To Say Goodbye) / One Voice

[ Manilow.TV Episode #25 (Showtime) aired October 2011 ]

November 24
November 27New York/Uniondale
(Nassau Coliseum)
First Show:  I sat in the second row on the floor. This was my favorite of five Barry shows I have seen. - Jim Colgan (Islip Terrace, NY) (12/1/98)

First and Favorite Show (November 28):  This was my first Barry concert and I was blown away by his performance. Until this time I went to see various artists perform, but after this show I only went to see Barry because I know that no other performer can compare, and it would be such a disappointment to see anyone else because no one else has his Magic. And no one else can move me the way that he does. - Mildred Blackwell (Spring Hill, FL) (2/17/99, 5/19/99)

November 27: The concert in the Nassau Coliseum was one of the best because I had 4th row aisle seats on the floor. Barry was using the stage In The Round that rotated slowly so everyone could see him. He also traveled the stage to give everyone a chance. I remember his puffy sleeve shirt for Copacabana and I remember him being wheeled in to the stage on some cart in the shirt and everyone throwing flowers and stuffed animals. I got to see him up close and I have a picture of him on the cart with a Smurf stuffed doll. He also dis-robed later on in the show to display an Islanders jersey to the delight of everyone. It was a great evening as is any concert of Barry's that one attends. They are never disappointing. - Elena Abbene (Bedford, NH) (12/1/2001)

First/Favorite Show: A wonderful evening all around. - Barbara Russell (Westbury, NY) (8/2/2002)

November 28: This was my first Barry concert. I was three years old! My mother, my aunt and her friend took me. We had 11th row [seats]. I knew that Barry loved beagles, so I brought with me my favorite Snoopy doll to give to him. At the end of the concert, my aunt's friend put me on his shoulders and walked me up to the stage and I gave my doll to Barry. - Allison (of New Jersey) (8/7/2002)

First Show - Roberta Gentile (Baldwin, NY) (1/30/2006)

First Show - Nancy Bartek (Middletown, CT) (4/28/2009)

First Show (November 27) - MaryAnne Spinella (Bay Shore, NY) (6/14/2009)

First Show: This was the first concert my parents took me to go see. I was in second grade! - Frank (of Long Island, New York) (9/19/2017)

November 28
November 29New York/Syracuse 
November 30Maine/Portland
(Portland Civic Center)
Concert Memory: I was finally close enough to the stage that I didn't need binoculars and could see Barry in all his awesome glory. I remember him coming out to do "Copacabana" and under his ruffled Desi-Arnaz shirt, he was wearing a fake hairy chest (which drove the audience nuts). After making some jokes about himself, he pulled out the fake chest and threw it off stage, then finished the song. - Donna Gosselin (11/5/97, 12/8/97)

I remember my first show when I was 8 at the Portland Civic Center in Portland, Maine! I remember one woman brought him a cake which she presented to him during the show. - Lisa (of Pembroke, NH) (1/5/2008)

First Show - Judy Harbaugh (of Vermont) (7/1/2013)

December 2Canada/Montreal, QuebecFirst Show - Judy Harbaugh (St. Johnsbury, VT) (5/19/2000)

My first Barry Manilow concert was very special to me! - Martine Cabana (Montreal, Canada) (7/30/2011)

December 3Canada/Toronto, Ontario (Maple Leaf Gardens)First Show:  Loved the "In-The-Round" concept because you could get a great view, regardless of where you were seated. Barry broke the attendance record for Maple Leaf Gardens the night of this performance!! - Margaret Gava (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) (12/7/98)

First Show: Loved everything! Barry makes my heart pound... his fantastic music (awesome voice, touching lyrics, moving melodies), great sense of humour, passion and energy, and most of all, his way of "singing to me only" (as everyone believes). I remember Barry broke the record for attendance at Maple Leaf Gardens (over 50,000 people) - WOW! I also remember a revolving stage too - everyone could be up close and personal with him at the same time. Mostly, I was so affected by my first Barry Manilow concert that I couldn't concentrate for two weeks afterwards; I couldn't stop thinking of him. He was amazing then and still is today. - Shirley Kung (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) (6/14/2007)

First Show - Judy (of Toronto, Canada) (8/28/2011)

First Show - Nancy deJong (Milton, Ontario, Canada) (6/21/2013)

First Show - Norm Lamoureux (Ontario, Canada) (4/17/2021)

December 5Connecticut/Hartford
(Civic Center)
Loved my first concert! - Susan (of Southington, CT) (1/19/2002)

First Show: I was so amazed at how great Barry was Live. He puts on the best show I've ever seen. I've been to see him only five times but I've never stopped being amazed at his talent. - Kate Brick (Wethersfield, CT) (2/24/2002)

First Show - Natalie (of Connecticut) (2/25/2002)

I was able to meet Barry for the very first time. He was so sweet, talked to my husband and me for quite a while and All The Time I had my arm right around him giving him a forever hug. Thanks, Barry, for many memorable moments! We still continue to see him in Vegas at least twice a year. Since then, we have both retired but please, Barry, you can't! Keep The Old Songs going! Love, Sandy & Larry (of Cheshire, Massachusetts) (4/17/2011)

December 6Connecticut/Hartford
(Civic Center)
December 7New Jersey/East RutherfordFirst Show - Jodi Nigro (Cape Coral, FL) (9/17/2000)

It was a special moment being my first concert ever. I got to see The Man I had a crush on at age seven. I loved his music since I was five. It was special all around. It was one event I remember doing with my parents before they were divorced. - Carey Monkwoski (of New Jersey) (10/31/2000)

First Show - Rose Fenstermaker (New Ringgold, PA) (3/25/2001)

First Show - Cathy (of New Jersey) (10/16/2006)

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