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January 30England/London
First Show (February 9) - Adele Furbank (10/22/97)

First Show - Phil Wright (3/31/98)

(Thanks to Lucy Waters for date corrections! - 4/10/98)

Favorite Show(s):  The whole concert was amazing. The songs... the sound... seeing Barry up close and at the BEST Theatre in the WORLD! - Mark Worrall (of England) (7/20/99)

First/Favorite Show (February 7):  It was so exciting. I felt as if I got to know Barry at this concert. It was terrific. - Anne Hudson (Grimsby, England) (11/13/99)

Favorite Show:  I liked the "small" venue and intimate atmosphere (on the other hand, being one of 40,000 at Blenheim '83 was awesome!). - Charmaine Hallmark (of the UK) (1/23/2000)

Favorite Show (London): In England, Barry is much freer than he is in the USA. I love all the off-color humor jokes he told. - Jeanine M. Rozum (South Bend, IN) (4/8/2000)

First Show (January 30) - Ruth Osborne (High Wycombe, England) (7/2/2000)

First Show (February 1): Wow! What a show, what a man. This for me is the BEST location. It's small, intimate and just him and me. Wow! What a thought!! - Lynne Smith (Hertfordshire, England) (11/6/2000)

Favorite Show - Myra Foster Edwards (Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England) (9/6/2001)

First Show (Birmingham) - Ian Hammond (of England) (3/11/2002)

First Show: I was a Barry Manilow fan from the day I first heard "Mandy" on the radio. How can I describe perfection? Barry's concerts are just MAGIC! - Dorothy Woodburn (Northallerton, North Yorkshire, UK) (5/17/2002)

First Show - Sherry Russell (London, England) (9/22/2004)

February 7: My Favourite Show as I was the Can't Smile Without You girl!! - Dawn Hunt (Rochester, Kent, England, UK) (11/25/2004)

First Show (London): [What I liked was] the energy Barry put into his show at the Palladium, the stunning stage background, and the way he involved you in the show making you feel part of it and the loyalty to his fans. Barry is an all-around entertainer and I shall continue to attend his concerts in London for as long as he keeps returning to us, which I hope will be for many years to come BECAUSE WE ALL LOVE HIM. - Wendy Denton (Romford, Essex) (5/11/2011)

February 10 (London - matinee): I loved all my concerts and there have been loads and loads but this had to be the best as that was the one where Barry 'picked me'. I had a big sign with a sun on it which said "Make me Smile" and he certainly did! I made him smile too as I got a bit carried away and was all over him like a rash. - Viv Johnson (Tamworth, Staffordshire, England) (5/16/2012)

Favorite Show (London Palladium): It was near my birthday and I actually held Barry's hand. What a thrill! - Marion (of the UK) (10/4/2013)

Highlights: Sweet Life/It's A Long Way Up / Up Front / God Bless The Other 99 / Can't Smile Without You / It's A Miracle / The One That Got Away / Some Good Things Never Last / If You Remember Me / Do Like I Do (with Billy Kidd) / Gonzo Hits Medley (One Voice, I Write The Songs, The Old Songs, Bandstand Boogie, I Don't Want To Walk Without You, Even Now, Some Kind Of Friend, Copacabana, Read 'Em And Weep, Somewhere Down The Road, This One's For You, Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again, Could It Be Magic, I Write The Songs) / If I Can Dream / The Best Seat In The House / Stay / I Wanna Do It With You

[ Manilow TV Episode #119 aired November 2019 ]

January 31
February 1
February 2
February 3
February 3
February 6
February 7
February 8
February 9
February 10
February 10
February 12England/Manchester
(Manchester Apollo)
(Thanks to Lucy Waters for the U.K. tour updates! - 4/10/98)

First Show (Scotland) - Norma Ferrier (Edinburgh, Scotland) (2/5/2000)

First Show (Scotland) - Barbara McGookin (Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland) (3/19/2000)

Favorite Show (February 14, Manchester): [What I liked about this show was] Everything! The crowd was wild and so was Barry!! - Alison Lawrence (Nottingham, England) (4/21/2000)

First Show (Edinburgh): This was my first Barry concert at the age of 18, having been a big fan since "Let's Hang On" in 1981 (age 9). I loved every minute of this concert and the next four I managed to get to. - Wendy Rae (Dundee, Scotland) (7/30/2000)

First Show (March 1, Liverpool) - Jane Gregg (Liverpool, England) (5/16/2002)

Favorite Show (March 4): It was Barry at his best - funny and most unpredictable. We never knew what was coming next. I love it when he surprises and drags out songs we have forgotten about. His voice was on top and the concert flowed into such a crescendo. I thought the audience would explode! I never saw such excitement and hilarity in a concert room. He tops himself every year but this one still stands out as the most fun I ever had at a Manilow concert. - Tracy (of the United Kingdom) (5/24/2002)

Favorite Show (February 12): Ah, Manchester! Got to meet Barry backstage and his delightful crew and band members. What a night! [Barry]'s got a great sense of humor. - Passy Schuld (Antwerp, Belgium) (9/12/2003)

Favorite Show (Brighton): Barry is so entertaining. He puts so much into his shows. I just listen to him All The Time. No one can sing a ballad like Barry! He's the best. I took my daughter and husband to the show. They loved it and told everybody how fab Barry is. All the family has been brought up with his music. - Jackie Langford (Purley, Surrey, England) (1/8/2004)

Favorite Show (February 14, Manchester Apollo): This concert was magical because we were going to The Freemason's Hall in Salford after the concert to a charity party Barry attended, and the anticipation of meeting Barry there made the concert even more exciting than ever. The whole experience was a once in a lifetime dream come true. - Tracey Harrison (Hull, Yorkshire, England) (4/23/2004)

First/Favorite Show (Wembley Arena): Unbelievable! I base myself on Barry's concerts [and] what a showman he really is. Barry is ahead of our time for concerts and always gives 100 percent. Thank God I was born in the mid-60's to hear this wonderful composer. - Les Lowther (Hemel, Hempstead, England) (7/19/2004)

February 19 (Sheffield): This was my first show. I arrived in Sheffield at 9:00 AM to make sure I wouldn't miss Barry, and when he arrived he looked amazing. I was so excited I couldn't begin to tell you! The show was fantastic. I just sat in my seat with my eyes wide open; it really blew me away. At the end of the show I didn't want the evening to end. I enjoyed every second and I cried so much I had red eyes for days! But I'll never forget it. It was truly a dream come true. - Rachael Young (Yorkshire, England) (10/5/2005)

March 4 (London): This show was just the most fun I have had at a Barry concert (and I have been to many!). Barry had been on tour in the UK since the end of January and this was the last show of the tour. He had told lots of jokes on the tour and this night he told them all again and because we all knew them we provided the punchlines! He also wore all his tour jackets this night, going off and changing All The Time. We had a fantastic evening and although I have had many fabulous nights since, this one stands out. - Michelle Clohessy (London, England) (1/12/2009)

March 4 (London): It was the last night of the tour. I particularly remember all the "chat" from Barry. Hearing ALL the jokes in the one evening and getting dizzy from the jacket changes. Never since has there been such an evening. Superb! So glad I didn't miss this one. - Margaret Shaw (Leeds, England) (4/7/2009)

March 4 (Wembley Arena): This was the last night of a wonderful tour. I'd already seen most of the shows, but this night was truly spectacular. It was like no other show... and I've seen a LOT of Barry's shows! All of the jokes, all of the outfits, and all the energy, all in one magical night on my friend Jane's birthday. What a way to celebrate! I'd love to be able to see this show One More Time. Please, Barry, release this concert on video or DVD! - Lindsay (of Plymouth, UK) (7/30/2009)

First Show (Birmingham) - Heather Craner (of Great Britain) (9/2/2009)

March 4 (London): It was the last concert of the UK Tour. I just remember the atmosphere was terrific. Barry was in a fantastic mood. He got into telling all his jokes - hilarious! And all the outfits! It was like a party, full of energy. Just a really great night. I'll never forget it. He changed a lot of the songs too, from previous nights he had done. I just have really wonderful memories of that night. It was the best night, for me, of the 1990 shows in England. What a way to end the UK tour! - Helen Jackson (United Kingdom) (5/6/2010)

First Show (Blackpool) - Kate Watts (of England) (3/24/2011)

Wembley on 4th March 1990: I remember it was a very special end-of-tour show that was fantastic. Great fun! Barry wore every outfit (I think) from the tour! - Barbara Shears (London, England) (4/1/2011)

March 4 (London): This was the maddest last night in the UK. Barry wore his entire wardrobe of jackets from the tour! We had all the jokes from every night. The audience was yelling all the punchlines! Great laughs!! - Eileen Robinson (Sunderland, England) (7/19/2011)

First Show (Sheffield) - Jane Armitage (Sheffield, United Kingdom) (12/10/2014)

First Show (February 17, Birmingham): Favorite part of the show was when Barry sang "Some Good Things Never Last" with Debra Byrd and Dana Robbins on the saxophone, and when he let his band and backup singers join in with him. - Alison Blakemore (Burton-On-Trent, England) (2/22/2015)

[ March 4, 1990: Manilow.TV Episodes #7-#8 aired April-May 2010 ]

February 13
February 14
February 16England/Birmingham
February 17
February 19England/Sheffield
(City Hall)
February 20
February 21England/Brighton
(Brighton Centre)
February 23England/Bournemouth
February 24
February 25
February 27Scotland/Edinburgh
February 28
March 1England/Liverpool
March 2England/Blackpool
(Winter Gardens)
March 4England/London
(Wembley Arena)
April 17Japan/Osaka
(Osaka Festival Hall)
National Eolia Special - Barry Manilow On Broadway (1990 Japan Tour)

National, the sponsor, is a famous electronics company (also called Panasonic).
Eolia is the name of the Air Conditioner!
"Eolia", the song, was a big hit in Japan.
Hideki Saijo (duet partner on "In Search Of Love") attended the concert
The regular ticket price was 10,000 Japanese yen (approximately 140 yen per $1 at the time)!

Thanks to Wataru Semba (who attended all the Tokyo concerts) for the 1990 Japan Tour updates!

Highlights (April 29, NHK Hall, Tokyo): Big Fun / Sweet Heaven (I'm In Love Again) / Brooklyn Blues / Swing Street / I Am Your Child / Ships / Upfront (Barry & the Manilows) / Can't Smile Without You (with Yoko) / Mandy / It's A Miracle / I Wanna Do It With You / The One That Got Away / Looks Like We Made It / Eolia / Some Good Things Never Last (with Debra Byrd and Dana Robbins) / Do Like I Do (with Billy Kidd and Company) / If I Can Dream / You're Looking Hot Tonight / Big Fun (Reprise) / I'm Your Man

[ Manilow TV Episode #73 (April 29, 1990) aired January 2016 ]

April 18Japan/Osaka
(Queen Elizabeth 2nd, Osaka Harbor)
April 19Japan/Osaka
(Queen Elizabeth 2nd, Osaka Harbor)
April 21Japan/Nagoya
(Nagoya City Public Hall)
April 22Japan/Tokyo
(Showa University Hitomo Memorial Hall)
April 26Japan/Kobe
(Kobe International Hall)
April 28Japan/Tokyo
(NHK Hall)
April 29Japan/Tokyo
(NHK Hall)
May 11New Jersey/Atlantic City
First Show: It took me 15 years from the time I first heard "Mandy" [until I finally] saw Barry in concert. He was incredible! I've never seen a performer with so much energy. I've been a fan now for more than 30 years and will always be one. - Marge Lippincott (Gloucester, NJ) (2/17/2002)

[One of my favorite concerts] was the final show at Resorts in Atlantic City in May 1990. Barry took requests and basically sang whatever he wanted and didn't follow the song list. - Gail Sussman (Brooklyn, New York) (11/24/2011)

May 12New Jersey/Atlantic City
May 13New Jersey/Atlantic City
May 16Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)

Favorite Show (May 20):  This was the first time I had seen Barry in Las Vegas. This particular night, it was my turn to sit on the stage (thanks to my lifelong friend, Debby Barker, who I had just met four months prior to this). It was the last night of the tour and Barry was in rare form. I remember a shoe flying my way and kept thinking I didn't care what fell off as long as it was from Barry and coming my way. A couple of nights he came in through the audience!  Thanks, Barry, for all the shows. I've lost count between 1975 and the present, but can't wait to see you again. - Sherri Novak (Huntley, IL) (10/24/99)

May 19 (Late Show): This was a very special night for me because it was the night I got to stand side-by-side with Barry. Oh, what a thrill that was! I've never forgotten it. - Linda Suozzo (Fishkill, NY) (4/15/2009, 5/16/2009)

I was able to get close seats next to the stage [with] my friends Gigi and Barb. It was the first trip with Gigi. I was almost able to shake hands with Barry as he came on stage! Also, I almost met some of Barry's band members while waiting for our airplane to L.A. This concert/trip was the best vacation I ever had and will always remember! - Donna Taylor (Ironton, Missouri) (12/6/2011, 6/17/2015)

I really did feel that Barry was singing just to me. He puts into music what I feel in my heart. - Barbara Brothers (Long Beach, California) (9/9/2013)

May 18 (Early Show): I'm Your Man / I Wanna Do It With You / The One That Got Away /
All The Time / Memory / Upfront / Can't Smile Without You / Looks Like We Made It / Eolia
/ In Another World (Duet with Debra Byrd) / If You Remember Me / Do Like I Do / The Best Seat In The House / I Write The Songs / If I Can Dream (Tribute to the Great Elvis)

May 19 (Early Show): A Night To Remember (Barry and his cast) / Big Fun / Sweet Heaven (I'm In Love Again) + Encore / Brooklyn Blues / I Am Your Child / Ships / Upfront / Can't Smile Without You (out in the audience with five individual attendees) / The One That Got Away / Some Good Things Never Last (Duet with Debra Byrd) / If You Remember Me / Keep Each Other Warm / Do Like I Do / If I Should Love Again / Who Needs To Dream /
Gonzo Hits Medley

May 20 (last show of tour): Sweet Life/It's A Long Way Up / Big Fun / Sweet Heaven (I'm In Love Again) / I Wanna Do It With You / Can't Smile Without You / The One That Got Away / Eolia (Lucky Strike Extra!) / (by request) If I Should Love Again / Who Needs To Dream / Some Good Things Never Last (with Debra Byrd) / Do Like I Do / Gonzo Hits Medley /
When The Good Times Come Again / Big Fun (Reprise)

May 17-ENevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
May 17-LNevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
May 18-ENevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
May 18-LNevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
May 19-ENevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
May 19-LNevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
May 20Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)

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