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March 2 New York/New York
(Radio City Music Hall)
Seeing Barry in concert (March 6) was a birthday gift from my husband and daughter...I grew up in the same neighborhood [as Barry] in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. That's part of the reason I feel so close to him - Patricia Riccio (Thanks for sharing this Memory!)

Best Show:  I was on a college study tour and found out on our first night in the Big Apple, Barry was playing. I paid half each for two friends' tickets and we all three went. It was great seeing Barry in NYC. It was fate that we were all there at the same time. - Kimberly Berry-Schmidt (4/15/97)

First/Favorite Show (March 7):  It was awesome...I have been a major Manilow fan for years but had never been able to attend a concert. It was my first trip to NY (business) and [it happened to] coincide with Barry's week of shows at RCMH. I spent several hours hanging out at the stage door entrance, visiting with other fans and hoping to catch a glimpse of Barry...not only did I see him, but I was the first to spot him jumping out of a cab (the limo never showed up!), and I got an autograph and photo!! The evening was already magical and the concert hadn't even begun. I sat by a Mega-Manilow fan from Virginia and we had a good visit before the concert (Manilow fans are great people!). The concert was more than I ever expected! I loved each and every second of it and couldn't believe that the time went by so fast! I saw Barry again in San Antonio and Houston (August 1993) and have seen him every time he has been in Houston since!! - Carla O. Percy (Baytown, TX) (7/28/98, 2/17/2002)

First and Favorite Show:  Barry is the greatest performer I have ever seen!  I hope I can sing with him one day on stage!! - Robin Wolff (New York City, NY) (8/3/99)

Favorite Show (March 4): My favorite concert was incredible because of Barry and the fact that I was there with my wife who was pregnant with our first child. - John Landis (Mamaroneck, NY) (1/17/2000)

First/Favorite Show:  I have been to two of Barry's concerts, both full of electricity. The enjoyment of his personal endeavor to entertain hundreds of people always outweighs the captive audience. - Madeline Bonasera (Madison, NJ) (2/17/2000)

Favorite Show - Jo Anne Baruch (Long Island, NY) (6/5/2000)

March 5: The setting as well as Barry just being in his element in NYC. He did "One Voice" at the end with a choir of kids on the side balconies and it was absolutely amazing. The emotions I felt were indescribable. - Penny Loretto (Queensbury, NY) (9/27/2007)

[What I liked about the show was] the acoustics and also its being in New York is always so exciting. I wrote a note to Barry and he actually answered it! I consider myself a MANILOONIE, meaning a true fan since the 70's. As long as he is perfoming I will be listening. Thanks for the music, Barry! - Rose Basta (Carlsbad, CA) (6/17/2009)

First Show (March 3): Barry is the BEST! I'm proud to be a fanilow! - Deborah Trotter (Archbald, PA) (4/7/2010)

Out of 65 concerts that I have attended in my lifetime it's hard to pick just one concert that really sticks out (they're all favorites as far as I'm concerned!) but the one that stands out the most is this one. This was the first time I had ever been to Radio City Music Hall and I couldn't have picked a better occasion. I was with my mom, my stepfather John and my high school sweetheart, Cheryl. It was an amazing show with Barry performing just about All of my favorite songs. It was also the first time I was within the first 10 rows. When Barry sang "Weekend In New England" I had attempted to propose to my girlfriend but somehow I botched it up. My how times have changed. We broke up a year later, she married, my stepfather passed away due to cancer so now it's just me and mom. But I will always remember that night like it was yesterday. Thank you, Barry, for the past 65 shows I saw and here's hoping I get to see many, MANY more. - Dino Santonastaso (Bayonne, NJ) (3/8/2011)

March 2: I love every Barry concert I have been to, but this is the one that I sang "Can't Smile Without You" with him! I will never ever forget this, as I couldn't believe how blue his eyes were and how I stood between his legs while he sat on the piano without missing a word. Then when he picked me up and carried me when we were done, and hugged and kissed me goodbye priceless. Thank you, Barry, for all the wonderful concerts and memories. But this one remains in my mind and heart forever. - Robyn Jacobs (Staten Island, New York) (1/27/2016)

March 3
March 4
March 5
March 6
March 7
March 16 Nevada/Las Vegas
(Desert Inn)
Highlights (March 18): Ready To Take A Chance Again / Daybreak / The Old Songs / This One's For You/Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again / Can't Smile Without You / If Tomorrow Never Comes / Even Now / It's A Miracle (Supreme-ilows, Pip-ilows)/It's A Miracle (Reprise) / Weekend In New England / Deja Vu/I'll Never Love This Way Again (with Debra Byrd) / Copacabana (At The Copa) / Beautiful Music / I Am Your Child / Mandy / I Write The Songs

[ Manilow TV/Archives Episode #68 aired June 2015 ]

March 17 Nevada/Las Vegas
(Desert Inn)
March 18 Nevada/Las Vegas
(Desert Inn)
March 19 Nevada/Las Vegas
(Desert Inn)
March 20-E Nevada/Las Vegas
(Desert Inn)
March 20-L Nevada/Las Vegas
(Desert Inn)
March 21 Nevada/Las Vegas
(Desert Inn)
March 24 England/Birmingham
(Thanks to Lucy Waters for the U.K. tour updates - 4/10/98)

Best Show (March 24): My sister died VERY suddenly on 12th March 1993, aged just 23. I had booked to see Barry's show months in advance, with a friend. I'd seen many shows before and was a fan since 1980. We played Barry's song "Let Me Be Your Wings" at her funeral (She was a fan too!). "Heaven isn't too far - Heaven is where you are!" I had no intentions of going to this concert at all. My dad took my friend's ticket - he physically put me, in tears, into the car and took me to the concert. He sat with me (he was not a fan at the time) and we both just held hands and cried during the whole show (The people next to us must have thought we were MAD!). By the time Barry sang "Even Now," I was almost hysterical. God only knows how we got through that concert. I think Barry brought me and my dad much closer, and also helped me to cope with Julie's death much better than I ever would have done without him. - Mandy Mangham (Leeds, England) (8/4/2000)

We liked EVERYTHING from start to finish. Barry delighted us when he brought many of his 'Old Songs' out of the closet to give them a good airing. Fantastic show from which memories will stay with us forever. - Julie and Marg Lawrence (Leicestershire, England) (8/11/2000)

Favorite Show (March 25): As a German people it was very interesting to see him from another view. The U.K. concerts are more enthusiastics as the Germans. But anywhere he appears, he takes the audience in just a few seconds. Hope to see him soon back in Hamburg. Greetings to all! - Norbert (Nobby) Dethloff (Hamburg, Germany) (11/2/2000)

First Show - Patricia Nicholas (Ellesmere Port, UK) (7/25/2003)

First Show - Morag Burford (Worcs, UK) (5/15/2009)

March 25
March 27 England/London
(Royal Albert Hall)
Favorite Show (April 1) - Phil Wright (3/31/98)

Favorite Show: Barry was sooo loose and the crowd is fabulous in England...I could carry on as I felt without feeling conspicuous! Plus it was the first time I saw the new version of "Could It Be Magic", which I will die if I don't see again. I can't wait until the next tour! It has been way too long since I've seen The Man! - Laura Ballard (Appleton, WI) (3/11/99)

I had seats on level with the side of the stage (second row end)!!  What do you do when The Man comes walking toward you as he starts to sing the first few bars of "I Wanna Do It With You", then steps over the little barrier at the edge of the stage, holds his hand out to you and starts to dance??  Yes, you got it!  You just break out into a sweat, gasp a little, take hold of his outstretched hand, and dance along with him, right??  Yes. This really happened!  Then he lets go of my hand and I think he is going back onto the stage, but NO, he put his arms around me and continued to dance for another verse of the song. This must be what is known as Manilow Heaven!  This all happened the same night I said to my friend before the concert, "Take my photo with this poster of Barry as it's the closest I'll ever get to him."  How wrong could I be?? - Hazel Bell (Workington, Cumbria, England) (6/1/99)

Favorite Show (April 2):  I was almost picked to sing (with Barry)!  Closest ever (or think I will ever)!  It was a woman next to me!!  I liked that fact as I was on the 12th row from the front. We went right up close to the stage at the end of the show and Barry sang "Old Friend" - something most of us are now!! - Carol Ryan (Birmingham, England) (2/27/2000)

Highlights (March 27-April 4): Ready To Take A Chance Again / Daybreak / The Old Songs / This One's For You / Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again / I Don't Want To Walk Without You / Send In The Clowns / Looks Like We Made It / It's A Miracle (Diana Ross and the Supremilows, Gladys Knight and the Pipilows, Barry Manilow & Lady Flash) / If Tomorrow Never Comes / Even Now / Can't Smile Without You / I Made It Through The Rain / I Wanna Do It With You / Travelling Medley (A Little Travelling Music Please, New York City Rhythm, Avenue C, Jumpin' At The Woodside, Bandstand Boogie) / Weekend In New England / Deja Vu / I'll Never Love This Way Again (Debra Byrd) / Some Kind Of Friend / When October Goes / You'll Never Walk Alone (with Cilla Black) / Mandy/Could It Be Magic / I Write The Songs / One Voice / Keep Each Other Warm

[ Manilow TV Episode #131 aired November 2020 ]

March 28
March 29
March 30
April 1
April 2
April 3
April 4
April 6 England/Bournemouth
(Thanks for the updates, Lucy! - 4/10/98)

First/Favorite Show (April 11):  Though my friends think I`m sad, I`m crazy about Barry`s music.  "Mandy" still brings tears to my eyes. I was gripped from start to finish, every hit reminded me of a special moment in my life... oh how I`d love to meet the man one day!  I`ve seen Barry many times since, but nothing compares to my first Barry moment in Manchester. My friends still can`t understand my love of Barry, but they are the ones who have missed out, not me. - Martin Mansell (Bolton, UK) (10/24/99)

First/Favorite Show (April 14):  The atmosphere was brilliant! - Carolyn Boyle (Glasgow, Scotland) (12/15/99)

First Show (April 14) - Avril Ross (Northeast England) (8/3/2000)

April 7 (Bournemouth): My favourite show mainly because it was the first front row seat my friend Sue and I have ever had and Barry was touching distance away! I also took one of my favourite photographs that night of Barry singing "I Wanna Do It With You" and I had it signed by Barry at the Copacabana signing at HMV in Oxford Street in June 1994! - Debbie Latchem (Bristol, England) (7/15/2004)

April 8 (Bournemouth): Barry sang "Fools Get Lucky," one of my favorite songs. Also "Lonely Together" and "Why Don't We Live Together." But apart from those fantastic songs, I was sitting at the front and had eye contact a lot during the show. I'm always knocked out by Barry at every show I go to but this one was something else, so much so that I couldn't speak for an hour after the show had finished! - Christine Smith (Solihull, England) (2/11/2001, 7/22/2004)

April 8 (Bournemouth): Barry surprised us by singing two album tracks that we normally don't get to hear him sing live. The songs were "Fools Get Lucky" and "Lonely Together," and just to make it extra special, I was in the 2nd row, right in front of Barry when he sat on the stage to sing "Lonely Together." For me, that was a special show but Barry is a master at incorporating surprises and special moments into his concerts. - Marilyn Soper (Poole, Dorset, UK) (6/24/2006)

April 16: This is the second time I've seen Barry live (first time was Brighton 1982). Went with my sister-in-law. This is a comparatively small venue in the UK and only an hour's drive for us! It was intimate, and fantastic. I was blown away again! Barry never fails to move you with his music. The show was superb. Please come back to Exeter again, Barry!! - Sarah Hopkins (Plymouth, Devon, UK) (12/3/2006)

In 1993 at Manchester I was wearing a waistcoat that I'd made based on one Barry wore. That night when he was looking for someone to sing "Can't Smile Without You," he looked right at me. I felt nervous and rather weak in the knees and my friend reckoned it was what I was wearing that drew his attention as that was the whole point, but I didn't get picked to sing. - Alison Bird (Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, Scotland) (7/24/2009)

Favorite Show (April 12, Manchester Apollo): Oh, what form Barry was in! The first time he did his uptempo "Could it be Magic" with Billy Kidd. I am so glad they produced a video with it. It means the memory lives on forever! - Linda Powell (of England) (7/13/2012)

April 7
April 8
April 10 England/Manchester
(Manchester Apollo)
April 11
April 12
April 14 Scotland/Glasgow
(Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre)
April 16 Exeter
(West Point)
April 17 England/London
(Wembley Arena)
The concert filmed on Saturday, April 17, 1993, is available on video ("The Greatest Hits...and then some")

Show Memory: I had third row, and Barry sat down on the stage and sang a lovely song called "The Best Of Me". The BBC was there airing the show which made it really special. - Linda Janise Horner (8/29/97)

First and Favorite Show:  I had been following Barry's music since the beginning, but this concert was something else!  It took my breath away!!  First time seeing up-tempo "Could It Be Magic"!!  Meeting lots of new friends, most of which I still keep in contact with. That night changed my life! - Sue Wightman (of England) (7/15/99)

April 17: I liked this concert because the atmosphere that night was electric. Barry, when he came on stage, was full of beans and was raring to go. His voice was perfection as always and he seemed to sap up all the love and affection that was flowing his way and gave back as good as he got. Also the BBC was filming it for the TV and Video. - Jo Doyle (Essex, England) (10/19/2002)

Wembley has to be my favourite, travelling to London with friends, having so much fun to the build up of the concert and "Could it be Magic" (yup, sure was!). Barry showed he was better than Take That and the atmosphere that night was very special. Thanks for those memories, Barry. God Bless. - Alison Bird (Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, Scotland) (7/24/2009)

June 17 California/San Diego
(Summer Pops Bowl)
Favorite Show (June 17):  Barry's birthday in San Diego!  It was just magic!! - Harriet Kaufman (3/13/98)

It was an outdoor concert with a beautiful view of San Diego Harbor.  I had really good seats and Barry never sounded better.  He's been my all-time favorite singer since I first heard him on the radio in 1978 (I was in Junior High!) - Bessie Sullivan (6/27/98)

June 17: It was the first night of the Greatest Hits Tour in San Diego and also Barry's birthday. When he came out on stage we all stood up and sang "Happy Birthday" to him. - Ivan Anker (Virginia Beach, VA) (9/15/2000)

June 17: It was Barry's birthday and it was at an open air venue on the water. It was my first Barry concert and I had been a fan since I was 8 or 9. Still my favorite concert of all time! - Kristine Duke (San Diego, California) (4/20/2012)

First Show (June 18): Summer Pops Concert on the green. I was 15 rows back and Barry was wearing a gorgeous purple jacket! - Jill Watkins (Denver, Colorado) (8/23/2013)

June 18
June 19 California/Anaheim
(Anaheim Arena "The Pond")
Highlights: Ready To Take A Chance Again / Daybreak / The Old Songs / Medley (This One's For You / Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again) / Can't Smile Without You / If Tomorrow Never Comes / I Am Your Child / Ships / It's A Miracle / Medley (New York City Rhythm / Avenue C / Jumpin' At The Woodside / Bandstand Boogie) / Weekend In New England ... and more!
June 21 Nevada/Las Vegas
(Desert Inn)
June 22 Nevada/Las Vegas
(Desert Inn)
June 23 Nevada/Las Vegas
(Desert Inn)
June 24 Nevada/Las Vegas
(Desert Inn)
June 25-E Nevada/Las Vegas
(Desert Inn)
June 25-L Nevada/Las Vegas
(Desert Inn)
June 27 Arizona/Phoenix
(Desert Sky Amphitheatre)
First/Favorite Show - Teirnee Childers (Tucson, AZ) (10/10/2002)
June 30 Missouri/St. Louis
(Riverport Amphitheatre)
July 2 Missouri/Kansas City
(Sandstone Amphitheatre)
It was the first time I had seen Barry perform at an outside venue. After the Showstoppers tour (which I got to see in Kansas City also, and was brilliant), he had returned to his regular [concert] style. The weather, the electricity of the crowd, and Barry's incredible performance made this show stand out for me. - Jim Monroe (of Iowa) (4/17/2009)
July 3 Indiana/Indianapolis
(Deer Creek Music Center)
Favorite Show:  My wife and I got engaged at this concert, unexpectedly!  I was going to [propose] later that night, but the conversation moved in such a way that I had the perfect open door!  Then the concert... "Greatest Hits"... Ah, totally romantic paradise. It rained and we were on the lawn but didn't care a bit. The concert sounded great, but I didn't see much because my attention was focused elsewhere..... - Jack Brown (Tulsa, OK) (7/19/99)

I liked getting to see Barry. We could only afford lawn seats so I was glad that there were big screens up. I loved seeing Barry down on the stage and singing his most popular songs. Unbeknownst to my husband, I was crying like always to some of Barry's music. I just wish I could meet him! I remember when I was in elementary school we had HBO and Barry had a Copacabana concert on ... now I am 42 years old! Would love to see Barry in Las Vegas! - Lisa Johnson (Gas City, IN) (7/22/2010)

July 5 Ohio/Cincinnati
July 6 Ohio/Cuyahoga Falls
(Blossom Music Center)
First Show: It was a surprise birthday gift from my husband who knew I always wanted to see Barry but never had for one reason or another. The show was fantastic, of course! It reintroduced me to Barry and I was hooked from then on. It's been a great ten years with Mr. Manilow! - Diane Frazier (Twinsburg, OH) (4/1/2003)

Barry puts on a great and entertaining show. I loved every song he sang but my favorite part was probably when he brought one of the gals in the audience on stage to sing. We could all relate! - Sonia Lee Sergent (Stow, Ohio) (9/27/2015)

July 8 Illinois/Chicago
(Poplar Creek)
I had been a fan for 15 years already but, for some unknown reason, had not seen Barry before! It was incredible to see his energy and hear his voice live...FINALLY! - Debbie (of Oswego, IL) (1/10/2009)

First Show - MariLuz Perez de Leon (Mexico City, Mexico) (9/5/2010)

July 9 Wisconsin/Milwaukee
(Marcus Amphitheatre)
First Show:  I was fortunate enough to be picked as one of the back-up chorus members. When I was a little girl I promised myself that before all is said and done, I would meet and sing on the same stage as Barry Manilow. This concert was a dream come true for me. - Terri Wedner (Milwaukee, WI) (9/28/99)
July 10 Michigan/Detroit
(Pine Knob)
Barry is a wonderful performer and quite a comedian at times. The concerts are very energetic and touching. We live a carefree life, if only for a few hours. All of Barry's concerts are great! - Roberta Humphrey (Phoenix, AZ) (7/1/2002)
July 12 Michigan/Interlochen
(Center for the Arts)
First Show:  My wedding present from my new husband! - Veronica Alexander (Lexington, KY) (4/2/2000)

It was my first summer at Interlochen and Barry was there. I really had never listened to his music before, but my parents said that I should go and see the concert. I am so glad I did! It changed my life. I loved all the songs Barry sang, but my favorite was "I Am Your Child." It was the most precious thing! After that show I made my mom buy me some Barry tapes and later on I found out that we had a ton of his records. I've been a die-hard fan ever since. I've only been to three concerts and I can't wait to see him again! - Sandy Higgins (Cuyahoga Falls, OH) (9/7/2000)

July 13 New York/Rochester
(Fingerlakes Performing Arts Center)
Loved the concert! Barry's energy, what a thrill!! Almost did not attend this one. Made up my mind at the last minute to go and sat on the lawn. So glad I did'nt break my streak of concecutive Manilow concerts! - Darlene Corio (Rochester, NY) (10/21/2002)

I just loved everything about Barry's concert. I was finally able to see him live after all these years. I enjoy a lot of singers but no one will ever measure up to Barry. He will always be #1 to me and I will love him until my dying day. I just hope and pray that the next time he comes to Finger Lakes that I will [be able to take] my daughters because they love his music too and they want to meet mommy's all-time favorite singer! - Debby Lynk (Avon, NY) (12/1/2002)

My team at work had given me two tickets for the concert. My 4-year-old daughter wanted to go with me. At this favorate concert spot in western New York, there is the choice of sitting under the arena roof or sitting up on the hill, either place is excellent. My daughter was so excited about seeing Barry in person and could hardly wait for him to come on stage. She sang the songs with him and cheered and applauded. At one point during the show Barry sang "I Am Your Child." When Barry sang the part "...I am your hope, I am your child," my little girl climbed on my lap facing me and said "I AM your Hope, I AM your Child." As you may or may not have guessed my daughter's name is HOPE. I cried and she hugged me very tight. Today she is 22-years old and remembers this and "I AM Your Child" is one of her favorite Barry Manilow songs. Thank you, Barry, for all of the songs, for all of the memories. Hope and I love you very much! - Donna Ross-Borden (Nunda, NY) (11/7/2010)

My new husband graciously agreed to attend the Barry Manilow concert we learned was playing when we arrived at Canadaigua Lake from Weare, New Hampshire, for our honeymoon. I don't even think I had to beg very much! He knew what a fan I was of Barry Manilow! And if he didn't recall it at that moment, I'm sure my jumping up and down brought it back quickly! The concert was like a dream come true and the outdoor setting was so wonderful, it seemed like Barry was singing just for me! It was unlike any other concert I had been to. I was mesmerized by the beauty and quality of Barry's voice so much louder and clearer than I had ever heard it from my old, worn cassettes and the radio! Something I'll never forget! Thanks for sharing your gift! - Maggie Vossler (from Upstate New York) (10/2/2012)

July 14 Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh
(Star Lake Amphitheatre)
First Show - Becky Melotti (3/14/98)

First Show - Judy Bummer (Pittsburgh, PA) (8/8/2002)

First Show - Paula Garlick (Belle Vernon, PA) (7/14/2009)

July 16 Massachusetts/Boston
(Great Woods Performing Arts Center)
This HAS to be one of my most memorable concerts due to the fact that I postponed sight-threatening detached retina surgery so that I could attend the concert. My surgeon was furious, but I was NOT giving up my 10th row seat for anything! "I Made It Through The Rain" has since taken on a whole new meaning! - Gail Cormier (Boston, MA) (5/15/2000)

First Show - Melissa (of Brockton, MA) (6/5/2000)

I had never seen Barry in concert before, only on TV. When I saw Barry Live in concert, it was the greatest experience of my life! I was sitting in the first row when Barry came out on stage. When Barry came out on stage it was such an electrifying experience that I will never forget. Barry stood right in front of me and started singing, "Somewhere In The Night." I cannot explain it but Barry has such an inspiring way about him. Will always remember that forever. - Mary Franklin (of Southern California) (6/17/2010, 9/5/2010)

July 17 Pennsylvania/
(Mann Amphitheatre)
First Show - Geoff Thompson (Las Vegas, NV) (6/24/2004)

We were seated in the very back row of the first set of seats. Immediately behind us was some of the technical components set up for the show. Before the show began, a gentleman came up to us and asked if we would mind moving our seats so that they would have more room for their equipment. Much to our surprise and delight, they offered us two tickets in the "pit." Of course, we said "Yes!" We were in the first row. Wow! Never had front row tickets at any concert event and seeing Barry up close was a night we will never forget! What I've liked about every concert I've attended is that I always walk away feeling like I got MORE than my money's worth. Barry's voice, his incredible music-arranging abilities, and his team ALWAYS put on such a great show that by the time it is ending, everyone is on their feet... ALL the time! - Cindy Garcia (of Florida) (2/20/2012)

July 18 New York/Saratoga
(Performing Arts Center)
Front row tickets to see the Man up close and personal.  Also gave Barry flowers. - Rose Russo (3/6/98)

Favorite Show: I love Barry's concerts. He is a fabulous entertainer and wonderful showman. His shows are fantastic! - Lisa LaClair (New Haven, NY) (3/20/99)

July 24 Maryland/Columbia
(Merriweather Post Pavilion)
Have been to every Barry Manilow concert at Merriweather.  My husband has kindly, but willingly, taken me to each one and this time we went with a friend who was as big a fan as I, but her husband was not - definitely not.  However, he was so impressed with Barry and the show that he came away a convert.  Every concert I've attended has been impressive and a memory! - Lynn Becker (2/19/98)

First Show - Chris Adams (Elkader, IA) (10/28/99)

It was the best selection of all his hits and the best performance [at the time]. I have been to many shows since that one. I was right up front by the piano and could see his eyes and how intense he was when he sang. I sat up front before at a show in Buffalo (October 30, 1982), but the show at Merriweather was fantastic. - Patty Knecht Buck (Cockeysville, MD) (1/5/2001)

First Show - Shelley Geiman (Manchester, Maryland) (7/3/2002)

I've loved him since I was 14, the first time I saw him on American Bandstand singing "Mandy." A girlfiend and I had lawn seats at this show. Barry was singing "Weekend in New England" and you know how he'll hold a note so long you wonder how he does it? When he sang the line, "When will I hold you" and held that note so long until he finally released it and sang "again", my friend just melted and went sliding out of her little sand chair that she was sitting in and slid down the hill. Yes, she just melted! That's the kind of effect Barry has!! - Donna Gladwell (Hopewell, VA) (10/1/2009)

I have seen Barry in the Baltimore/Washington DC area. His shows are ALWAYS wonderful! I was 25 years old, expecting my first child. It was time for a "Can't Smile Without You" duet with Barry. I had purchased season tickets for the venue specifically for the 10th row Barry Manilow seats. I wore a bold, black and white polka dot maternity shirt that I KNEW Barry would notice. When our eyes met, I panicked. Barry pointed me out. I froze in complete star-struck foolishness; my legs would not work. AND I SAT BACK DOWN... I have regretted it ever since. "Even Now, I still remember, and the feeling's still the same..." [But] I will be driving from our home in Frederick, Maryland up to Brooklyn (June 17, 2015) and "I Am Ready To Take A Chance Again!" Mr. Barry Manilow: I would love to meet you and to wish you a Happy Birthday! Your Beautiful Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember! - Beth Lemen (Frederick, Maryland) (6/13/2015)

July 25 New York/Long Island
(Jones Beach Amphitheatre)
July 26 New Jersey/Holmdel
(Garden State Arts Center)
Best Show: When I was 16, I wanted to go and get tickets (to see Barry), but my mother couldn't. I missed the show and spent the night crying... Fifteen years later, [Barry] came back and I had a chance to see him. I was able to get a ticket from people at work who were the place where I couldn't see him before, singing all the hits he would have been doing back then. It was a good feeling! - Eileen Layton (5/11/97)

What I enjoyed about this concert that makes it stand out for me was my 12th row seat. You see, each time that I have seen Barry Manilow in concert what strikes me is the passion that he puts into every song that he performs. He performs each number as if he is performing a brand new song that his audience is hearing for the first time. There is no half-assing it from Mr. Manilow! - Kevin Michelson (Toms River, NJ) (1/2/2010)

July 27
July 29 North Carolina/Raleigh
(Walnut Creek Amphitheatre)
First Show - Peggy (of Wilmington, NC) (6/26/99)

I've been waiting all my life to see Barry, ever since I was a little girl back in the Philippines. I love all his music and I can sing each [song]. I have his records, tapes and CDs. He's really great! - Gigi (of Clayton, NC) (12/18/2001)

First Show - Hannah Mauss (Frederick, MD) (3/23/2002)

My husband retired from the U.S. Army in 1986 and we settled in Greensboro, NC. I remember my daughter called one day to say Barry would be appearing in Raleigh, NC (Walnut Creek Amphitheatre) on July 29, 1993. She asked if I'd like to go. My response was an immediate "of course, definitely!" We had a wonderful evening. He even sang my daughter's favorite Barry song, "I Made it Through the Rain." - Pat Darnall (Greensboro, NC) (3/28/2008)

Karen Walton (Raleigh, North Carolina) (6/7/2015)

July 30 Georgia/Atlanta
(Lakewood Amphitheatre)
Barry allows his BMIFC members to have good close seats. My wife (Mandy) and I sat about seven rows back. Manilow does quality music, not the junk that passes for music from some of the artists these days. Barry, John Denver, and Linda Ronstadt were always my favorite pop music talents and still are. That night, Barry was at his best and we had a great time. It's ironic that I REALLY loved the song "Mandy", and fantasized about having a love like that, and just one year later actually found my "Mandy"! We can't wait until he comes back to Georgia. - Russell Childers (Flowery Branch, GA) (7/30/2000, 7/23/2001, 4/10/2003)

My sister and I sat 3rd row from the stage; the piano was directly in front of us. Need I say more?!! Seriously, that was the first time I'd heard the dance version of "Could It Be Magic" and I loved it!! Billy Kidd was awesome too. Heard all my 'fave' tunes and a few new ones as well. Overall a FANTASTIC show!! - Lisa Leix (Atlanta, GA) (12/31/2000)

First Show - Traci Butler (Jacksonville, FL) (4/20/2002)

July 31 Alabama/Birmingham
(Oak Mountain Amphitheatre)
First Show Memory:  I had been a huge fan of Barry's since I was 12 years old. I gave up my 10 year class reunion to go to his concert because they were on the same night. I had waited 16 years to see Barry live and it was worth the wait. When he took the stage and started singing all of my all-time favorites, it was truly a magical night. I've been through a lot in my life and Barry's helped me through the rough spots with his music. "I Made It Through The Rain" has become my personal theme song. Thanks Barry for making such wonderful songs that soothe the soul!! - Kathy Bryant (Ohatchee, AL) (11/17/98)

I have been a fan of Barry's since I was 8 years old. I bought my first album, "Even Now," with my birthday money when I was 9 years old. I love everything he does. I only wish I could see him more. His high energy is incredible!! - Tania Holland (Sylacauga, AL) (3/1/2005)

First Show: I loved the concert. I have been a Barry fan since I was 10 years old. I will be 40 in August! - Carmi Lively (of Alabama) (2/3/2006)

First Show - Robert Baird (Tuscaloosa, Alabama) (6/21/2012)

The show that I saw in Birmingham was the best show I have ever seen in my life. The energy Barry put into his show was amazing. I have talked about that show ever since and no show has topped it. Thank you for sharing your talents with us! - Paula Gipson (Huntsville, Alabama) (7/26/2012)

August 2 North Carolina/Charlotte
(Blockbuster Pavilion)
First Show:  I was 19 years old, and with my mom.  When Barry stepped up on the podium behind the curtain and the music began to play, it was magic and tears started to flow!  I felt like one of those Beatles fans I've seen in old news clips, screaming and crying like maniacs.  Here I was doing the very same thing!  But what I loved most was that all the fans around me completely understood, and started passing me kleenex!  Manilow fans are great people! - Regina Pettit (4/18/97)

First Show:  I had always loved "Mandy" but never really followed Barry...until that night.  It was an early birthday present from my husband.  He could not have given me anything more special.  Barry was wonderful and I just sat back and listened to every word, watched every move, cried many tears.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to attend any other concerts.  But what Barry gave me that night will always be with me.  He gave me and every other fan everything he had.  Thank you Barry...and we love you. - Janet VanDagna (3/31/98)

First Show - Josh Chambless (Greensboro, NC) (10/5/98)

I have loved Barry since I was 12. I saw him in Charlotte for the first time. It was the Greatest Hits Tour. - Lori (of Charlotte, NC) (10/4/2000)

First Show: I was blown away by Barry's performance and singing. I was up close to the stage. I've always been a major Manilow fan and when I was a teenager, when everyone else had Scott Baio on their walls, I had Barry Manilow! His songs and music are incredible, [not] something you listen to that just goes in and out of style. His music is truly timeless and I never tire of listening to any of it. I have already worn out one Box Set and had to replace it as I listened to it so much. The concerts are definitely the icing on the cake. If I ever get a chance to see him again, I will definitely be standing in line for tickets! - Teresa Stillwell (Hickory, NC) (10/5/2001

August 3 Tennessee/Nashville
(Starwood Amphitheatre)
First/Favorite Show:  My friend and I got lawn tickets, and got there early to get a good spot. As darkness fell and Barry came on stage, I'll never forget the feeling as the music started -- I knew that hearing just one song was worth more than the price of admission! Finally seeing him live after being a fan for more than 20 years was truly incredible! - Diane Morton (Nashville, TN) (12/28/98)

First Show - Angie Logsdon (Nashville, TN) (1/26/2001)

August 4 Tennessee/Memphis
(Mud Island Amphitheatre)
First Show - Patricia Michelle Greer (Fulton, KY) (2/5/2001)

This was the biggest night that I have ever had with one special female in my life. She has to be one of the biggest fans of Barry Manilow of all time and the one thing she always wanted to do in life was see him in concert. The look on her face when I gave her the tickets to the concert was priceless. The night was beautiful and the mood of the whole evening could not have been better... We have since moved on in other directions in life but I will never forget that evening in Memphis, Tennessee, for the rest of my life. Thanks for the music Barry! - Tim (of Arkansas) (5/19/2001)

I had the opportunity to see Barry at Mud Island. Barry crested the risers on the set and opened with "Ready To Take A Chance Again." I'm a huge fan. Barry's artistry has clearly impacted my own sense of musicianship (My nieces, when they were little and heard a Barry song on the radio, would scream, "Uncle John!"). I am also in awe of Barry's continued charitable works, especially his recent gift of instruments to the city of Joplin, Missouri. Barry Rocks! - John Rainwater (Memphis, Tennessee) (10/28/2011)

August 6 Texas/Dallas
(Starplex Amphitheatre)
The Starplex is an outdoor theater. If you've never been in Texas in August don't ever plan on coming. It's majorly HOT! But my best friend and I were determined to brave the heat and see Barry. A freak cold front blew through about two hours before concert time lowering the temperature a good 25-30 degrees. It was pure bliss! We sang and laughed and had the best time. I can always find a Barry song to fit my every mood. I can't wait to see him in person again. Thanks for all the wonderful music and memories, Barry! - Kassy Paris (Kilgore, TX) (11/30/98)

Barry Manilow was indeed "The Showman of Our Generation" that evening. He sang just about all of his greatest hits, plus a few surprises. Out of all the shows and tours I've seen, this particular one was my favorite. - Kinney Robinson (Gatesville, TX) (5/6/99)

First Show - Phil Williams (Fort Worth, TX) (3/2/2002)

First Show - Melanie (of Dallas, Texas) (2/12/2016)

August 7 Texas/San Antonio
(Sea World)
First Show - Roberto Garza (Monterrey, M�xico) (9/18/98)

First Show: I saw Barry for the first time when I was only 12 years old. It was definately love at first sight. - Michelle L. Byrge (San Antonio, TX) (2/3/2004)

This was a present for my 20th birthday. Seeing Barry in concert was a life-long dream and finally he was here in Texas. I had NO IDEA he picked a "Can't Smile Without You" partner, and at this concert he picked me! The memories I made at all of his concerts will be in my heart forever. Please come to Texas soon, Barry. I miss you. Thanks for putting up with a little girl who almost broke your back because she hugged you so tightly. Thanks for always making me feel special at each show thereafter. You are a true gem! All my love, Monika Johnson Bell (San Antonio, TX) (7/16/2010)

August 8 Texas/Houston
"It was HOT!! (Weather AND Barry!). He's been my favorite for as long as I can remember; I was so overwhelmed at seeing him for the first time that silent tears ran down my face ... I went back two years later to see him. I'm still waiting to go again - in the Houston area - I'll be there!" - Debbie Gowriluk (2/14/97)
August 11 California/Paso Robles
(Mid-State Fair)
First Show Memory:  My boyfriend (who wasn't a fan) took me and endured the concert...he even knew some of the words. It was cool and windy but the music kept me warm...Thank you Brian (and BARRY!) for a very memorable evening. - Stephanie Lever (6/12/98)

I have been with Barry since the beginning. But for various reasons was never in the right place to see a concert. So of course this will always live in my heart as my favorite.Just being there with him in person put much joy in my heart.A day does not go by the Barry isn't singing to me.He keeps me going through good times and bad. - Nancy Trudgeon (of Los Angeles, Michigan, Canada and more!) (4/27/2012)

August 12 Nevada/Lake Tahoe
(Caesars Tahoe)
My brother-in-law gave me tickets as a wedding present. The show was unforgettable. Barry (as usual) was awesome!! - Carolyn Fabricant (San Mateo, CA) (6/29/2000)
August 13 Nevada/Lake Tahoe
(Caesars Tahoe)
August 14 Nevada/Lake Tahoe
(Caesars Tahoe)
August 15 Nevada/Lake Tahoe
(Caesars Tahoe)
August 21 Washington/George
(The Gorge Amphitheatre)
First Show - Debbie Maxson (Spokane, WA) (9/18/99)

My husband and I drove to what seemed like the middle of nowhere for this concert. It was a gorgeous day and the back of the stage overlooked a sweeping view of mountains. The venue is in the middle of a wine orchard. Barry commented how stunning it was. Billy Kidd and Barry were quite a pair. Lots of energy. I truly believe it is one of the most beautiful venues Barry has ever played. - Linda (of Seattle, WA) (1/14/2007)

August 22 Oregon/Salem
(L.B. Day Amphitheatre)
Favorite Show: This was in a small site, holds about 7,000 people. We had seats in the center, 6 rows back. What a show! There was about 4,500 to 5,000 people there, and Mr. Manilow and crew worked very hard in the 90 degree heat. Thanks, Barry, for coming to our little place. Have seen him 4 times and can't wait for him to be in Oregon again. - Mike Sim (Salem, OR) (3/31/99)

First and Favorite Show:  I have been to many concerts. Barry puts as much energy and excitement into his shows than anyone else I have seen. He also adds some of his wonderful sense of humor which makes him one of the best entertainers I have seen. This was an anniversary gift to my wife, who absolutely loves Barry and has loved his music for years. - Arnie Lowder (Turner, OR) (7/3/99)

I hadn't been able to see Barry since 1976 (yeah, I know, HOW did I survive!?), but I grabbed the chance and took my boyfriend. It was a magical evening. It was raining earlier, and it stopped just in time for Barry to start the show. A gorgeous double rainbow came out right before sunset, and Barry sang "If Tomorrow Never Comes" with the purple, pink, and orange of the sun reflecting off the fading clouds. I cried right then and there for the sheer magic of the moment and how this one man can make it all perfect. P.S. my boyfriend was hooked that day too. - Rebecca Keeney (Portland, OR) (12/26/2001)

When I found out that Barry Manilow was coming to Oregon, my friend (who is a huge fan) did not hesitate to get tickets. We drove to Salem and had the time of our lives. We had tickets to the side and at the front. The crowd loved every minute. And the occasional distant lightning made the evening even better. Every hit was played, and it is a concert I will not forget. It's been almost nine years since the concert and I remember it well. That's worth the money spent! Thanks, Barry!! - Craig Busic (Portland, OR) (5/15/2002)

My boyfriend took me to the concert. We had met just a few months earlier and he knew I loved Barry Manilow! It was a concert to remember because we found out that we were expecting a baby a few days later! We just celebrated our wedding anniversary of 11 years (September 2004) and have two beautiful sons - 10 years old and 6 years old! We had no idea at the time that our son-to-be was attending the concert with us too! - Rebecca (of Vancouver, WA) (9/27/2004)

First Show - Stacy Pacheco (Lincoln, California) (4/11/2012)

First Show - Janie Haney Stover (Lacey, Washington) (5/22/2015)

August 25 Ohio/Dayton
(Fraze Pavilion)
Favorite Show:  Stood in line overnight to purchase tickets (It was worth it for front row!). Barry waved to me and my friend twice during the show and even stopped once for me to get a quick picture. After the show we waited outside the pavillon to wave bye, his van stopped and gave us a goodbye wave I'll never forget. That was the best night of my life! Thanks Barry for the memory that will be with me forever. - Tracy Witt (Dayton, OH) (10/9/98)

First Show: I loved the fact that Barry said he had never played a neighborhood before. He sat on the side of the stage to sing a song. I was in the grassy area and could still see the stage clearly and could see Barry and his outstanding show. - Karen Dahlinghaus (Kettering, Ohio) (4/20/2012)

August 27 Illinois/Rockford
(Rockford Metro Center)
First Show - Sue Trojniar (Greensboro, NC) (9/24/2003)
August 28 Iowa/Des Moines
(Iowa State Fair)
What's not to like at a Barry concert? He goes all out for every song. I hate it when some stars save there voice for a bigger town. At the Des Moines Iowa state fairgrounds, it was a rainy night but there was a huge crowd. We had suffered much from the floods of 1993 and he sang "I Made It Through The Rain" just for us. - Joyce Brommel (Truro, IA) (5/11/99)

First and Favorite Show:  This concert was held during the year that we experienced horrible flooding here in Iowa. We had gone through 19 days of no water or sewer service in the month of July as our treatment plant flooded. We needed a ray of sunshine and we certainly got it when Barry took the stage at the State Fair. Unfortunately it rained that evening, again!  Yet, Barry and his music kept the sunshine in our hearts. Barry made a promise that he would return to Iowa soon, since we had stuck out the evening in the rain. So, "we made it through the rain...", and Barry kept his promise when he returned in April 1994 to Iowa. We here in Central Iowa are waiting for his return (again), and in the meantime, are lovin' the man and his music! - Debi Allison (Des Moines, IA) (7/18/99)

It was the best ever, Barry sang all of my favorite songs and was truly wonderful. He even dedicated the concert to "the flood of 1993 in Des Moines, Iowa." The two huge screens added a lot to the show and made it more enjoyable. Barry is the BEST!! - Jill Perry (Woodward, IA) (8/16/2003)

First Show - Suzanne Dostal (Carlisle, Iowa) (4/18/2012)

August 30 Minnesota/St. Paul
(Minnesota State Fair)
September 1 Pennsylvania/Allentown
(Allentown Fair)
Favorite Show:  I'll never forget this show in my hometown!  My family had "ordinary" seats, but we needed one extra ticket. The seat location didn't matter because it was for my mom, and she needs to sit in the accessible section anyway. But there happened to be a single seat available in the THIRD ROW. I left my husband and family in the dust and headed up front. I think I caught Barry's eye and made him smile, because I stuck out as the only fan sitting in a section of fair sponsors. Mr. Heim, the janitor at my church, used to be a stagehand at the fair, and he would tell me that if Barry ever came to the fair, he'd get me a good seat. He passed away long before Barry came to town, but I can't help but think he had something to do with my good fortune. - Heidi Cleveland (Raleigh, NC) (8/24/99)

My first concert sitting Front Row Center! My then-fiance and I attended the '93 concert in style, then got married later in the month! - John W. Baldwin (College Station, TX) (2/17/2005)

First Show - Carol Brocious (of Pennsylvania) (1/14/2011)

September 2 New York/Syracuse
(State Fair)
First Show Memory:  He rocked the house that night in Syracuse, and as always his concerts moved and inspired everyone there. - Dianne Spoto Shattuck (New York City) (9/2/98)

First Show - Debbie Calcutt (Kanata/Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) (11/11/99)

The large crowd and the excitement was what made this show special. Everyone was dancing around their chairs and a few special things happened: two couples became engaged in front of the audience! - Sue Hoyt (Binghamton, NY) (8/24/2000)

Highlights: Ready To Take A Chance Again / Daybreak / The Old Songs / This One's For You / Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again / Can't Smile Without You / If Tomorrow Never Comes / Memory / Musical Travel Log (Brooklyn Blues, New York City Rhythm, Avenue C, Jumpin' At The Woodside, Bandstand Boogie) / Weekend In New England / I Made It Through The Rain / Deja Vu / I'll Never Love This Way Again (with Debra Byrd) / Copacabana (At The Copa) / The Best Of Me (for Jim and Jennifer) / Somewhere In The Night (for Jeff Hauck and Stephanie / Could It Be Magic (ballad version/dance version) / Mandy/Could It Be Magic / I Write The Songs / It's A Miracle (reprise)

[ Manilow TV Episode #129 aired September 2020 ]

September 3 New Jersey/Atlantic City (Caesars)  
September 4 New Jersey/Atlantic City (Caesars)  
September 5 New Jersey/Atlantic City (Caesars)  
September 12 California/Devore
(Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion)
First Show - Shea Smith (Santa Clara, CA) (1/4/2000)

Highlights: Ready To Take A Chance Again / Daybreak / The Old Songs / This One's For You / Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again / Can't Smile Without You / If Tomorrow Never Comes / I Am Your Child / Travel Log Medley (Brooklyn Blues, New York City Rhythm, Avenue C, Jumpin' At The Woodside, Bandstand Boogie) / Weekend In New England / I Made It Through The Rain / Copacabana (At The Copa) / Somewhere In The Night / Deja Vu/I'll Never Love This Way Again (Debra Byrd) / Some Kind Of Friend / Somewhere Down The Road (Alternate Take) / Looks Like We Made It / Could It Be Magic (Dance Version + Encore) / Mandy / I Write The Songs / It's A Miracle

[Opening Act: Kyle Vincent]

September 17 California/Mountain View (Shoreline Amphitheatre) I scheduled my move from the midwest to CA around this concert to be there. I'm glad I did! The best concert I've ever seen! - Laura Youngblood (of California) (11/20/98)
September 18 California/Concord (Concord Pavilion) Best concert ever! Everyone was up singing and dancing. Barry was at his best. I have been to several concerts but this was the greatest. It was when Billy Kidd was with him and they did "Could It Be Magic." Wow! I still have my streamers!! - Ruby Waderich (Brooklyn, NY) (12/6/2003)

Highlights: Ready To Take A Chance Again / Daybreak / The Old Songs / This One's For You / Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again / Can't Smile Without You / If Tomorrow Never Comes / I Am Your Child / Memory / Travel Log Medley (Brooklyn Blues, New York City Rhythm, Avenue C, Jumpin' At The Woodside, Bandstand Boogie) / Weekend In New England / I Made It Through The Rain / Copacabana (At The Copa) / Somewhere In The Night / Deja Vu / I'll Never Love This Way Again (Debra Byrd) / Some Kind Of Friend / Somewhere Down The Road / Even Now / Could It Be Magic (ballad + uptempo) / Mandy/Could It Be Magic / I Write The Songs / It's A Miracle / I'm Your Man

[ Manilow TV Episode #114 aired June 2019 ]

October 25 Illinois/Moline (The Mark) First Show - Norma (of Little York, IL) (2/1/99)

This was my kid's first ever concert (technically, since she was still in her mummy's tummy at the time). I've always liked Barry Manilow, and this was a brilliant show. He's one of the best showmen I've ever seen. He really made it seem as if this was the only show on his tour. I'd see him again in a heartbeat. - Andrew Hope (Glasgow, Scotland) (8/26/2001)

October 26 Ohio/Columbus
(Palace Theatre)
I had been invited to this event in recognition of my 16 years of volunteering to run The United Way Campaign for the company I worked for at the time. I had been to probably 10 of Barry's concerts over the years by that point. My biggest surprise was yet to come. Barry invited me onstage to sing with him on "Can't Smile Without You." I was in the very back of the theatre but my friend pushed me up when he was looking and he invited me up. I whispered to him when I got onstage that I did not have a singing voice. He was so nice and provided me with a memory I have and will treasure the rest of my life. He also gave me a VCR tape of the performance and signed it. I still have it today. I am retired now from work and living in Florida where I spend full-time helping various charities. I would love to thank him in person for his music, his charity work and all he has done for so many people over the years. He has given us so much music that we can relate to and enjoy forever. Even though I will turn 60 this year, I am hoping to attend either the Ohio or Indiana concert this summer while I am north visiting our Children and Grandchildren. Thank You for the Memories, for Writing the Songs and for providing us with that One Voice that is timeless and will last forever in our hearts. - Joyce Brown (Punta Gorda, Florida) (5/27/2012)
October 27 Ohio/Toledo (John F. Savage Hall) First Show:  [What I liked most was] lots of colorful lighting and the mysterious magic of his show (Las Vegas style). The second best thing I liked was how he lets fans go up and sing with him! - Betty Brown (Marblehead, OH) (12/26/98)
October 29 Michigan/Kalamazoo (Wings Stadium)  
October 30 Ohio/Oxford
(Miami University, Millett Hall)
Favorite Show:  Barry seemed to be especially entertaining that evening. It is special to me because one of my former students treated me to the concert on "parents weekend." That was the first time I heard the upbeat version of "Could it Be Magic." I loved it! - Janet (of Ohio) (10/15/99)

First/Favorite Show:  What an incredible night!  It was Parents Weekend at Miami and this concert was the featured entertainment. My two older brothers were students at Miami at the time, and I was a freshman in high school. And so my whole family was off to see Barry Manilow. I had heard of Barry, but really didn't know who he was or anything about him. I remember it was freezing that day and it snowed about six inches. But the feeling inside the arena was full of warmth and excitement. I left that show completely hooked; I had discovered the Manilow Magic in a big way, and there was no turning back! - Alicia Phipps (Zanesville, OH) (2/22/2000)

November 6 New York/Utica (Stanley Theatre) "The show was electric and Barry was spectacular. I'll never forget it." - Pat Kowalsky

First Show:  I had such a good time. The tickets were a birthday gift from a friend of mine. My friend liked one of his many songs ("Mandy") and he took me to see the show and "suffered" through it like a trouper! - Diane Thedford (Lubbock, TX) (10/8/98)

My wife and I were in the back row of the lower section when "Can't Smile Without You" started (We had been to the New York State Fair in September; Barry chose a girl one row up and four seats over from us and we figured that would be as close as we would get). Well, Barry started searching the audience at Utica and when he strained his neck to look down the aisle, I knew he was looking at my wife. She went up and sang her heart out and showed no nerves. She later told me that the only thing on her mind was at the end we would ge the signed video and that is all she wanted, his signature for me. Thanks Lovey!! - Brad Moody (Rochester, NY) (6/28/2003)

I was in seat number one! - Amy (of New York) (6/4/2012)

November 7 New York/Poughkeepsie (Mid-Hudson Civic Center) Favorite Show:  Having Barry appear in my hometown was too exciting for words. As president of the local fan club I felt personally responsible for the audience's response and therefore came equipped with signs to help cue the crowd. Needless to say, the atmosphere was electric, as was Barry's performance. The signs were hardly necessary. Poughkeepsie loved Barry as much as I did! - Michele Brettholtz (Poughkeepsie, NY) (7/20/99)

Favorite Show - Mary Ann Fabrizio (Fishkill, NY) (7/21/99)

November 14 Kentucky/Louisville (Louisville Gardens)  
November 15 Tennessee/Chattanooga (Memorial Auditorium) Favorite Show: I had closer seats than ever before. It was thrilling. At the end of the show, confetti and streamers came down. Barry is the ultimate entertainer of all time!! - Peggy Bray (Chattanooga, TN) (1/25/99)

First Show: Barry was great! I am 36 years old and I have always loved Barry Manilow and his music. He put on the best concert, one I'll never forget. I hope he will come to Chattanooga real soon. I'll be there again (I hope maybe on stage!) ... Barry has written so many good songs, my favorite is "Even Now". When I see him in concert one day soon, maybe just maybe he'll sing my song! - Cammy Wynne (South Pittsburg, TN) (3/5/99)

November 16 Florida/Jacksonville (Civic Auditorium)  
November 18 Florida/Fort Lauderdale (Sunrise Theatre) November 20: I first heard Barry's music when I was a little girl (about 7-8 years old). My older sister Martha was living in the United States and she went back to Lima, Peru, and took your records. I always remember her listening to the song "Mandy" which was her favorite song. She brought all of us to the USA with my parents when things were getting hard in my country. I met my [future] husband (Fernando) and in 1990 he took me to see you in concert. You sang "Mandy" and dedicated it to my sister. She was sick at the time and you made me cry... At the 1993 Sunrise show, Fernando and I got engaged and he gave e my ring. Our wedding song was "Looks Like We Made It." We now have two beautiful daughters and are living in Melbourne, Florida. [Hope] to go to your concert [in January 2011] and show my daughters the same experience that my husband and I had with your music. - Betty Tubens (formerly of Lima, Peru) (11/19/2010)
November 19 Florida/Fort Lauderdale (Sunrise Theatre)
November 20 Florida/Fort Lauderdale (Sunrise Theatre)
November 21 Florida/Fort Lauderdale (Sunrise Theatre)
November 24 Florida/Orlando (Carr Performing Arts Center)  
November 27 Florida/Tampa (Tampa Performing Arts Center) November 29: It was my first Barry Manilow concert and I was with my best friend in the rafters of the theater (who claimed to not be a Barry fan). From there we could barely see Barry and the band, but the show was fantastic and it took one song for Barry to win my friend over. She is still a big fan of Barry's and has gone with me to several shows since then!! - Adele Erdle (Brandon, FL) (4/17/2009)

First Show - Constance Jo Bradley (St. Petersburg, FL) (1/22/2011)

November 28 Florida/Tampa (Tampa Performing Arts Center)
November 29 Florida/Tampa (Tampa Performing Arts Center)
November 30 Florida/Fort Myers (Harborside Theatre)  
December 1 Florida/Pensacola (Civic Center) First Show - Lisa Guerra (Fort Walton Beach, FL) (9/26/98)

My husband surprised me with tickets to a MANILOW concert! After I stopped crying, my children decided who would go with me. So Shelby and I went right after I got off work. I worked at a tourist shop in Navarre, Florida which was very casual. Shorts, tank top and flip-flops were our "uniform." As we walk into the arena, we see women dressed similar to us -- we are in Florida remember! And then we start seeing the most unusual sights... Sweaters? Coats? FUR COATS? Minks, Rabbits, whatever kind of animal they can use for covering a woman's body, we saw! Then we find our seats and sit. Shorts on... HOLY MOLEY!! The backs of our legs hit that cold steel chair and we JUMPED back up. Several of the animal-skin clad blue haired old ladies tittered at our reaction to not wanting to end up like the little boy in The Christmas Story with our bare skin on the chairs! ... So during that concert, we shivered as we sang, danced, clapped, cried and hugged each other. And YES, I'd go again! In a HEARTBEAT!! With every piece of winter clothing I have from a full face mask hat to snow boots and heavy gloves!!! - Teresa Bartlett (Corbin, Kentucky) (7/5/2013)

December 2 Louisiana/New Orleans
(Lakefront Arena)
Favorite Show:  After the intermission, we had to rush back to hear Barry sing "Copacabana". Because our group all went to the restroom and the line was SO long, we all went into the men's room to do our business. A girl and her boyfriend joined us, and he was the look out. It was really funny. Hope Barry comes backs to New Orleans SOON!! - Mary Musa (New Orleans, LA) (1/26/2000)

First/Favorite Show: I couldn't get over the range in ages of the people attending the concert, from young children to older people. They all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Barry is quite a showman. He puts on a fabulous show. - Bobbie (of Harvey, LA) (12/11/2000)

First Show - Natasha (of Houston, Texas) (7/3/2013)

December 3 Louisiana/Shreveport
(Municipal Auditorium)
December 10 Minnesota/Rochester
(Mayo Civic Center)
First Show - Mardi Milostan (Rochester, MN) (12/4/98)

First Show - Melinda (of Rochester, MN) (3/2/2008)

December 11 Wisconsin/Green Bay
(Brown County Arena)
First Show - Bettsi I. Layton (12/27/97)

First Show - Annette Grahl (5/5/98)

First Show - Vicki (of Green Bay, WI) (1/14/2003)

December 12 Illinois/Peoria
(Peoria Civic Center)
Back in 1993, I had the honor of singing with Barry in the backup chorus with the Woodruff High School Entertainers. It was the most amazing experience of my life. We sang "I Write the Songs" and "Mandy" with him. I can not express how excited I was to be a part of his show. The day started with practicing with his backup singers and being introduced to all that was included in the show. At that time, I was about 17 years old and not too many people that age knew who Barry was. I did because I had older siblings that would always sing his songs. At the end of the show, we went backstage and actually got to meet Barry! That was the best night of my life and I still talk about it to this day! - Carrie Vaughn (Peoria, Illinois) (2/3/2012)
December 14 South Dakota/Sioux Falls
(Sioux Falls Arena)
December 15 Nebraska/Omaha
(Civic Auditorium)
My third Barry Manilow show. Another great one! - Kevin B. (of Illinois) (3/23/2006)
December 17 California/San Francisco
(Golden Gate Theatre)
Favorite Show:  Loved the entire show. I had won front row tickets by singing on K101 Radio in San Francisco. They had me do several songs a capella during 1/2-hour on the radio. Was fun singing "I Made It Through The Rain", "I Write The Songs", "Can't Smile Without You".  Then at the concert, during intermission, some people asked me how I got tickets. I told them and ended up singing a capella to some of them. In the middle of things, I felt like someone was watching me, and I turned to see Barry peeking out of the curtain. The show resumed, and it was fantastic! - Michael Murdock (Burlingame, CA) (11/16/98)

First Show (December 18th) - Cindy Raasch (Denver, CO) (11/25/98)

I've been a fan of Barry's ever since I saw his first television special in 1978 but I had to wait 15 years to see him in concert. The wait was well worth it! Barry sure knows how to give a concert! I loved everything about the show, especially having Barry finally perform in San Francisco. It was wonderful being surrounded by all his fans. I wished the performance didn't have to end. Afterwards, I was so happy to have finally fulfilled a long-time dream to attend his concert. - May (of San Francisco, CA) (4/6/2003)

December 18 California/San Francisco
(Golden Gate Theatre)
December 19 California/San Francisco
(Golden Gate Theatre)
December 21 California/Sacramento
(Arco Arena)
Favorite Show: I've been to at least 50 [of Barry's] concerts in my lifetime! - Mike Curtis (Fairfield, CA) (5/20/2002)
December 23 Arizona/Tucson
(Convention Center Arena)
First Show: My husband drove all night long from Oklahoma to Arizona, just so I could see Barry in concert. We didn't have much money then but paid for [seats] in the nosebleed section. I felt just like I was in the front row and Barry was singing to me and no one else! I remember screaming "I love you, Barry" as my husband's family put their heads down... I didn't care because I was at the Greatest Concert of my life! What a wonderful Christmas present it truly was!! - Pamela (of Katy, TX) (3/27/2005, 9/21/2006)
December 27 California/Los Angeles
(Universal Amphitheatre)
First Show Memory: You know the old saying, "You never forget your first"? Well I sure didn't and never will. My husband bought me the tickets as a Christmas present. He didn't want to go but he finally gave in and went. Boy, was I glad. The way Barry sang that night was nothing short of pure magic! When he sang "Weekend In New England", he made me feel as if I was the only one at the concert hall and that it was all just for me. I guess that's what they call the Manliow Magic. It was sure a night of magic for me! - Dolores Perez (Los Angeles, CA) (8/18/98)
December 28 California/Los Angeles
(Universal Amphitheatre)
December 29 California/Los Angeles
(Universal Amphitheatre)
First Show - Amber Calderon (Los Angeles, CA) (10/18/99)
December 30 California/Los Angeles
(Universal Amphitheatre)
December 31 California/Los Angeles
(Universal Amphitheatre)
Favorite Show:  I loved the high energy performance that Barry gave!  It was the end of his "greatest hits" tour & also New Year's Eve and the whole place was jumping!  Barry came out in top form. He sang ALL his hits!  From love songs to his up beat songs!  My best friend & I were given the tickets as a present from my mom even though we had seen him [a couple of] nights earlier. Since she had bought them so 'last minute' we were in the very last row of the theater. Then two minutes before the show started, a woman (I like to call my "Barry Guardian Angel") came up to us and said she had two seats down on the floor [and asked if] would we like to take them!  We jumped at the chance and we ended up in the third row center!!  It is a night I will NEVER forget! - Amber Calderon (Los Angeles, CA) (10/18/99)

I had previously seen Barry five times in five years ... During the last 15 minutes of the show, Barry came down into the crowd to make a toast for the New Year so I made my way down from my seat since everyone stood up. I was two rows of women away as he walked by and went back on stage. Then to my surprise, the show had 11 clowns go out into the crowd to bring a person from the audiance on stage. I tried to grab one of them but they were nabbed to quickly. As I was about to go back to my seat, from the corner of my eye, I saw one more clown jump off stage so I grabbed his arm. They wanted us to stand in a row and hold a balloon over each one of our heads (there were twelve of us on stage with our own clowns standing behind us). Each one of the balloons was a letter to spell out HAPPY NEW YEAR and I was the last letter - "R". Barry counted down from 10 to zero and as he said "Happy New Year!" the clowns popped the balloons over our heads and confetti fell all over each of us. [As we were] asked to get off stage [Barry] put his arms around my waist and starting dancing with me in front of everyone! Wonderful memory!! [If anyone has a photo of me on stage, please e-mail - thanks!] - Mahtty Najari Kowalik (Orange County, CA) (5/29/2002)

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