A Message from Barry

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Barry tells the story of the creation of MY DREAM DUETS:

Around this time, I asked David Benson to co-produce this technically challenging album with me. David had co-produced the string of Decades CD’s I’d done for Clive Davis during my time with Arista.

And, he had co-produced my favorite sounding CD of all of my albums, “Here At The Mayflower”.

Plus, David had taught me everything I know about using computers in the making of music. And, he’s incredibly musical.

For an arranger/composer/producer like myself, you need to know your way around the complicated software and technology that every musician and engineer uses to make records these days. Plus, you need to know the complicated technical language in order to communicate with everyone.

Over the years, David had patiently taught me the concept of making music through computers.

Although learning was frustrating in the beginning, once I began to understand the concept, I loved it.

The "thunderbolt" moment of this album came when Rick Silva and the Adionamix Production team sent me Judy Garland singing “Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart”. Her voice was totally alone, no orchestra accompanying her. Just Judy singing as if she were standing right next to me.

The quality was scratchy and tinny because the record was so old, but she was there, by herself, which meant that I could add my own accompanying orchestration and re-arrange the entire song since I didn’t have to stick to her old arrangement.

Now, I could actually make this record!

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