A Message from Barry

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Barry tells the story of the creation of MY DREAM DUETS (continued):

Jay and I chose the best eleven songs out of my 35 crude demos and sent the original old records to Rick at Audionamix and week after week he would send me the solo vocals of these amazing singers.

Then, I would paste them into my computer program and begin to place the artist’s vocals where I wanted them, decide where I wanted to sing solo or harmonize with them, and begin to re-arrange and orchestrate the background accompaniment.

Creating each song took days and days, but I must say that it was a fantastic experience for me. I absolutely loved this process.

I’d start at 6:00AM and before I knew it, the sun was going down.

Thank goodness for David, Jay, Marc and Rick.

Garry Kief, my manager, and Jay were on the phone trying to explain to the heirs of the artists and the executives of their record companies this crazy idea that I was working on and getting permission to use the voices.

A few months later, I had eleven songs all laid out with all of my ideas in each one of them.

The next step was recording the brand new orchestras or small bands that would accompany the new arrangements I had created for each of the songs.

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