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January 4England/London
(Wembley Arena)
(Thanks to Lucy Waters for the location and venue updates! - 4/10/98)

First Concerts (January 4, 5, 6): I was and [have been] a fan since 1979. I was so excited at that time. It was crazy, different and sooo wonderful. My life has changed a lot since then, but Barry will always have a very, very special place in my heart. I have a good life, but I miss those days. He smiled directly into my camera while singing "Best Seat In The House". - Annette Feuerborn (of Germany) (2/18/2000)

First Show (January 5): It was my 18th birthday!! We went to Wembley on the 5th and 6th, then followed Barry up to Birmingham. We had brilliant seats. I cried throughout "Somewhere Down The Road," and that's how I remember my 18th birthday! - Jane (of Brighton, England) (2/9/2001)

First Show (Wembley Arena) - Beryl Naulls (Canvey Island, Essex, England) (6/28/2001)

First Show (January 4) - Katrien De Backer (of Belgium) (5/21/2002)

January 5
January 6
January 9England/Birmingham (NEC)First Show (January 10):  I was only 15 and my family told me that Barry was "sold out".  Little did I know that my step brother had gotten me a ticket for Christmas! 14 years and 21 concerts later, I would be Barry's CSWY girl (1/23/98)!! - Yvette George (Birmingham, England) (10/9/98)

First Show - Victoria Lambley (Nottingham, England) (1/15/2000)

First Show (January 10) - Nicky Chapman (Leicester, England) (1/23/2000)

First Show - Karen O'Brien (of the United Kingdom) (3/12/2004)

First Show - Kitty Floor (of The Netherlands) (10/11/2010)

First Show - Elaine England (Hinkley, Leicestershire, England) (3/26/2011)

Barry stopped the show when he sang "Stay" with Kevin DiSimone and James Jolis. They had to repeat it at least twice and it brought the house down! Fabulous days, great friends and love for Barry kept us all warm in the awful winter weather. Love never dies! - Sylvia Waite (York, England) (12/12/2011)

First Show (Birmingham): This was my first concert! It took me a long time to persuade my mum to take me, but after watching The Concert at Blenhiem Palace and Barry in Britain I was a determined kid! It was about the time the album "Manilow" came out in England and Barry had cut his hair! I was eleven or twelve and had been a fan since I was eight I am now 41 (tomorrow). It was the most exciting night of my life as I was the only kid there and I had never been to a concert before. It was my choice, not my mother's, unlike some kids who were dragged there by their Mums! I loved seeing all the lights and coloured pen torches. They had just come out so I was really excited by how pretty it was. I remember the "Cant Smile Without You" lady put a sign up which read, "May I have the pleasure?" She surprised Barry by turning out to be a professional singer!! We were right at the back so couldn't see much, but Barry and his band sounded great - I didn't want to go home! It will always be a special concert for me because it was my very first one, however, I don't think I paid enough attention -- I was just so exited and in awe to be there!! - Jill Godden (Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, England) (15 June 2015)

January 10
January 11

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