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November 25Wisconsin/Milwaukee
(Riverside Theatre)
[What I liked about this concert was the] setting: a theater instead of a big arena or stadium, the theatrical and autobiographical approach, and new areas of music (jazz, theatre). - Pam Weisel (Milwaukee, WI) (3/5/2002)

Highlights (November 28): Piano Overture / Sweet Life / It's A Long Way Up / Brooklyn Blues / Accordion Medley (Born In The USA, Like A Virgin, I'm So Excited, Sunrise Sunset) / Cloudburst / I Am Your Child / Ships / Dirt Cheap / Sweet Heaven (I'm In Love Again) / Can't Smile Without You / The Best Seat In The House / Mandy / You're Looking Hot Tonight / I'm Your Man / Big Fun / Dancin' Fool / Stompin' At The Savoy / Summertime (Debra Byrd) / Hey Mambo / Paradise Cafe (reprise) / Stardust / Swing Street / Medley of Hits (One Voice, I Write The Songs, The Old Songs, Bandstand Boogie, I Don't Want To Walk Without You, Even Now, Some Kind Of Friend, New York City Rhythm, Copacabana (At The Copa), Read 'Em And Weep, When I Wanted You, Somewhere Down The Road, This One's For You, Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again, Ready To Take A Change Again, It's A Miracle, Let's Hang On, Somewhere In The Night, Could It Be Magic, I Made It Through The Rain, Looks Like We Made It, Daybreak, I Write The Songs (reprise)) / When The Good Times Come Again / Big Fun (reprise) / Please Don't Be Scared

[ Manilow TV Episode #118 (11/28/1987) aired October 2019 ]

November 27Wisconsin/Milwaukee
(Riverside Theatre)
November 28Wisconsin/Milwaukee
(Riverside Theatre)
December 1Michigan/KalamazooBarry's music has been a part of my life in both good and bad times. A lot of precious memories are attached to his music (Michigan 1981, 1983, 1985, 1987!). - Leah Forcell (Chicago, IL) (6/19/99)
December 3Illinois/Chicago
(Auditorium Theater)
Best Show Memory: At one point, it was dark in the theatre and they shined spotlights out in the audience. I was only about 15 rows back and I stood up on my seat and started waving at Barry. I'm pretty sure he had to see me! I've loved Barry for 21 years (ever since I was a little girl). Some things never change. - Terri Gresham (11/10/97)

First Show (December 3) - Justine (of Chicago, IL) (11/1/2004)

December 5: My wife, Kim, and I got engaged that afternoon. Then, after dinner with close friends, we all went to see this show (i.e., "An Evening with Barry Manilow"). I had met Barry during a book signing a couple of months prior and was ecstatic about celebrating our engagement that night at his new show. In regards to the tour, I especially love the "Swing Street" album. Barry opened the concert with "Big Fun" - one of my favorite uptempo Manilow tunes. I loved the show, and I count it as my favorite Manilow concert. I've seen him 11 times! - Timothy Adornetto (Chicago, Illinois) (4/18/2012)

December 4
December 5
December 6
December 11Ohio/Toledo
(Centennial Hall)
First Show - Kathy Reno (Toledo, OH) (7/19/2006)
December 12Ohio/Columbus
(Ohio Center)
First Show - Teresa (of Ohio) (7/9/2012)
December 13Kentucky/Louisville
(Louisville Gardens)
First Show - Pat Dugdale (11/15/97)

Favorite Show: Barry is a consummate live performer! - Stephen J. Abramson (Los Angeles, CA) (7/28/2000)

First Show - Lora Bentley (Cincinnati, OH) (5/23/2002)

My first Barry Manilow concert! I won the tickets by sending in my favorite Barry Manilow song to a local radio station. I was also drawn from all the winners for the grand prize...dinner, limo ride to the concert and two front row tickets and backstage passes! I was able to meet Barry in person and take pictures! It was an amazing night. I gave my other two tickets to my girlfriend and her mom. Barr was so kind to me. - Terri Miller (of Kentucky) (3/21/2011)

[What I liked about this show is] Barry playing piano in the beginning of the show on that tour. - Robert Welch (of Ohio) (12/27/2020)

December 16Minnesota/Minneapolis
(Northrop Auditorium)
First Show - Cres Schramm (of Minnesota) (4/21/2002)

It was the first and only time I was fortunate enough to have front row seats... who cared that it was a metal folding chair, I was floating on air anyway! The lights dimmed, Barry walked out unannounced, took his place at the piano (which was maybe only four feet directly in front of me) and proceeded to play the most amazing medley of songs one could ever imagine. It was a magical time for me. - Pam Lila (Eau Claire, Wisconsin) (12/25/2011)

December 16 Highlights: (Sound check) / Medley of hits on Yamaha Grand Piano (instrumental) / Sweet Life / It's A Long Way Up / Brooklyn Blues / Accordion Segment followed by Sunrise, Sunset / Cloudburst / I Am Your Child / Ships / Dirt Cheap (Medley) / Sweet Heaven (I'm In Love Again) / Can't Smile Without You / The Best Seat In The House / Mandy / You're Lookin' Hot Tonight/I'm Your Man / Big Fun / Dancin' Fool / Stompin' At The Savoy / Summertime / Hey Mambo / Swing Street / Gonzo Hits Medley (22 minutes) / When The Good Times Come Again / Big Fun (Reprise)

[ Manilow.TV Episode #18 (12/16/1987) aired March 2011 ]

December 17Minnesota/Minneapolis
(Northrop Auditorium)
December 19Missouri/Cape Girardeau
(Show Me Center)
Lots and lots of rain! Barry was late from a prior engagement; crowd was disinterested; props, sound, lighting just didn't want to work properly. Barry worked & WORKED the audience, singing his heart out, telling jokes; hilarious and fun Christmas carols. After capturing them with the Gonzo Hits Medley, he reconsidered his finale, introducing "Please Don't Be Scared" ("I wasn't gonna do this for you, I didn't think you were ready for it...") - Candy Petersen (4/27/97)

First Show - Donna Marie Taylor (Ironton, Missouri) (5/13/99, 12/6/2011)

Barry Manilow is a most amazing performer and musician. His style is sincere and you live every emotion with every song he performs. I especially like the way the concert flows with constant music - one never loses interest (not even my husband!). When we left the concert we walked by this bus and there were men standing around the bus. I asked one of the men if this was Barry Manilow's bus. Yes it is! May I touch it? And he let me. I was so thrilled and I'm 67 years old! We love Barry Manilow!! - Kay Jones (Scott City, Missouri) (4/9/2011)

Barry not only put on an awesome show, as usual, but he came out for an encore and sang many Christmas songs. They had asked for people in the audience to volunteer to sing "Can't Smile Without You," and I wanted so bad to volunteer, but I just did not have the nerve to do it. I could kick myself! - Donna Waldrup (of Missouri) (7/11/2013)

December 20Illinois/Peoria
(Carver Arena)
First Show - Ann Marie Burger (Kokomo, Indiana) (8/8/2012)
December 25California/Los Angeles
(Pantages Theatre)
First Show (December 26): I was seven when I went to my first Barry Manilow concert. I got the tickets for Christmas (I can't [remember what] else I got for Christmas!). To this day Barry is my HERO! - Denyce Branch (San Diego, CA) (2/19/2002)

December 27 (Sunday: It was the first trip of many to see Barry in concert in America. The shows on the Big Fun Tour were different from what we had seen Barry do before in concert. It was presented more like a theatre show than a concert. I think it was the first time he had used the back-up singers and members of the band playing roles in the show to interpret the songs, so much that this tour eventually became the Live On Broadway show. It told the story of Barry's life in words and music. It also presented Barry in a different light - he was very confident and he could showcase all of his skills as an all round consummate performer. I remember it as being a show full of everything from happiness to sadness and every emotion in between, and once again Barry amazed us with his showmanship. Another highlight of the shows that we saw that week was being at a show on New Year's Eve, which Barry also presented in his own unique style. - Lynn Bailey (England, UK) (4/24/2010)

First Show - Barbara Brothers (Long Beach, California) (9/9/2013)

I loved the concert because it was my birthday gift from a fellow Manilow fan at college. Oh I remember the screams when I opened that card! The whole day was electric. Then came the night and the excitement of fellow fans waiting for the curtain to rise... I remember Barry opening with "Looks Like We Made It." I cried screamed and sang at the same time. The night only got better. Heck, it was New Year's Eve! The finale and the ballons and confetti. Magical Manilow! - Jackie Davis (of California) (11/9/2013)

First Show - Rick Oltman (Plano, Texas) (formerly of Hannibal, Missouri) (1/14/2015)

December 26California/Los Angeles
(Pantages Theatre)
December 27California/Los Angeles
(Pantages Theatre)
December 28California/Los Angeles
(Pantages Theatre)
December 29California/Los Angeles
(Pantages Theatre)
December 30California/Los Angeles
(Pantages Theatre)
December 31California/Los Angeles
(Pantages Theatre)

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