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January 2California/Los Angeles
(Pantages Theatre)
Favorite Show: Barry appeared [to walk] through a screen! - Kathy Mack (of California) (4/16/2000)
January 3California/Los Angeles
(Pantages Theatre)
January 6California/Los Angeles
(Pantages Theatre)
January 7California/Los Angeles
(Pantages Theatre)
January 8California/Los Angeles
(Pantages Theatre)
January 9California/Los Angeles
(Pantages Theatre)
January 12Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
First Show - Mahtty Najari Kowalik (Orange County, CA) (5/29/2002)

January 15: I shared this concert with my mom. It was the first time we traveled to Las Vegas to see Barry. This show was part of the "Big Fun Tour", which is my favorite Barry tour of all time!! There were lots of fans at these shows, and the energy in the room (and from Barry) was just incredible! This tour also included my favorite back-up performers - Debra, Billy, Dana, & Vanessa! I have attended so many Barry concerts from 1980-2002, that I have lost count. I also have some great Barry memories I made with my mom who can no longer attend Barry's concerts due to health problems. - Kathy Dahlgren (Simi Valley, CA) (10/11/2002)

Highlights (January 12): Sweet Life / It's A Long Way Up / Sweet Life / Brooklyn Blues/ Accordion Medley (Born In The USA, I'm So Excited, Like A Virgin, Sunrise, Sunset) / Cloudburst / I Am Your Child / Ships / Dirt Cheap / Sweet Heaven (I'm In Love Again) / Can't Smile Without You / Mandy / Memory/ Swing Street / Hey Mambo / Gonzo Hits Medley(One Voice, I Write The Songs, The Old Songs, Bandstand Boogie, I Don't Want To Walk Without You, Even Now, Some Kind Of Friend, New York City Rhythm, Copacabana (At The Copa), Read 'Em And Weep, When I Wanted You, Somewhere Down The Road, This One's For You, Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again, Ready To Take A Chance Again, It's A Miracle, Let's Hang On, Somewhere In The Night, Could It Be Magic, I Made It Through The Rain, Looks Like We Made It, Daybreak) / I Write The Songs (reprise) / You're Lookin' Hot Tonight / I'm Your Man

[ Manilow TV Episode #112 (1/12/1988) aired April 2019 ]

January 13Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
January 14Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
January 15Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
January 16-ENevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
January 16-LNevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
January 17Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
January 20California/Los Angeles? 
January 22Nevada/Lake Tahoe (Caesar's) 
January 23-ENevada/Lake Tahoe (Caesar's) 
January 23-LNevada/Lake Tahoe (Caesar's) 
January 24Nevada/Lake Tahoe (Caesar's) 
January 28Florida/Fort Lauderdale (Sunrise Musical Theatre)First Show - Sherry Mishoe (1/2/98)

I got to meet the girl who won Barry's piano on Showtime! (the Blenheim piano!!)  I sent her a shirt that said, "I won Barry's piano!"  I also got to see Barry in person with a rugula in his mouth!  The concerts were awesome!!  I sat on different sides of the arena and got to see Barry play piano from behind. A neat perspective!! - Dawn Dubinsky (Atlanta, GA) (1/11/2000)

I liked all of the Barry Manilow concerts I have been to but this one blew me away because for the finale as he was singing "If I Can Dream", which I liked, and knew from it being an Elvis song, there Barry was singing this song with his own image projected on a large screen behind him and at the last refrain Barry walked right through the screen. AWESOME!! was all I could think, and it hasn't been beat to this day. - Hector Sanchez (St. Petersburg, FL) (8/9/2009)

January 28: Barry is a real showman along with being a fantastic singer and songwriter. He really makes you feel like you are part of the show. - Sharon Garcia (Sunrise, FL) (1/28/2011)

First Show - Lisbeth R. Rodgers (of Virginia) (1/29/2011)

During "Even Now," Barry forgot that he laid roses from a fan on his piano and sat on them as he sang. He realized it and laughed, barely making it through the lyric "...and the pain inside of me goes on and on..." and smiled and laughed along with the audience. When he attempted to get off of them, he stayed professional all the way. Best photo moment also. What a memory to have! - Valerie Solorzano (Rocklede, Florida) (12/23/2011)

January 29
January 30
January 31
February 2Virginia/NorfolkThe show was absolutely fabulous for a packed house. Barry was at his best, and this show proved very special for me as a special friendship was made, thanks to Barry... - Stephanie Prince (Little Rock, AR) (5/7/2007)
February 3Virginia/Richmond
First Show - Thomas (of Chesterfield, VA) (8/3/2002)
February 5New Jersey/Atlantic City 
February 6New Jersey/Atlantic City 
February 7New Jersey/Atlantic City 
February 9New York/Buffalo
(Shea's Theatre)
February 10: First, the theater is beautiful! Barry was great as always. The thing I remember most though is dragging my then-boyfriend to the concert. I had a great time! (Can't say as much for Tim). I'm still a Barry fan, and my boyfriend and I are now married (13 years!). So something went right that night. - Darlene Corio (Rochester, NY) (10/21/2002)

February 10: My favourite concert because I got to sing with BARRY! I knew from the moment that I saw I had aisle seats, it was MY TURN! - Elizabeth Clinton (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) (7/10/2004)

First Show - David & Margaret Clark (Fairmont, West Virginia) (3/31/2015)

February 10New York/Buffalo
(Shea's Theatre)
February 11New York/Utica
(Utica Auditorium)
First Show: I was in seat #1! - Amy Stedman (Rome, NY) (8/2/2009)
February 13Illinois/Champaign
(University of Illinois)
First Show - Sharon A. (of Georgetown, IL) (5/4/2000)

First Show - Betty Byers (Danville, IL) (1/29/2003)

First Show - Robin Zinda (of Kansas) (9/5/2015)

February 14Missouri/St. Louis
(The Arena)
First Show - Debbie (of Belleville, IL) (8/29/2004)

Barry is the ultimate showman. His shows are wonderful. This was a special concert to me. That magical night I was on my second date with the man I would marry on October 21, 1989. Barry's music has always been a very special part of our lives. Thanks, Barry, for a life changing experience! - Jody Adkisson (of Missouri) (1/26/2007)

February 15Missouri/Springfield 
February 20Texas/El PasoI had always liked Barry's music and when it was announced that he was coming, I went totally ballistic. First, because I now had the chance to see Barry, but I also had to figure out how I was going to get great tickets if I was working. Well, I told my supervisor about it, and being the great person that she was, she let me come in late so that I could go stand in line for tickets. Well, it turns out that I [got] first row seats! Could it have been any better? I was in Heaven the day of the concert, and even though I didn't get to be the "Can't Smile" girl that night, I was HOOKED. I became a Fanilow that night. The way Barry puts himself into his music and audience, it is totally obvious that he loves his adoring fans. I have seen many concerts in Texas and several in Las Vegas, and the Florida convention was great! I will continue to follow Barry, as long as my wallet and health allow it. Barry, I love you. Keep up the great passion you have for your music and for your fans. - Sally Elguera (El Paso, TX) (4/2/2005)

First Show - Sandy Devine (El Paso, TX) (7/21/2005)

February 24Texas/Houston
First Show - Eric Evola (Houston, TX) (11/19/98)

First Show (Houston Rodeo 1988) - Kelly Martin (Houston, TX) (3/10/2003)

Highlights: I'm Your Man / Big Fun / Mandy (intro)/Memory / Can't Smile Without You / Weekend In New England / GONZO HITS MEDLEY (One Voice/I Write The Songs/The Old Songs/Bandstand Boogie/I Don't Want To Walk Without You/Even Now/Some Kind Of Friend/New York City Rhythm/Copacabana/Read 'Em And Weep/When I Wanted You/Somewhere Down The Road/This One's For You/Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again/Ready To Take A Chance Again/It's A Miracle/Let's Hang On/Somewhere In The Night/Could It Be Magic/I Made It Through The Rain/Looks Like We Made It/Daybreak/This One's For You [Reprise]/I Write The Songs [Reprise]) / I'm Your Man (Reprise)

[ Manilow Archives Episode #55 aired May 2014 ]

February 25Texas/Dallas
(Reunion Arena)
First Show - Toni and Gary Vaughn (Abilene, TX) (11/5/99)

First Show - Rachel Fallet (Council Bluffs, IA) (11/5/99)

First Show: I was hooked immediately. Now I own all the tapes and know every word to every song that Barry has ever sung. The concert was awesome. He not only sung songs but he entertained us with the piano and danced around. I also liked Debra. She is wonderful. - Jamie Laufenberg (Los Angeles, CA) (12/19/99)

February 26Texas/Corpus ChristiThis is the only time that Barry has performed in Corpus Christi. He is worth traveling to see so I have made many trips to Houston, San Antonio, and Austin to attend his shows. I could not believe I was actually going to see him from the fourth row in my hometown until he came onto the stage. The facilities and size of the audience were not what he was used to but he performed the best show I've ever seen. He seemed to be genuinely touched by the response he received from the audience. We stopped the show three times to give him standing ovations. Corpus Christi fans will never forget the wonderful evening we spent with Barry and hope he'll return someday. - Carol Adams (Corpus Christi, TX) (10/25/98)

This concert was the only time I have had the good fortune of seeing Barry in concert. The entire show production was fabulous. What an evening! He is truly a gifted musician and a SPECIAL Entertainer! - Cindy Briggs (Corpus Christi, TX) (8/18/2000)

First Show - Penny Mikeman (Corpus Christi, TX) (7/28/2002)

My sister gave me this ticket because she knew I have always been a big fan of Barry's. I had a great time and I am looking forward to the concert in Dallas (2008). Thanks, Barry, for the great songs that have touched my heart. - Pam S. Martinez (Corpus Christi, TX) (1/12/2008)

First Show - Pamela Hight (Corpus Christi, Texas) (3/31/2011)

February 28Texas/San Antonio
(Majestic Theatre)
March 2Pennsylvania/ErieFirst Show: I was in third grade! - Mandy Davidson (8/14/97)

First Show - Christine Lavelle (Mastic, Long Island, NY) (5/4/2000)

March 3Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh
(Civic Arena)
First/Favorite Show: It was right around my birthday and my husband bought me a ticket so that I could have a night alone (we had recently had our first baby). It was such a pleasure! Barry is such a wonderful entertainer that those two hours away from the baby seemed like minutes! - Wendy Kelly (Pittsburgh, PA) (3/14/2002)

First Show - Linda Vtipil (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) (3/31/2015)

March 5Indiana/Indianapolis
(Market Square Arena)
During the Big Fun Tour de Force, I had front row seats. All the other times I had gone with other people attending the show but this time I went alone - and it was perfect. Thanks for seeing me through my rain, Barry. - Tam (of Indianapolis, IN) (4/8/2008)
March 6Wisconsin/MadisonFirst Show - Laura Ballard (Appleton, WI) (3/11/99)
March 8Michigan/Detroit
(Fisher Theatre)
First and Favorite Show (March 8):  My husband really didn't want to go see Barry. I remember the Free Press had a full one-page advertisement of Barry's concert. I cut out the page and hung it in his car - He got the hint. That night he brought home tickets and we BOTH had the best time ever!! - Jeri A. (Detroit, MI) (7/1/99)

First and Favorite Show:  At one point during the concert, Barry asked the audience for any special song requests. I remember hearing one guy ask for "Memory". At one point, the audience grew quiet, and that's when I yelled out, "Weekend In New England". Guess what?  That's the song he sang!  I was so thrilled that Barry heard me and when he sang, I felt he sang it for me. To this day, every time I hear that song, I feel like he is singing it to just me. He will forever be my idol and inspiration. - Roberta Guerra-Traicheff (7/16/99)

Not only did I get to decorate the dressing room with my other Beagle-Bagel's in Fish, later that night during the show, Barry was doing kicks down the stairs and his shoe flew off into the front row (hilarious)! The last night I was chosen to sing "Can't Smile Without You" with of the highlights of my life for sure!! - Stephanie Hill-Ross (Detroit, MI) (12/13/2009, 12/15/2012)

March 9
March 10
March 15Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
March 16Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
March 17Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
March 18Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
March 19-ENevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
March 19-LNevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
March 20Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
I sang with Barry!! - Pat Mahoney (Phoenix, Arizona) (9/26/2020)
July 8California/San Diego
(Civic Theatre)
First Show - Pamela Hoppmann (Lakewood, WA) (2/14/2003)
July 9California/San Diego
(Civic Theatre)
First Show - Deb Ghandour (Jacksonville, FL) (4/29/2002)
July 10California/San Diego
(Civic Theatre)
July 14California/Concord
(Concord Pavilion)
July 15California/Concord
(Concord Pavilion)
July 15 (Friday): This was my very first Barry Concert in the U.S. It was so nice to see Barry in his own country. He looked much more relaxed and comfortable, talking more to audience and more jokes. Ask Barry section was very unique. But the highlight of this concert was that I sang with Barry! My "dream come true" moment. - May Kawahara (Tokyo, Japan) (7/9/2005)
July 16California/
Mountain View
(Shoreline Amphitheatre)
I had penpals visiting from Maryland and England and we were given seats in front of the front row. When Barry sat on the steps up to the stage to sing one song he was only a few feet away. At one point, he turned and spoke to us. I got some great pictures and we were all over the moon that night. - Kai Jacques (Carson City NV) (8/9/2009)
July 17California/Sacramento
(Arco Arena)
First Show - Kristin Dow (Ukiah, California) (3/12/2011)

First Show - Susan (of California) (4/20/2012)

July 19Utah/Salt Lake City
(Park West Ski Resort)
First Show - Andrea Richardson (Salt Lake City, UT) (8/19/98)

First Show - Barbara Meyer (South Jordan, UT) (7/13/2010)

The setting and the music couldn't have been better! So nice to be surrounded by music in the mountains. Barry also called up one of the audience members to sing with him, which I always loved. Such a special touch to give someone the chance to make real lifetime memories. - Charlene (of Las Vegas, Nevada) (4/12/2011)

July 20Idaho/Boise 
July 22Colorado/Denver
(Fiddler's Green)
I was seven months pregnant with my son and felt like a whale! My brother called me from Denver saying that he could get concert tickets for me and immediately called as soon as the tickets went on sale. The venue was Fiddler's Green in Denver. It was a beautiful amphitheater. During the show there was a pause on stage between numbers and it was all quiet. I yelled out, "I love you, Barry!" He did his little chuckle and said, "I love you, too!" It meant so much to me to have him acknowledge me. As for the pregnancy, my son did flip-flops in my belly the whole concert! Guess he was jammin' to the music. And now he's a musician himself! Could it be Magic from listening to Barry before he was born...? - Heidi Beem (Lake Havasu City, AZ) (7/18/2009)
JulyIndiana/Notre Dame
(Joyce Athletic Auditorium)
What I liked about this concert was Barry's music, his band, back-up singers, scenery, lights, and HIM personally! - Tina Mewzsel (of Indiana) (12/3/2000)
July 27Illinois/Hoffman Estates
(Poplar Creek)
First/Favorite Show:  I remember when Barry did "Please Don't Be Scared" at the end of his concert, everything was so quiet - such a beautiful song. I also remember the bug flying in his nose! - Al Svita (River Grove, IL) (1/27/2000)

First Show (July 27) - Anita Sanders (Chicago, IL) (6/16/2000)

July 28Illinois/Hoffman Estates
(Poplar Creek)
July 30Michigan/Clarkston
(Pine Knob)
July 31: Barry sang some songs from Copacabana and sat on a rose that someone had given him just as he started a lovely ballad! Boy, did he jump when the thorn made contact with that, uh, well... you had to be there! It was priceless!! - Christina Cerino (Hamilton, New Jersey) (3/3/2012)
July 31Michigan/Clarkston
(Pine Knob)
August 2Canada/Toronto 
August 3New York/Saratoga
(Saratoga Performing Arts Center)
First Show - Christine Koch (Clifton Park, NY) (5/6/99)
August 5Ohio/Cincinnati
(Riverbend Music Center)
August 5: My third show. I took my friend Karen (her first show). Barry put on one of the greatest all around perfomances I have ever seen. The whole show was fantastic, to the point that my friend Karen wanted to go backstage to meet him, and invite him to her annual Labor Day cookout and party. She was overwhelmed by his showmanship, as was I. - Kent (of Celina, OH) (11/16/99)

Favorite Show - I liked EVERYTHING! - Marlene Marsh (New Philadelphia, OH) (5/23/2001)

August 6Ohio/Cincinnati
(Riverbend Music Center)
August 12Pennsylvania/Hershey
(Hershey Park Stadium)
First Show - Cheryl Pursell (Easton, PA) (10/8/98)

Show Memory:  Had seats on football field type bleachers, we all sat on the grass by the stage. One of the hottest nights of my life as I recall. But what a HOT show! - Christina Cotsifas (10/17/98)

It was absolutely fantastic. I fell in love that night! - Rose Marie (of Pennsylvania) (2/1/2004)

August 15Massachusetts/Boston
(Great Woods)
First Show - Beth Cole (Boston, MA) (7/26/2000)

First Show - Mary Mira (Lowell, MA) (1/30/2002)

August 16Massachusetts/Boston
(Great Woods)
First Show - Florence Larson (Boston, MA) (9/25/98)

First Show - Margaret Bennett (Acton, MA) (10/8/98)

August 19Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh
(Mann Music Theatre)
August 21New York/Binghamton
(Veteran's Memorial Arena)
First Show - Susan Stanco (Clarks Summit, PA) (7/18/99)

First/Favorite Show: It was so incredible to see Barry perform. He touched my heart and soul with every beautiful song he sang. He is truly a Miracle! - Anne Holic (Binghamton, NY) (4/23/2006)

August 24New York/RochesterFirst Show - Sue (of Corning, New York)
August 25Maryland/Columbia
(Merriweather Post Pavilion)
Show Memory: It had been a tough year and I remember how it was hard to take pictures because I kept crying through songs like "Some Good Things Never Last" and "Weekend in New England". Both nights he got a fifteen minute standing ovation after his Gonzo medley. Felt so proud to be one of his fans those nights. This was also the place where our hotel had someone pull the fire alarm and all of us had to evacuate. I was trying to get all of my film out with me and my hotel mate was yelling we needed to go, but I wasn't going without the film. I know--really dumb! - Kathy Davis Eaton (7/18/97)

First Show - Eddie A. (of Baltimore, MD) (3/3/99)

Favorite Show (August 25):  It was the first time I heard "Please Don't Be Scared". I remember the inside of my binoculars filling with tears. This during one of the most difficult times of my life. Something about Barry singing that song and saying "You can give in, give out, but you can't give up" helped me return focus to my life and go forward. Thanks Barry!! - Debra Kissinger-Darman (Herndon, VA) (7/19/99)

August 25: It was my very first concert to see Barry. We were so close to the stage. It was great. When Barry came out to the audience to shake hands, he was in the row just in front of me. It was the greatest concert ever. The music was the greatest, I didn't want it to end! - Cyndi Wantz (Taneytown, MD) (8/2/2001)

First Show: I fell in love with Barry Manilow in the late '70s. Had my first love affair at [this] concert with a fellow who has subsequently dumped me... To this day, I still hope for a great love affair. Now I'm 64 but my head is still 32 years old. Manilow has been my love affair for decades. Wish he would come back to DC sometime, so I could see him One More Time! - Pat Stanley (of Maryland) (1/9/2011)

August 26
August 28Connecticut/Bristol
(Lake Compounce)
First Show - Kimberly Masson (Vernon, CT) (1/4/2000)
August 31Missouri/Kansas City
(Starlight Theatre)
It was my first BMIFC Party with my friend Barb and it was also her first plane ride. We stayed at the Westin and had a great time at the party! - Donna Taylor (San Diego, CA) (6/1/2000)
September 1Missouri/Kansas City
(Starlight Theatre)
September 2Missouri/Kansas City
(Starlight Theatre)
September 3Missouri/St. Louis
(The Muny Opera)
Best Show Memory: It was one of those magical shows that I will never forget. I was one of the lucky ones in the local club that got to decorate the dressing rooms. My friend Kumiko from Japan came to the show ... Barry was in top form, did unscheduled jokes, sang a few songs that the band was not aware of (He kept saying, "John, find my key!"). The entire show was just fantastic. The crowd was very responsive. Barry was awesome! - Joy Feldman (8/22/97, 9/3/97)

Favorite Show:  I love all of Barry's shows but at the Muny I was in the pit, row 2, for the first time. I was right in front of the piano and Barry was hot!  He was telling jokes and talking to us in the pit. I've since been in the pit a couple of more times but this was the best of all. - Elaine Przybyl (Thomasboro, IL) (8/5/99)

First Show - Patricia Suhr (St. Louis, Missouri) (7/1/2016)

September 5Wisconsin/Alpine Valley 
September 6Ohio/Cuyahoga Falls
First Show - Chrystal R. Ferguson (Lorain, OH) (11/12/2000)

Live on Broadway was funny when we had to sing "Do Like I Do...Hey!" I can't wait to see you again, Barry. Your big fan, Tina! - Tina Seide (Painesville, Ohio) (11/28/2012)

September 7Illinois/Normal
(Illinois State University)
Got to meet Barry at the Bloomington Airport when his plane arrived prior to the show that afternoon. Then Mayor Jesse Smart, my sister Kathy West and I greeted Barry. Upon his arrial he received the Key to The City from the Mayor and things my sister and I had made for him. A TV Station in Peoria got it all on tape and gave me a copy as well. Our 3rd row "pit" seats were GREAT for the show. - Barb Lilienthal (Bloomington, Illinois) (2/3/2012)
September 9Tennessee/Nashville
(Municipal Auditorium)
MY FIRST BARRY CONCERT!! I never understood WHY girls fainted when Elvis came on stage... then I got to see Barry!! Things got fuzzy, my hands got clammy, there was a dull roar in my ears that had nothing to do with the screaming fans. I honestly thought I would faint. We didn't even have good seats! But he was FABULOUS!! I have since had the good fortune to join fellow fan club members in the front row. But oh, Barry...I'll never forget the feeling of the FIRST time. - Jana O. (of Tennessee) (10/17/2001)

First Show - Candace (of Nashville, Tennessee) (7/29/2012)

First Show - Jamia Blazer (Morristown, Tennessee) (6/9/2015)

September 10Georgia/AtlantaIt was my first Barry concert. I had adored him for years but never got the chance to see him live. I took my dad to the concert with me and his comment to me was how much he enjoyed watching me watch the show. He said I was his little girl again sitting by the record player gazing at the album cover. It was the best show ever and probably one of my fondest memories! - Dawn (of Lima, OH) (4/3/2000)

First Show - Susan Pirkle (Buford, GA) (4/23/2009)

September 11Tennessee/Memphis
(Mud Island)
First/Favorite Show:  I loved that Barry showed such a wonderful sense of humor and commitment to his fans, even after a "Cloudburst" during that very song (...practically as he was singing the words, "and that's when the old gray cloud burst"). After it stopped, Barry sang "I Made It Through The Rain". I had admired him before, but the way he kept on going for over an hour in the rain, was a testament to his commitment to us. He made us very glad we braved the rainstorm. Thanks, Barry!  You have always been wonderful, but there is nothing like the first time. - Kelly Shipman (Memphis, TN) (7/18/99)

First Show: It's always a risk to attend an outside concert event. And I had been waiting about 10 years to see Barry by the time I actually had the opportunity and the money to see his show. The unfortunate thing was that a hurricane had come ashore in the gulf and the remnants of it were circling overhead. We were already drenched from rain, but it seemed to let up right about the time of the concert, and we thought we had some Manilow Magic going on to drive the dark away. So, the concert began and Barry had almost made it through his second song, "Weekend In New England" and just as he was finishing, "... again... again..." the first pitter pat of rain began to fall. It turned into immediate downpour and then the wind kicked up. Barry, always the pro, pushed on even though his crew was telling him how dangerous it was to be standing on a flooded stage with lightning flashes all around. He performed for awhile, then it was just too dangerous to go on, not only for Barry, but for all of us sitting out in the open theater. Barry apologized for having to cut it short, sang "If I Can Dream" then sent us home. I really appreciated that he did his best to stick it out and give us a great show even with all the distractions and inclimate weather. - John Rainwater (Memphis, Tennessee) (10/28/2011)

September 15California/Los Angeles
(Greek Theatre)
First Show - Caroline Davis (Sedro-Woolley, WA) (11/20/98)

First Show (September 20): The day of the concert I got my driver's license, then my friend and I got our picture taken with a cardboard Barry on Hollywood Blvd. The Greek has always been my favorite theatre. We had second row! We brought a stuffed bear that we had planned on giving to Barry. There was a time in his show where he was standing in front of the audience and we saw our opportunity. We got up and walked to the stage where Barry was standing. He knelt down and took the bear. He asked what it's name was. "Barry," we said. It had a baby rattle in it so we told him to shake it. He did. Then he shook it into the microphone so the audience could hear it. He thanked us and said that it was very sweet. Then he gave us a kiss on the lips. We couldn't believe it! [Back then] I was a severely depressed teenager ... During the concert there was a moment when Barry was looking right into my eyes. At that time I yelled, "I love you, Barry!" He looked right back at me and said, "I love you too, darlin'." Then he proceeded to sing "Please Don't Be Scared". I know a lot of people say he sings to them, but this one he sang directly to me. "Please don't be scared, 'cause I've stood there too ... if you really need me, I'll always be here, no matter where you are ... I'm never far." I knew I was going to be okay, because I would always have Barry, his music, and these wonderful moments. - Stacy Jackline (Upland, CA) (4/6/2000, 10/6/2000)

September 16 (Friday): Ever since I saw Barry at my very first time -- 1978 Greek Theater concert that aired on TV in 1980 in Japan -- I wanted to come to see him at the Greek Theatre. Well, almost ten years later and finally, Looks like I made it! - May Kawahara (Tokyo, Japan) (7/9/2005)

First Show - Lyle (of Arizona) (11/20/2014)

September 16
September 19
September 20
September 21
September 23California/Costa Mesa
(Pacific Amphitheatre)
September 24California/Costa Mesa
(Pacific Amphitheatre)
First Show - Denise Palczewski (of California) (7/26/2001)

Highlights: Sweet Life / Brooklyn Blues / I Am Your Child / Ships / Dirt Cheap / God Bless The Other 99 / Can't Smile Without You / Mandy / I'm Your Man / Sweet Heaven / The One That Got Away / Some Good Things Never Last / Hey Mambo / One Voice / Gonzo Hits Medley / Big Fun / Weekend In New England

September 30
New Jersey/Atlantic City
(Resorts International Superstar Theatre)
(Thanks to Christina Cotsifas for this update! - 10/17/98)

First Show: Super! Can't wait to see him again. Tryin' To Get That Feeling Again and again! - Janet (of New Jersey) (2/12/2002)

October 1-
October 1-
October 2?
October 7Indiana/South Bend
(University of Notre Dame)
First Show - Jeanine M. Rozum (South Bend, IN) (4/8/2000)

First Show - Carol Corbett (LaPorte, IN) (10/5/2009)

October 8Michigan/Battle Creek 
October 11Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
Barry sang "Big Fun" to me! He totally blew me away when he entered from the back of the showroom and stopped in front of me and held my hand as he sang. It was a memory dear to my heart. Now that I am quickly approaching my middle 70's I am still tickled and grateful that I still recall that night! Attends undergarments were not as popular back then but, believe me, Barry was just as surprised as I was! Funny and treasured experience!! - Peggy Hall (Edmond, Oklahoma) (1/22/2017, 2/9/2017)
October 12Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
October 13Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
October 14Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
October 15-ENevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
October 15-LNevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
October 16Nevada/Las Vegas
(Las Vegas Hilton)
November 12Germany/Hamburg
First Show - Norbert (Nobby) Dethloff (Hamburg, Germany) (11/2/2000)

First Show: First time seeing Barry perform Live was very exciting! - Gaby Winter (Hamburg, Germany) (1/9/2008)

November 13Belgium/AntwerpFirst Show - Neeltje van Dijk (of The Netherlands) (7/25/2000)

Second time Barry visited my home town. Got to decorate the dressing room [as part of Barry's Friends BMFC]. Barry, didn't you like what you saw? You haven't returned since! - (Read 'Em And Weep?) - Passy Schuld (Antwerp, Belgium) (7/25/2003)

November 14The Netherlands/
The Hague
It was my first and last Barry concert I went to. I enjoyed it very much and so did my husband. I do hope Barry will come back so I can see him once more. For the past two years [I've been] listening to his music again. Had been out of touch with for some time due to other interests (kids and so on). But what I've heard sounds good I even like the different kind of music he sings ... I seem to like it more and more I listen to it. - Cilla den Breejen-Zorge (of The Netherlands) (1/8/2001)

Barry picked me as his "Can't Smile Without You" girl. I love every concert that I attend, but this one is by far the most Special One. - Carla Zwackhalen (The Netherlands) (11/21/2011)

November 16England/Sheffield
(City Hall)
(Thanks to Lucy Waters for the U.K. tour updates! - 4/10/98)

First Show (December 1st, Birmingham):  Loved it so much had to go back alone the next night, I was hooked. - Hazel Bell (Workington, Cumbria, England)

First Show (London) - Jan (of Essex, England) (9/27/99)

First Show (Sheffield) - Marie Mitchell (of Sheffield, England) (1/3/2000)

Favorite Show (December 2): The show was being recorded for the television and Barry had to redo two songs during the first half, then had to come back at the end of the show and redo three more songs, and we got three Christmas carols at the end of those as a way of saying thanks for staying (Barry said)... like we needed thanks for that!! As a result of the re-recording Barry was on the stage for three hours!! I have to say that I have seen Barry numerous times since then and all the shows have been absolutely fantastic, the ones on the recent Millennium Tour being no exception. But that night in Birmingham will always be that little bit more extra special. That was also the night that Barry had an attack of the hiccups which caused us a great deal of amusement and Barry a great deal of embarrassment!! - Nicky Chapman (Leicester, England) (1/23/2000)

First Show (December 3, London) - Sandra Thornton (South Shields, England) (2/19/2000)

First Show (Birmingham) - Zoe Jackson (Nottingham, England) (3/25/2000)

First Show (December 3) - Marilyn Walkey (of England) (12/29/2001)

First Show (November 18, Dublin) - Maria Maher (Dublin, Ireland) (1/11/2002, 5/7/2002)

First Show (November 21, Manchester) - Susan Dawson (Blackburn, England) (5/21/2002)

First Show (December 2, Birmingham) - Christine Smith (Solihull, West Midlands, United Kingdom) (7/22/2004, 3/13/2015)

First Show (Alexandra Palace, London) - Lee March (Essex, England) (8/9/2004)

First Show (November 28, Bournemouth) - Marilyn Soper (Poole, Dorset, UK) (6/24/2006)

First Show (Birmingham) - Patricia Ann Loram (Torquay, Devon, England) (8/27/2009)

Favorite Show (November 16, Sheffield): My friend, Sylvia, and I have travelled all over following Barry (even to Las Vegas!) but I vividly remember the intimate venue of the City Hall in Sheffield, West Yorkshire. We were in the balcony and could see and hear Barry so well. Whilst he was on stage we noticed when he had been dancing that his tie pin had fallen out and I shouted down to him. He acknowledged this and looked up and said, "Thank you." I couldn't believe something so trivial could melt me, but it did! - Jess (of Yorkshire, England) (9/13/2009)

First Show (Alexandra Palace) - Julie Chapman (of England) (9/24/2009)

First Show (NEC) - Gill Smart (Wolverhampton, England) (2/19/2010)

First Show (Edinburgh) - Margaret Watson (Airdrie, Scotland) (5/2/2011)

First Show (Birmingham) - Adrian Henson (of the United Kingdom) (8/27/2011)

December 6: Love all the Barry's concerts I have been to, but Ali Paly is special because it was the first. - Kelly (of London) (1/28/2012)

Favorite Show (Birmingham): Barry was doing songs including "The One That Got Away" and "Keep Each Other Warm." The show was being recorded for TV and Barry got the hiccups! Part of the show had to be re-recorded so the audience got to stay back. It was wonderful! - Rhona Cowie (Edinburgh, Scotland) (4/30/2012)

November 18Ireland/Dublin
November 20England/Manchester
(Apollo Theatre)
November 21
November 22
November 24Scotland/Edinburgh (Playhouse)
November 25
November 28England/Bournemouth (BIC)
November 29
December 1England/Birmingham (NEC)
December 2
December 3England/London (Alexandra Palace)
December 4
December 6
December 31Nevada/Lake Tahoe (Caesar's) 

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